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  • "Frasier" has to be on of the most funniest shows on television!!

    "Frasier" has to be on of the most funniest shows on television!! "Frasier" is all about this man, Dr. Frasier Crane who is a radio "shrink". He lives with his father, Martin Crane, and his dad's physical therpist, Daphne Moon. His brother, Niles Crane, is also a "shrink". Niles is married to a women named Maris, whom you never saw. The twist with Niles is that he is in love with Daphne. Well, during the middle of the show, Niles and Maris get divorced. Then, Niles meets this doctor named Mel. Mel, whom a "weird" women, and Niles get married. The marrage lasts for two days, at that time, Daphne is also planning to get married to a man named Donny. Daphne never marries him. Niles and Daphne get together, have a kid and live a perfectly, happy life. The last character is Roz Doyle, a man hungry women, who is Fraiser's Assisstant. This is one funny show that you have got to watch!!
  • I will say this now: in my view, Frasier is the greatest sit-com in television history.

    In my mind, no show has ever matched the incredibly high standard set by Frasier.

    Frasier is a series that lasted 11 seasons and at no point was there a lull in the quality.

    Most long-running shows begin to lose steam or simply have an off-year at some point, but not this one.

    The cast of the show was it's most obvious strength.

    Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce both won Emmys for their performances. In fact, Pierce was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy in each of the series' 11 seasons.

    Speaking or Emmys, Frasier set a record by winning a grand total of 37 Emmy Awards. Including Best Comedy in each of its first 4 seasons.

    The writing of the show was tremendous. The humor was very smart, but did not require you to think about it too much in order to get it.

    As I said before, Frasier is the greatest sit-com in TV history. It never won in the Nielson's, but it was revered by critics and fans alike as a true masterpiece.
  • Absolutely fantastic!!! One of the best shows I have encountered in my thirty something years of television.

    I starting watching the show recently, as I did not watch it when it was a prime time favorite. I believe it as the best intellectual situational comedy of all time along with "All In The Family."

    The cast works so well together one may think that these people actually "deal" with each other in "real life." I have never seen a cast that worked as fluidly together as this one did.

    I am very glad I did not watch this show when it was originally aired so now I can watch it in syndication and not find every episode to be a repeat.

    David Hyde Pierce is my personal favorite. He is the best actor on the show in my opinion.
  • It probably should have ended at nine years but...the first years of the show were great

    OK, so when a show that has run 11 years, like Cheers, comes to an end, what do you do for an encore? Well, you take one of the best loved characters from that show and spin him off. Move him back to his hometown, give him a supporting cast of wacky goofballs and you're there! It blends elements from The Odd Couple (fussy, opera loving Frasier and grumpy, sports loving Martin), but did a good job of distinguishing itself from Cheers. Show stars Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce always had a strong chemistry, which worked well in some of the silly scrapes they got into, almost like a male Lucy and Ethel. Flaky Daphne, played by Jane Leeves, was my favorite of the supporting cast, especially since she was easy on the eyes. An all around funny show, though the last few years weren't very strong. Though without the last year we wouldn't have gotten the line from Nanny Gee, Frasier's ex-wife "do you know what it's like to play a character for 20 years?"
  • This show is so funny most of the times.I just wish they would have made this show longer like to 2008 that would have been nice.I give this show two thumbs up.I love the characters and the storyboard and I also like the background. This show is awesome.

    This show is so entertaining. Sometimes I laugh till I cry every time I watch Frasier. I want them to bring this show back because this is a very good masterpiece. I give this show 5 out of 5 stars. What ever happened to their restaurant Frasier owned?. The storyboard takes place in Seattle Washington right?.
  • Frasier moves to Seattle when his dad Martin gets shot. he gets a lovely caretaker for Martin that Niles(Frasier's brother)has a thing for. Near the last couple of seasons, Daphne finds out that Niles loves her.They get married and have a boy named David.

    I really love this show. I did not like it in the beginning but it got better when Niles and Daphne got together. I think the show really progressed when Niles had heart problems. I like the twist of when Ros has the baby Alice. I makes the show a lot more interesting. Frasier is a spin off of the show Cheers. Some of the old characters from Cheers come to visit him in the show. The show lasted for 11 seasons. I really think it deserved the amount of time on the air that it had. I really hope you enjoy watching Frasier.
  • Frasier has always been my favorite comedy series. Its one of my no 1 top tv series around.

