Season 11 Episode 19

Miss Right Now

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2004 on NBC

Episode Recap

Martin worries about a visit from Ronee's mother. She dislikes him because she once saw Martin innocently comforting the teenage Ronee and assumed he was trying to "take her virtue."Meanwhile, Frasier continues to find himself consumed by thoughts of Charlotte. Roz recommends that he get over it by going to a bar and picking up someone. Frasier quickly makes a connection with a woman named Kim, and they go back to his apartment. However, their potential tryst is first interrupted by Martin, Ronee and her horrified mother; and then by Charlotte, who needs her extra keys after returning unexpectedly early from a camping trip with her boyfriend. Frasier tells Kim that things simply weren't meant to be for them, and ends up spending time with Charlotte, who had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend, Frank. Frasier tells Martin that he is miserable trying to be friends with Charlotte and wants to cut her out of his life. However, he quickly changes his mind. Meanwhile, Niles becomes a fast-food junkie after Daphne takes him on a few outings to Burger, Burger, Burge