Season 7 Episode 1

Momma Mia

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Frasier meets Mia Preston, a children's book author, whom he begins dating. For Martin's birthday, Frasier and Niles are taking him to the cabin up in the mountains where they spent many weekends as kids. Frasier invites Mia to go along on this trip.

At Frasier's place, Martin is all excited for the rustic excursion, and models his fly fishing trousers for Niles and Daphne. When Martin goes back to get changed, Mia arrives and meets Daphne and Niles for the first time. Niles especially can not get over the uncanny resemblance she bears to their late mother, and even Daphne can see it. They don't however, mention this to Frasier, who leaves with Mia to go pants shopping for Frasier before Martin can meet her.

Nile and Martin arrive first at the cabin. Martin walks in the door and is delighted to see that nothing has changed in there for years. Niles walks in the door, looks around, and remarks dully that "nothing has changed." Niles has packed several bottles of insect repellent in his luggage, and begins furiously spraying himself in anticipation of bugs. Frasier walks in to find Niles spraying a cloud and then walking into it; he accuses Niles of having an unnatural phobia of insects. The Crane brothers are both in the kitchen area and Martin is left alone in the living room, remarking how being back at the cabin is just like "heaven." He just gets done finishing his sentence when he hears his name called, and turns around to see Mia. Martin's jaw drops in disbelief at the apparition of his late wife embodied in Mia. Slowly, he shakes her hand as he composes himself after being startled by the strong resemblance.

Being at the cabin, Frasier and Niles seem to revert back to their boyhood tendencies. At the dinner table, they pick at each other, Niles annoyed with Frasier's Oedipus complex, and Frasier irritated with Niles' insect phobia. Frasier managed to hurt his thumb, and he allows Mia to baby him and even cut his dinner for him, furthering Niles' disgust. Niles begins making innuendo about mothering, which Martin understands but which leaves Frasier clueless. Finally, Niles pecks so hard at Frasier that Martin deliberately spills wine all over Niles' lap. The two go to the kitchen and begin arguing. Niles is convinced that Frasier is purposely not seeing the resemblance to their mother and is sickened. Martin tells Niles to leave him alone. Finally, Mia and Frasier walk into the kitchen, and Mia announces that she's going to bed. They thank her for dinner, and Niles is about to tell Frasier about his denial of Mia's looks, when Martin interrupts and says he's ready for his birthday present. Niles reluctantly refrains from saying anything further, and he and Frasier pop in the surprise that they have for Martin: old home movies put on DVD, many from at that same cabin.

Watching the home movies, it hits Frasier like a ton of bricks: he can not get over his late mother's resemblance to Mia. He feels ashamed, but Martin reassures him. At that moment, Mia opens the bedroom door and calls Frasier to bed. Frasier looks helplessly at his father and brother, and then follows her into the room.

Anxious and uncomfortable, Frasier at first tries to hide what he's feeling from Mia. Finally, he confesses to her that he can't get over how identical she is to his mother, in every way. Mia is understanding, and assures him though that she is not his mother. Frasier feels better after disclosing his secret, and the two begin to kiss. When Mia removes her robe, however, Frasier loses it all over again as presumably, that causes further inferences to his mother.

The next scene shows Mia leaving by cab, as Frasier apologizes profusely. Martin and Frasier come out to the living room, sympathetic. The three watch a few more clips of home movies, and Martin has to look away as he watches his late wife on film mouth the words "I love you" and blow kisses.

The closing scene shows a reel from the home movie of a young Niles lying on the sofa in the cabin, looking up at the ceiling and gesticulating with his hands, while a young Frasier sits next to him and listens. Frasier then looks right at the camera and gestures how weird his brother is.