    In 2004 i saw previews of Frasier on foxtel. I actally never paid too much attention to it. I even found it boring, even though i have never watched it. So one night i decided to see what all the fuss was about. I sat down on the couch next to my mum and watched Frasier for the first time in my life. It was hilarious. I found it even better then 'Seinfield'. Now i love watching Fraiser, not only because of the great actors it has, but because when ever i was low or upset, i would wait till frasier was on, and i would watch it, while laughing my head off.
    Even today 2007 i still watch Frasier. Its a great show. And the cast and crew are just great by making this series continue on.
    Actually i do have a favorite, niles. I like the episdoe where Niles is talking to Daphne while fidling with his hands, and Daphnes talking about how she would know if someone liked her and how fildy they would get. Hehe. Lol.
  • Frasier a spin of from Cheers a fantastic idea and much better than expected!

    Who could have thought that a spin off could have ended up so great!? Frasier is a remarkable show not only for the comedy, but for its wit. I’ve learned numerous words from this sit-com. My favorite type of comedy is the kind that’s filled with witty joke and some slap-stick. And Frasier has it all!
  • A great show, with a little bit of everything

    Frasier, stars Kelsey Grammar as Dr. Frasier Crane, a snobbish and arrogant psychiatrist, who has his own radio show, he lives in Seattle in a fancy apartment, with his dad Martin, Eddie (his dad's dog) and Daphne Moon, Martin's nurse.

    Frasier normally goes from one broken relationship to another, manly because he is to neat picky, he finds something wrong and he ends it.

    Frasier also has a brother that he gets along with pretty well most of the time, Niles, who early on in the show harbors feelings for Daphne.

    I never really gave this show a chance but after seeing one episode I was hooked, Frasier’s somewhat careless acts and selfishness leads to some tight and humorous situations for Frasier and his brother is almost always there with him, and sometimes Frasier sees the error of his ways and rights what he does wrong.

    The shows has a great cast, as well, which really rounds out the show, I can easily say I look forward to watching Frasier each day.
  • Comedy at its best.

    When Kelsey Grammer was cast as Dr. Frasier Crane I thought another spin-off but I do admit that this show had really set the pace for other famous shows to push the envelope. I was entertained through every single episode and there have only been a few shows that I could really say that about. Im sad that its finished now but after 11 long years I think they did alright. Bring back the re-runs!
  • I'm listening!!!

    Frasier is the spin-off from Cheers and equally brilliant show, the one things that makes this show much better than other comedy shows is the relationship between the cast members and the fact the this is incredibly strong meaning that their performances when around other cast members will be even more powerful than a show that has bad relationships between the cast members and so they can’t act that well around the rest of the cast members. I feel that this show is one of the most brilliant that has even been made and has had a massive impact on the TV world, to produce comedy shows to the new higher standard that Frasier has set. I just wish that they would have a reunion episode/series because I feel that it needs one.
  • I'm still quoting lines from it!

    Frasier is one of those classic shows that will never go out of date. The lines are brilliant and I\'m still quoting them. It was one of those shows that i would never miss, i would unplug the phone and every episode gave me a laugh. Shows like Frasier, where the cast gels so perfectly and nothing looks forced or fake, don\'t come along all that often, and i for 1 am overjoyed at having experienced it from the start. I\'d like to thank the cast and crew on the Frasier show for providing some comic relief (even when Niles was in hospital) at a time when we all need laughter more than ever. I would encourage anyone who has never seen the show, to take the time to fall in love with a family who is - well the best way to describe them is insane. I\'ll miss everyone, I didn\'t have a favourite, i thought they were all brilliant, but I have now gone and bought the dvds, so I can keep laughing.\"Quote\"...\"That was an accident, THIS IS MALICIOUS!\"
  • Hop on the Crane train

    That was the attitude of the producers. Other sitcoms pander to the stupidity of the general public by making very obvious jokes. Praised be a sitcom that can make the same jokes wittier and funnier. Frasier is not afraid to take risks, often making references to classical culture that not everyone will get, sufficed to say, you're smart if you get 50% of the jokes, and a genius if you get them all. But you don't have to get them to laugh, since the mannerisms and expressions of the wonderfully talented cast get the idea across just as well. Watch this show, you won't regret it.
  • it's classification says it all.

    This show is increadibly witty and intelligent. I watch it as much as possible. The writers were amazing and I wish they could bring it back. It was unique and so funny. I watch it daily and when I'm not watching it I miss it. Who would of thought such a show would come out of a spin-off. I only have good things to say about this show and there is no way around that. The cast was beautiful they made the show so realistic in it's own ways. Also the creators never skipped a beat. A brilliant show with a brilliant defeat in the tv world.
  • Frasier! One of the three best comedies I have seen. Based in Seattle around two competitive and funny psychiatrists, it will be a very hard show to forget! Not that I'd ever want to forget it!

