Season 3 Episode 13

Moon Dance

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 1996 on NBC

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  • Niles wants to go to dance in order to impress some of his old social circle,but needs dancing lessons which Daphne offers to give him.Daphne ends up being his date and it is key moment in Niles and Daphnes relationship.

    This is a pivitol episode in which Frasier only appears briefly.In fact,Kelsey Grammer directs this episode,which seems obviously intended as a showcase for David Hyde Pierce.At this point Niles had been admiring Daphne for 2 years,but only after being separated from Maris is he allowed the opportunity to spend time with Daphne.This is a chance to really see the charisma between Pierce and Jane Leeves.I love how sympathetic Niles is here,because sometimes he can be very stuffy,and with a lesser actor could come off as really unsympathetic.But I think thats what was so great about Pierces work,that he could make a potentially grating character into a likeable and even sometimes,sweet person.This episode still ranks among my all time favorites in the series.