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  • I want to know is; What happened to Eddie in the last episode? He as taken into the back of the vet's office, the vet came out with the rings and Eddie was never mentioned again. Surely last episode should address the demise of one of the regulars.

    I did not see the last episode. My wife called and said she had seen it and there was a problem with the ending. She was quite upset. Eddie, the terrier, has always been an integral part of the show. He even had whole shows focused on him. It is uncharacteristic for the last episode not to include the "demise" of Eddie. If this was an oversight on the writers' part, it is unforgivable. If there is a reason that Eddie was not even mentioned after being taken into the vet's back office, tell us what it is. Otherwise, the show is left unclosed and with questions. All did not live happily ever after.
  • Frasier was the spinoff to Cheers, but as time went on, it became a great show in it's own right. A good cast, along with good writers, helped to make the show what it was -- a laugh out loud funny tv show.

    I loved this show right from the start. The cast had a good chemistry together and the jokes just kept on coming. Over the many seasons that it was on the air, I continued to watch each and every show, laughing at each of the characters foilables, crying when something sad happened, along with feeling other emotions all along the spectrum.

    This show was a true classic in it's own right and it's a shame that there aren't a lot of shows on today that even come close to being nearly as funny as Frasier was.

    The cast was whip smart, talented and funny. And every night that the show was on, we as an audience got to see a wonderful group of people acting their hearts and souls out.

    My favorite character from the show itself was Niles. He was one of the funniest characters overall. Every pratfall, every joke was just pure gold. Also, Bulldog was funny as well.

    In the end, the show never went overboard for the most part. With the exception being when Frasier was on that little woman dating spree. That was one of the few times where the show itself was rather annoying. But other than that, it remained to it's heart -- a fun and enjoyable tv comedy.
  • One of my favorite sitcoms.

    Frasier is a good show. I watch it every night it comes on Lifetime. I admit it! I'm a man, and I watch Lifetime. I love their sitcoms. I love to laugh. Frasier is a show I grew up watching. My parents loved the show, and I would come in and sit with them while they watched it. I got into this show very quickly. The characters are funny. The series tells a powerful story. I loved most of the episodes, especially the finale. I'm just sorry it ended, but all good shows musst come to an end sometime. This show lasted for 11 years, and that's something the creators should be very proud of.
  • Whoever thought of this, you rock!

    This is another awesome and hilarious sitcom! Oh my gosh! I love this show so much! Frasier Crane is a radio psychiotrist. He lives with his dad and his father's physical therapist, Daphne Moon. I love all the main characters in the show. Frasier is so funny, and he's so handsome! Roz is sassy and classy, and she totally rocks! Niles is so sweet and innocent! When he and Daphne get together, I'm like... YES!!! They make the perfect couple. Martin is Frasier's and Niles' dad, and he is so wise! Although, I don't really see him as someone in his 60s. He's gotta be younger lol! Then, there's Daphne! Oh my gosh! I love her! She is so funny, and I love her accent! I love her English sass! This show is so cute! Frasier, you are on fire!!!
  • This has to be the best sit-come EVER

    When you think about Frasier you can't help to smile. Out beloved little know it all with a degree from Oxford and Harvard. Frasier is a man who thinks that he is a bit better than every one else, with out knowing it. How ever our dear friend is a hopeless Womanizer. He falls for countless times true the series. Frasier is not just a regular Frasier where you laugh at other peoples pain (Ie Seinfeld), well you laugh at Frasier's pain sometimes but, there is so much more to it. The jokes are always clever and funny. All tho i would not recommend every one to see Frasier's, i would recommend every one to at least give it a try. It is really one of the best sit-comes of all time
  • A perfect throwback to the proper Sit-Com.

    "Frasier" married the perfect fusion of superior acting and masterful scriptwriting. While the situations were familiar, the acting took classic concepts to greater levels. Never have sophisticated words been combined with such sophomoric situations. The inflection of Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce were tailored to each other. These two were clearly the best duo in Sit-com history. The rest of the cast has their peaks and valleys. Peri Gilpin as "Roz" is more of a generic character that kind of gets stuck in development. Actually, all of the cast were pretty much stuck in their roles which proves how good the writing was. A true "Situation" Comedy.
  • The best.

    This show has it all two brothers who cant stop competing about every little thing to some of the greatest comments ever.

    I started watching this show after season 7, before that i wouldent know of it i watched a small clip on tv and thought boring, mistake until finally a day i watched a full episode and i was taken in wow i thought it had everything niles, being my favourite he is my favourite actor in a series.