    Frasier is a very funny show, with some of the episodes being downright hilarious! It is based in Seattle where two competitive psychiatrist brothers engage in their active lives, while trying to imrpove them. They encounter dozens of situations. Some of them turn out good, while others end tragically. But no matter how their lives went, you could always count on either Frasier, Niles, or even Martin or his dog Eddie doing something to make me laugh. I really wish it hadn't gone off the air.
  • Frasier was one of a kind and one if not the greatest Sitcom ever brought to our screens.

    It ran for 11 years and created 11 seasons totalling 265 episodes, earned a total of 37 Emmys plus numerous other accolades, but who would have thought an insecure and pompous psychiatrist who had a part in another well know TV comedy called Cheers could cause such a massive success of a spin-off TV series that was Frasier, if you’ve ever watched the ‘ A Night with Frasier Crane ’ documentary David Lloyd one of the writers did say they had only pencilled in 1 or 2 series as they didn’t know if it would take off and if die-hard Cheers fans would accept a new series with an old recognisable face but as we all know that was all history.

    I first started watching Frasier when I caught the episode entitled The Innkeepers ( season 2 ep 23 which is probably the best episode ever ) i was hooked instantly and never missed an episode, at one time had all 11 seasons on video but like with everything they were either lost or recorded over, thank goodness for DVD.

    Frasier was with me for 11 years, I loved every character, every episode and i wish they would bring it back ………… Frasier RIP.
  • Wow... Kelsy Grammer has played Fraser for 20 years!

    As I mentioned in the Summary Fraiser has been on tv for 20 years of episodes. Fraiser is deffinitley one of the smartest shows on TV doing better at it than Cheers which had more of a Blue Collar guy feel. Fraiser deserves praise for just being a character who was on TV for 20 years [3rd season in Cheers [I think] in the mid 80's until 2003]. A classic show from NBC... when it was good.
  • One of the best spinoffs ever imagined!!!

    I think that this is one of the best spinoffs ever imagined.I was never into it while it was on because I was so young and probably wouldn't understand it but,I really got into it the year after it was over.It started when I was only about 2 and I was into it when I was 12.I think the thing that really made this show funny was the pure comic timing and the story lines.It was the fact that Martin was so different from ihs sons, Niles and Frasier.Also that Niles longed for 7 years to be with Daphne but, never being able to because of his "marriage" to controling Maris and then equally controling Mel but then finally getting his wish.And then of course there was Frasier and Roz with their radio show.Things always seemed to be either going wrong or nothing seemed to be happening on "The Frasier Crane Show".I wish that I could've been into this show sooner because I realized that I was missing out on a really great show.
  • Advanced comedy

    This was defenitely a show that required a more mature and advanced taste in comedy. It was cultured, classy, and even had it's moments of simpler zanier comedy. It was clearly a hit, lasting eleven seasons. I did however think it ran a little past it's prime the later seasons seemed more enjoyable and better founded from my perspective.
  • One of my favorite episodes of Frasier; and, more importantly, one of my favorite episodes involving the developing relationship between Niles and Daphney.

    Throughout the eleven years that Frasier was on the air, I found two of the relationships between the characters to be most interesting: one was the interaction between the two brothers and the other was the slowly building romance between Niles and Daphney.

    This episode allowed both Niles' and Daphney's characters free reign as Daphney first taught Niles to dance, and then, when told (many days after the fact) that Niles' date had cancelled, Daphney innocently invites herself to the Snow Ball as "she would love an elegant evening out." Since 'Midwinter's Night Dream', Daphney and Niles have developed an easy-going friendship (notwithstanding Niles' desire for the 'friendship' to grow into something greater) and so Daphney simply thinks that it would be a blast to go to her first ball while, at the same time, saving Niles after he lost his date.

    It is only after they arrive and Daphney sees how Niles' acquaintances are treating him that she gets it into her head to make this snobby crowd see Niles having such a fabulous time at the ball that they stop gossiping about his supposedly lonely existance since his separation from Maris. This comes to a head when she leads a shy Niles out to the dance floor during a tango, which ultimately leads Niles to blurt out his true feelings for Daphney. He is shocked, yet elated, to hear Daphney parry back his sentiments, and the two conclude an amazing dance sequence with a kiss. (Indeed, their presence at the ball is so convincing that it is brought up 3 seasons later in 'To Tell the Truth' when Maris' attorneys cite this ball as evidence that Niles was in love and involved with another woman during his marriage.)

    David Hyde Pierce shows just how impressive his acting is during this episode -- every emotion that the audience knows he is feeling is clearly indicated not only through his hilarious dialogue but through his body language; at one point, seen merely through his facial expression alone. He is so good that not only he, but the audience itself, feels the euphoria and then the overwhelming sadness that follows when he and Jane Leeves are back at their table after the tango, and Daphney reveals her real rationale for saying what she did on the dance floor.

