Season 2 Episode 13

Retirement is Murder

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 1995 on NBC



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    • Frasier: (calling and asking for a bag of peanuts at the game) Peanuts please, could I get some over here?
      (The man throws a bag of peanuts at Frasier, where Niles is sitting beside him and the bag hits Niles)
      Niles: How DARE you?! (takes the peanut bag and throws it back at the man. The man then throws it back at Niles and this repeats once more until Frasier stops Niles)

    • Niles: Look at him. Do you see the sparkle in his eye? Oh Frasier, he's like a little kid at Christmas.
      Martin: Oh gees. What happened to my entry-wound close-ups?
      Frasier: (singing to the tune of 'Deck the Halls') Fa lalalala, lala, la, la.

    • Daphne: You know, there's nothing we Brits like better than a grisly murder and a nice hot cup of tea.

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  • Allusions

    • Martin: The Weeping Lotus

      The Weeping Lotus case sounds much like the infamous 'Black Dahlia' case of 1947.