    The show with the two brothers one frasier living with his farther martin and his daycare worker daphne, after his move from boston and cheers, he starts a new life in seattle as a radio psychatrist with his producer roz, his
    brother Niles who also is a psychatrist, lives with his wife maris.
  • A serious contender as the best sitcom of all time.

    Not only a successful spin-off (itself a rarity), "Frasier" is my personal choice for greatest sitcom of all time. The combination of top-notch writing, comedy that was not limited to one genre (the show did farce, traditional jokes, physical comedy and more) and a dazzling ensemble cast resulted in a run that lasted more than a decade and a legacy that still holds up.

    Leading it all, as star, director and producer was Kelsey Grammer. As good as he is, Grammer will never be able to shake "Frasier Crane," the pompous yet genuine shrink who came back home to Seattle to start a new life. Grammer won several Emmys for the role and Frasier stands as one of TV's most beloved characters, smart, funny, yet insecure and often flailing for attention.

    Though Grammer was the title character and the star, he was smart enough to remember the ensemble-based success of "Cheers" and surrounded himself with a cast of pros that cpuld have easily headlined their own series. David Hyde Pierce may be the heir to Dick Van Dyke in his ability to pull off sophisticated comedy and slapstick with equal aplomb. Jane Leeves was both saucy and sweet and absolutely irresistable as Daphne. Peri Gilpin as Roz is perhaps every guy's ideal "friend who's a girl." She's smart, funny and fits right in when dirty jokes are told. Plus, she's gorgeous. And John Mahoney, who brought both eye-rolling exasperation and tender fathering to the antics of his high-brow TV sons.

    "Frasier" also succeeded where many shows (particularly sitcoms) fail; it made us genuinely care about the characters. Sure, all of them could, and did, have bouts of vanity and boorish behavior, but when they triumphed or failed in love and life, the audience felt it and the actors sold every moment of it. Rare is a show that can milk laughs and tears from you, even more rare to do it in the same episode. But "Frasier" can, giving you 20 minutes of side-splitting laughs only to fade out on a sharp, sad chord.

    Did "Frasier" run a little too long? Perhaps. Like most successful shows, it had a hard time knowing when to bow out. Seasons 8 through 10 are, in my opinion, the weakest crop. But instead of fading away, the writers, cast and producers came out for a final lap around the track in Season 11 that was brilliant, funny, poignant and a fitting send-off for the company.

    Too bad it isn't shown as widely in syndication as "Seinfeld" and "Friends," but the entire run is at least out on DVD.

    Hey, baby I hear the blues a-calling...
  • Frasier has left the building! :D

    It may have started life as a hopeful spin-off from 'Cheers', but right from the very first episodes, 'Frasier' proved that it had enough style and substance of its own to become a TV legend. Granted, it went on for a couple of seasons too many, and toward the end was clearly starting to suffer from a lack of fresh ideas, but for the most part this was a hilarious, insightful and often very moving programme that my Friday nights throughout the late 90s just wouldn't have been complete without. After so many years of viewing, Frasier, Niles, Martin, Daphne, Roz and Eddie feel like more than just TV characters - they're like your very own neighbours, or even great friends.
  • great american comedy

    Frasier is the only american comedy i like around its time. An absoultly brilliant show showing the Craines. with Frasier, niles who is my favourite with his bug phobias and whiping the chair with his hankey along with daphine and martin the only one that is normal out of the three men. the show like all other does have its fair share of average episodes but to give credit where credit is due they have a fair few brilliant ones as well. set n the city of seattle this series is most defently a worth while watching at least one episode.
  • Frasier

    Were do I start with this show??...I love it, me and my family always watch it. We even sing along to the song at the start and the end of the show...I know how sad but the song is so funny, just like this show. I always watch it. My favourite charactor is obviously Frasier, the man himself. He is so funny and a great actor, I love him. All in all this show is very funny show, which has got a vibe to it. I think the actors and actress are brillant. The act very well on this show.
  • Frasier is one of the best written comedies of all time. Its intellectual and eloquent humour remains unchallenged to this day.

    The nineties gave birth to some of our most beloved and successful sitcoms on television. Frasier stood proudly as one of the most popular shows of this period, next to such respectable names as Seinfeld, Friends, and Everybody Loves Raymond. Its setting was a spin off from the well received Cheers, another comedy which had just ended. The character with only a minor role plucked from the show and sent into the solo ring was Frasier, a newly divorced father who had moved from Boston to live in Seattle with his father. His job was a radio psychiatrist, and his brother and maid eventually became regulars. Most of the humour revolved around higher class versus lower class confrontation and differences. This divide was mainly between Frasier, Niles and their father, who are completely the opposite personalities. Many failed romances were the focus of the cast as they all seek to find true love but seemed to never achieve. This gave birth to one of the most famous anticipations in television, will they or won't they? - referring to Niles and his unaware love of his life Daphne who also happened to be his father's health-care worker. Add all that to the stress of living under one apartment makes for some great entertainment. For those who enjoy intelligent and clean humour, are mature and can tolerate a few painful episodes will not be disappointed by the best this series has to offer.
  • An amazing addition to sitcoms.

