Season 4 Episode 8

Our Father Whose Art Ain't Heaven

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 1996 on NBC

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  • Great!

    This episode is really cool. Martin is convince that he wants to pay out an invitation but Frasier never accepts. Later on, they go out to a restaurant where Frasier and Niles pretend to like an art in order to get better seats and foods, and Martin buys the art that they "like" in order for them to feel being bought by their parent. Frasier can't stan facing the horrible painting, and when he tells his father about it, everyone ends up crying. What a really cool episode!
  • Martin buys a painting for Frasier.

    Martin who misinterprets Frasier's comments about a painting, and buys it for him, of course Frasier doesn't like it, but is to afraid to teal his father that, in fear that he will hurt his feelings, Its not until Niles tells Martin that the wine rack he bought him doesn't go with his apartment, does Frasier get the courage to tell his dad what he thinks of the painting.

    My favorite part of the episode was after Frasier told Martin that he didn't like the painting, that Martin started crying, then Frasier started crying because he made Martin cry, then Niles started crying stating that no one will come to his party. The whole scene was hilarious.

    Frasier even takes time to study the painting, maybe even like it, but no such luck.
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