Season 9 Episode 24

Moons Over Seattle

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 21, 2002 on NBC

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  • Season 9 finale.

    Niles finally convinces Mr. Moon to return to the US with him, but one look at him from Mrs. Moon, and they get into a fight, Daphne after finding out Niles went and got her dad becomes furious at Niles thinking her parents will work out their own problems.

    So Niles, Daphne, Mr. and Mrs. Moon go out to a fancy restaurant and everything is going fine until Niles comes back with the champagne and a brawl breaks out between Mr. and Mrs. Moon, So Daphne takes her mother home.

    Daphne has a heart-to heart with her dad, and after learning the lengths that Niles went to just to make her happy, stops by his place and tells him she wants to marry him now.

    Great way to end season 9, having Niles and Daphne head off to elope.