    A spin-off with unparrel success. Frasier Crane moves from Boston to Seattle to live with his father Martin and physical therapist Daphne Moon. Of course there is also Frasier's brother Niles, the two of them are very close and together provided a great show. There are also characters like Frasier's producer Roz Doyle and "Bulldog" Bob Brisco who has a sports show. This show can easily be compared to other great sitcoms like Seinfield, Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond. It was a fantastic show that has given the actors several opportunities. I can rewatch it over and over again, still enjoying it every single time! It's perfect!
  • dr crane moves to from cheers to his own radio show.

    doctor cranes leaves boston and his friends from cheers and move to a new town to start over. he's father an ex cop martin and his funny dog eddie move in with him. this show was very funny and i enjoyed watching it every week. l have to say i personally loved eddie the most. i though he could really steal a scene. and martin what a sweet heart. he loves his dog eddie and l found it funny when he dressed him up in little out fits. he loves his sons but does'nt put up with any crap from them. i was glad that niles and dapfin {i spelled her name wrong} got together. this show still makes me laugh and i enjoyed every episode.
  • I have been a fan for years and I love them. The entire cast flows so well togetehr and the comedy is side splitting, typical Kelsey Grammer even though I have seen him in other roles. He has an overpowering presence and you have to love him.

    I can't say how many times I've laughed at this show until tears spilled down my cheeks. They have such a dry-witted humor that envelopes this script that it amazes me at the thought process of the writers, producers & Kelsey as well as the staff to pull it all off and for so many years. I am literally standing up in my chair & clapping! Sad thet the original Eddie died, what a dog. Niles & Daphne my goodness, I do not think there are enough adjectives to describe these two, beautiful duo, Martin, Roz need I go on?
  • I love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I first started watching Frasier, I loved it. Still do. My mother thought that she wouldn't like it, but I convinced her to watch an episode, and now she has me recording every episode that comes on so she can see them. Fraiser and Niles are probably the best tv duo I've ever seen. Their so high maitnenced and preppy. Fraiser is always meddling in everything, and Niles, despite his realtionships to other women loves Daphne. She would be my favorite character. From England, things she often says creep out Martin and make Niles love her even more. She often tells stories about her crazy family and I don't think she was lying either! Martin is Fraser and Niles' father. Far from being anywhere close to like his sons, he's more of the classic, regular guy. Roz, Fraiser's producer for his radio show. Strange and has dated probably every guy in Seatle, or maybe even Washington, she and Frasier have more of a brother sister relationship. Though they have tried getting together a few times, they just seemed to be more happier as friends and love each other in a brother/sister, bickering all the time, kind of way. I advise anyone who was a fan of Frasier on Cheers, or even Cheers period, to watch this show. It's great!
  • This is my fevourite show of all times. I have all the DVDs and must have seen all the seasons at least 3 or 4 times (obsess much?)

    I have first discovered Frasier on some vacation to Greece. They used to put it on some crazy hours like 3am in the morning. I was just getting back from partying around and it was the best time to watch something on the telly.

    After getting back to the states I looked this show up and baught the dvd from the first season. That was it, I fell inlove with this show. Thow I was 19 when I first started watching the show and all my friends thought it was a snooze but I stuck with it and it proved great. This whole set up reminds me of myself somewhat. Med student in the psych department, though my life is not so goofy as Frasier but still I care many of his traits and flaws. Character development was amazing during these 11 years (or more if you watched Cheers). How Frasier and Martin came to so close. Or Niles' love for Daphne for so many years and his devorce with Maris. It is an amazing ride, from his true friendship with Rose to the irritating little dog!

    I will keep watching this show till the DVDs break!
  • No lunatics making funny/idiot faces. Just pure natural humor!

    This show has wits! I like that. Most “Comic” shows are now days based on some sort of idiotism of one ore more characters. This is not necessary bad if this “idiotism” is tasteful. I thik, in this show humor is based on characters, portraying everyday roles of life.

    Both doctors (Niles & Frasier) have some personality traits as psychiatrists that just spice things up - humorous. But my favorite is Niles, a middle-age married man with “love” issues. He just kills me!
  • Frasier Crane returns to Seattle to be a Radio Talk Show host, his father Martin an ex-cop and his dog Eddie comes to live with him and Frasier hires a home care helper Daphne to care for Martin, and he also has younger brother Niles.

