Season 11 Episode 8

Murder Most Maris (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2003 on NBC

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  • Niles shows some backbone.

    Niles get dragged into Maris' case after the police find out that the weapon that was used to kill Esteban, was a gift he gave her.

    Maris claims that it was self-defense, and constantly calls Niles from jail, which angers Daphne, and she forces him to sleep on the couch wile they stay at Frasier's.

    Niles ends up having a breakdown for all of the stress, and finally begins to show anger for the predicament that Maris has put him in. Niles showed some real development in this episode like he did with Mel; he showed some back bone toward Maris and told her not to call as much.
  • MY Favorite Episode

    The best episode ever I love when Fraiser said He got hit by a dead guy and they lower there head and I love when niles takes his clothes off and Roz has his back. Niles is a true Actor he always make me laugh I love when he act a fool he deserves his own show he was the star and eddie his face expression is funny sometime I forget he's a dog. I just found out that Daphne and Roz are really bestfriends in real life. I think that the best. Can we get a reunion please. Your fans deserve it
  • Murder.

    In the continuation of the previous episode, Niles finds himself once again being controlled by Maris, while a jealous and pregnant Daphne isn't happy about it. What makes this episode work were so many funny things, but the most important was the fact that Niles got free once again. It is rare that we see Niles act that way, and that's why it's hilarious - therefore the scene at Nervosa where he takes his clothes off because he can't take the pressure anymore was just priceless.

    I loved it when he stood up to Maris - and I also loved every single one of those little jokes on Maris' account (like Maris putting her shoes to have them polished and then realizing that they were stolen). Also, Frasier is very funny when he keeps mentioning that he was punched by a guy that is now dead.