Season 4 Episode 6

Mixed Doubles

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 1996 on NBC

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  • After being dumped by her boyfriend Daphne picks up a guy who is just like Niles at a singles bar.

    Niles finally gets the courage to tell Daphne how he fells about her, but Frasier advises against it, claming it will be a big mistake.

    However Roz takes Daphne to a singles bar called "The Sure Thing" and while there Daphne picks up a man that acts just like Niles, everybody can see it, and after awhile Niles finally realizes it too.

    So Niles goes to the same bar and meets a woman named Adelle and they hit it off.

    Niles later on finds Adelle at Cafe Nervosa with Rodney, Daphne's boyfriend; he then tells Rodney that he will tell Daphne that Rodney is dumping her.

    When Niles arrives at the restaurant where Daphne was suppose to meet Rodney, she tells him that Rodney already tell her, they then sit and talk about their love lives, with Daphne misinterpreting several of Niles' hints that he likes her.

    A great episode about Niles and Daphne, by picking somebody that acts like Niles, shows that Niles does have a chance with Daphne.