    Frasier is one the greatest shows in TV History along side it's parent show Cheers. Frasier is a snobby uptight psychiatrist who has his own radio show in his hometown of Seattle, he ends up living with his ex-cop father Martin, his dog Eddie and home care worker Daphne Moon who moved from England. Frasier's younger brother Niles is also a snobby psychiatrist. Frasier also has a best friend the sexy Roz Doyle who is his producer.

    One of the best episodes is in Season 1, where their father takes them to a steakhouse, and throughout the episode they make rude and snobbish remarks about the place and the people working their, until their father Martin tells them that he has enough of their attitude, and says that when insulting the place they are insulting him, and that even though their mom and also his wife was high class and enjoyed the opera and ballet like Frasier and Niles, she also enjoyed a good baseball and a hot dog once in awhile, and that she never would make anyone feel second rate or uncomfortable, and she would be ashamed by their behavior. Their father Martin would be the voice of reason for his sons, and give them simple advice, that everything doesn't have to be complicated as it has to be. This show is classy and very funny, I like this show alot, Outstanding!
  • It Rocked !

    I started watching this show with my mum when i was little every friday lol and whn it stopped i forgot all about it.
    It wasn't till i was on this the other day and remembered about it and got out some old videos and watched till i remembered how funny it was.I just watched the last episode there and i thought it was a great ending to a great show!
    It ws possibly one of the only spinoffs that was actually successful. I've seen cheers a couple of times and ,personnally, i thought Frasier was better! I need to get the boxset now!
  • Even though I enjoyed Frasier on "Cheers", I didn't think I'd like this show... until I watched it!

    This show truly surprised me! Not only did KG expand on the character of Frasier wonderfully, the supporting cast ROCKED! I especially enjoyed Martin & Niles - Daphne was fabulous as well! This is a show that always made me laugh, & when it went into syndication, I rarely missed an episode because it always brightened up my day! If you want a show that will make you stop & think, as well as laugh, this is the show to watch!!
  • Genius is the closest English translation to Frasier :)

    After graduating college in 1999 I found out something peculiar. I could no longer sit still to watch a television series. I did not know whether this characteristic evolved from too many bad scripts or too much time spent in Europe. Either way, television thoroughly bored me (although I still cite The Simpsons as key to my sanity while living in cold-and-rainy we're having-Herring-for-dinner-again northern Germany).

    At any rate, Frasier is the saving grace of my post-college television viewing. The show was simply brilliant. Writing, characters, and acting is beyond what this century has seen in television. I felt a gloom settling over me as I watched the final episode (in two parts) and realized the end was nigh.
  • Ambitious. Well-elaborated characters. And most importantly: Funny as hell!

    "Frasier" sets itself apart from the competition by having the best elaborated characters in a sitcom I've seen so far. That's what makes the show interesting. For example the interaction between Frasier (the snob) and his father Martin (your average Joe ;)). It never got old after 11 seasons. Other good example are: the friendship of Frasier and Roz; Niles and his "goddess" Daphne; Niles and Marris; and of course: the love-hate relationship between Frasier and his brother Niles. Another great thing about this sitcom was the variety of many nice settings like Frasier's apartment / office, Niles' home, Café Nervosa, etc (which makes it the total opposite to "Cheers"). It gives the show a more dynamic edge. I never liked it when a show just had 1,2 settings. But most importantly: The show was funny as hell. The whole cast, especially Kelsey Grammar, did a great job. I gave it "just" an 8.5 because the last 2,3 seasons weren't as good as the first 8. Like many great sitcoms, it was carried to excess. If I had to name a "Jump the shark"-moment, it would have to be Niles' and Daphne's relationship. Of course, we wanted Niles to be happy but at that point, the character Niles lost it's tragedy and consequently the character wasn't very funny anymore.

    None the less, it was still one of the best sitcoms at that time and is definiteley my all-time favourite when it comes to sitcoms.
  • Funny and cute.

    This is definitely my favorite sitcom, it's so casual and unlike most "Friends" type of shows it's humor isn't totally retarded, it's really funny in a smart amusing way. The characters are all great, I love Fraiser and Niles as well as the girls, and their dad and his dog, they are all just great together. I don't oftenly watch shows that are not sci-fi on a daily bases, but I've watched this from the start to the end just to see what happens and what kinda silly situations they were going to get into next. All in all, this is a high quality sitcom with great actors and characters and amusing plots, I'd recommend it to everyone who likes to laugh.
  • Nice!

