Season 7 Episode 3

Radio Wars

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Two of KACL's new morning "shock jocks" call up Frasier one monring while he's still in bed. One pretends to be a foreign doctor trying to set him up on a matchmaking service. Frasier falls for it, describing all his glowing attributes, and unbeknownst to him, over the radio. When the DJ in disguise asks him about his posterior, Frasier admits that he's attempting to lose some weight there. The impersonator finally reveals himself to Frasier, saying for all of Seattle to hear, "So Frasier Crane has a large a--!"

A furious Frasier finds out that Daphne, Martin, Roz, and even waitresses at Cafe Nervosa heard the prank, as it aired throughout the morning at different times. At Cafe Nervosa, Frasier spots the two shock jocks, who call themselves Carlos and the Chicken. Roz warns him not to say anything to them, knowing that once they know they've hit a nerve, they won't stop. Frasier disregards her advice and approaches Carlos and The Chicken; they pretend to suck up to Frasier, and he relaxes a little, but not much. He warns them jovially not to let it happen again, and they in turn promise to behave.

Niles is over at Frasier's place when the pranksters call again. Frasier is taking a bath, and Niles hands him the phone, not knowing he's being crank-yanked. Frasier has been singing, and the DJ impersonates a neighbor downstairs, telling him that a tile is loose and he can hear Frasier's singing through the ceiling. The shock jock convinces Frasier to describe what he uses in his bath, and later to sing louder and stomp all over the floor "in order to find the loose tile." When the caller screams that all the tile is coming undone, and that it must be from Frasier's huge gluteous, Frasier realizes that he's being ridiculed on the radio again. To his horror, Carlos and The Chicken offer a reward to the caller with the best photograph of Frasier's "fat" behind.

As Frasier dodges neighbors trying to snap a shot of his bottom, he determines to get revenge. For him, it is a speech that he carefully articulates and reads in front of Niles and Martin. Niles believes it's a coup de grace, while Martin thinks it's simply a disgrace. Martin points out that the reason Niles and Frasier have always been the target of bullies is the perception of stuffiness and pompousness they've always conveyed.

Shortly thereafter, the most humiliating prank of all is pulled when the morning show shock jocks interpose Roz and Frasier and a lot of heavy breathing. Roz is every bit as infuriated as Frasier, and the two storm the station together. Upon bursting into the room, however, a fight ensues between Carlos and his pal, The Chicken, over who is the "straight man." Before they can take the DJ's to task, Frasier and Roz watch as the two argue their way out the door over who is funnier. With an hour left in the show, and only dead air time, Frasier takes over to fill in his own brand of "humor."

The last scene depicts Frasier's neighbor lady coming to get her blood pressure pills (which Frasier snatched away) and then feigning dropping them, only to snap a quick picture of Frasier's butt when he bends over to get them for her.

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