Season 11 Episode 1

No Sex Please, We're Skittish

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Roz dislikes her new job and wants to return to KACL. Niles suspects that she is in love with Frasier, but she insists that this isn't true. She decides to follow Niles' facetious advice, and just shows up for work at KACL as if nothing happened. Frasier thinks that Roz is in love with him, and is afraid to sleep with Julia because he believes he holds some strange power over women. Roz comes over while Frasier is having dinner with Julia and sets him straight, explaining that she was simply afraid of losing his friendship. Julia storms out because Frasier is not paying enough attention to her. Daphne is upset to learn that Niles once made a deposit to a sperm bank, as she doesn't like the idea of him having other children. Niles goes to the clinic to see if his contribution was ever used, and finds that it was discarded because his sperm have low motility. Niles tries several unusual measures to correct this, but finally tells Daphne that they may have trouble conceiving. Much to their surprise, they discover that Daphne is already pregnant!