    I enjoy watching Seinfeld and Becker more than I enjoy watching Frasier, but Frasier leaves them both behind in genuine sitcom quality. The cast is brilliant and the writing is absolutely top-notch. The first 5 seasons was probably the best display of American sitcom of all time, if not international sitcom. Unfornunately the show ran out of steam in the final few series when the energy seemed to slip away from both the writing and acting.

    Frasier is a real comedy lovers comedy. Even though it pokes fun at wine-loving snobs, it's upper-class feel may have kept some from experiencing the show. While it's not my all-time favourite show, Frasier is undoubtedly the most professional sitcom that I have ever seen.
  • Frasier, they really had it...

    I guess this is another one of those , PLEASE, dont end, come back... Frasier, Niles, Daphne, Roz, and of course how could you ever not complete the show without, BullDog, oh my gosh, he was hilourous, or how ever you spell it, but you got my drift. BullDog, was so funny to not just to watch but just to listen to, the things he would come up with and say, like that time when he gave roz that part to be with him on his show and they was doing so good on ratings and them really clicking, of course over at her place that night Bulldog had it all figured out, he brought his own tonight is the night bag of goody's, like the candle, and cologne, and the big feather out of a hat, and then caught it a fire, and had the rose peddles for the bed, then roz walked in and then freak'ed and bulldog says hey, something like "Be careful, I might be takin this the wrong way", yes it mwas great, but aside from bulldog, niles and frasier, both all cityfied, and there dad, all country, great combination, huh, all in all I will and still will miss that show alot, sometimes the people get together and can really put a great show all together and they did this with this one farewell Frasier, and wish it hadnt ever had to end. 5/5/2007
  • great sitcom

    frasier is a show revolving around the lives of two physiciatric brother one working in radio station ( frasier ) and the other as a doctor ( niles ) and their retired father who used to be a police officers . the show mainly revolves around their love life. it s a great show and what makes it diffrent is that the character are all taking roles of higher society perons and the main jokes are about the clash between their world and the rest of the world great show recommend it for any one after a long boring day to relax .
  • After leaving Boston and "Clerks", Frasier Crane moves back to his hometown Seattle, where he will meet his father Martin and his brother Niles

    This sitcom offers a good amount of intelligent and classy humour based on the egocentric and pedantic character of Frasier Crane (spin-off from 'Cheers'), a psychologist that works in a radio station giving advice to listeners. Much of the humor in here comes from the difference between his (and his brother Niles's) delicate tastes, and their father's: the retired and widower Martin Crane.
    The secondary characters also have much to say in the show: Roz, Frasier's producer at the station, with an adventurous love live; Daphne, Martin's physiotherapist and Niles's secret love; Maris, Niles's never-seen (ex-)wife...
    A real classic for all ages!!!
  • Frasier finds himself trapped in a personal inner psycological battle when he finds himself confronted with people from his past. A story which was told in confidence to a friend is released without consent as a best seller and Frasier becomes insensed.

    Slow Tango In South Seattle: Episode One of Season 2
    This episode is about a book, an author and a story told in confidence. Every woman seems to be reading a book called Slow Tango In Soth Seattle. Thomas J Fallow was a friend of Frasier. During their younger years, Frasier entrusted Tom with a story in confidence. Frasier discovers that this book everybody is reading is about a story of his first intimate experience with a woman, and not just any woman, his piano teacher Miss Warner. There is only one problem, Tom forgot that Frasier had told him the story and he left him out of the acknowledgements. Frasier confronts the man during a station break while Tom was at the station speaking about his book. Frasier makes Tom cry with remorse and Tom acknowledged the big debt he owes Frasier. Frasier, however still feels unsatisfied. It is discovered that Frasier is angry not only at Tom but at himself for running out on his Piano teacher without a goodbye or a kiss. Frasier went to confront Ms Warner and found that she accepted his apology and was just as apologetic for short changing him on his piano lessons. A somewhat healing end for all three parties (Tom, Ms Warner and Frasier).
  • It felt so right to laugh at the rich and fussy.

    It felt so right to laugh at the rich and fussy. Perfectly balanced with the regular Joe father figure . It captured the obvious - how the regular joe feels about the indulgences of the rich. Frazier and Niles having the eccentric pleasures of ironed socks and boxers which were then placed in store bought containers developed especially for such excesses.

    Leaving the audience wanting more was the perfect way to end the series. Could we possibly be having a Frazier reunion? How about a Frazier movie. Andy Griffith did it. I think if any one could pull of a movie of the week based on a sit-com successfully, it would be Frazier.
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