    Obviously, it will be a while before a greater romance builds between the two characters, but this is an amazing example of the chemistry between the two actors, and it is always a privilege to see David Hyde Pierce in action.
  • this is an awesome show!

    i must say i didn't like Frasier at first. I thought it was a random show about some random radio station. But then i have it a chance and totally loved it!

    my favourite characters are Frasier and Niles. I love how they are the complete opposite of their father. they are so funny!.

    I think that the last episode was awesome, it was a very nice way to end it. Although, i did feel bad because there weren't going to be anymore episodes of Frasier.

    Anyway i love this show and i think it is hilarious. Personally, i have a great time whatching it and i think everybody would too.
  • One of a kind!

    This show offers a style of humour all of it's own and I just love it.

    The character developement and writing is very clever indeed. The cast are all prefect in their roles. In fact everything about this show is as good as it good possibly be. A perfect package.

    The series probably ended at just the right time as it was becoming stale towards the end, but the ride uptill then is a very enjoyable one.

    One of the shows many highlights is the competitiveness between the brothers. Martin Crane brings a wonderful down to earth air to proceedings - of course, Niles and Fraiser don't take an ounce of notice!
  • One of the funniest shows you will ever see.

    This show was a spin-off to the ever popular Cheers. From Cheers it took the major character of Dr. Frasier Crane and turned him into the main character of this show. Cheers was a great show, but is nothing in comparison to the perfection of Frasier. The show revolves around Frasier and his family (brother Niles and father Martin), as well as Martin's physical therapist Daphne Moon and the producer of Frasier's radio show, Roz Doyle.

    This show, despite running for eleven full seasons, never really lost its touch in comic timing and delivery, and is probably the most consistently funny comedy that you will find on television, with only around 3-5 episodes a season below near perfection. The Crane family, over the years, really becomes an extension on your own family, and you can't help but feel emotional in the final epiosde where you know that they are making their final farewells.

    This show is a classic and I would thoroughly reccommend it to anyone. I just wish that the show was still running.
  • This show is a great show.

    This show is one of my favorite shows, I really never used to watch this show that much, but I knew a lot of people who did. Once I started watching I liked it, it has sophisticated writing , that are only not funny but everyone understands it. I like how this show is in a lavish upscale style apartment and both brothers are psychiatrist. It makes the show even better. The comedy is superb, and has plenty of good jokes. David Hyde Pierce and Kelsey Grammer are both very funny, and a good acting team, for example the episode "Brother from another series" on the Simpsons. Kelsey Grammer among the other cast has been in a lot of successful individual projects such as X Men and The Simpsons.
  • Frasier was a great show.

    Frasier was a great show and managed to do what not many shows can; it topped the show that it was spun off from. Cheers was great too, but often a spin off show simply can't do as well or better than the original, but Frasier proved that rule wrong.

    The characters were well written, and although erudite and snotty, quite funny in their lack of knowledge of the everyday things of life. The supporting characters, like Roz, Martin, and Niles all took on greater roles as the series went on, and Niles was pretty much the star of the show for a while, while Kelsey Grammer was having problems. But that shows how strong the show really was; the main star was overshadowed by the supporting characters and it didn't matter, because the show was about more than just him.

    It started to go downhill a little near the end, but they ended the show before it really got bad, and the episodes still make me laugh when I watch the reruns on tv. It's a great show, and I hope that I'll be able to watch the reruns for a long time to come.
  • funny witty and very more ish

    this has to be the funniest tv show ever..i have watched every episode from start to finish..i even have the scripts of the best of frasier crane..and a book about eddie aka moose..we have only got up to season 4 on dvd here in the uk i wish they would hurry and bring the rest of them out as i cant wait to get hold of them and watch them (again) all time favorite episode has to be moon dance..the way nile and daphne dance away at the tango and they was just bout to kiss..that must av made niles really happy i was screaming at the tv for them to just get it on..but thats wat makes frasier so good they keep u guessin all the way to the end..and it all works out really nice with them all i must admit i cried for days afterwards lol never mind..
  • Frasier Crane was originally intended to be a one shot character on Cheers,but Kelsey Grammer was so appealing,they made him a regular.After 9 years on Cheers,Frasier got a spin-off when the former show went off the air.

    Of all the characters on Cheers,Frasier seemed the best suited for his own show,and it turned out to be true.Bringing him back home to be around his family,and forcing him to have to deal with adjustments was an excellant way to start.David Hyde Pierce as brother Niles was a perfect choice,uncannily looking like a younger Kelsey Grammer from the early Cheers episodes.And even though John Mahoney is not much younger than Grammer in reality,he was able to pull off being Frasiers father.Add Jane Leeves and Peri Gilpin and you have a great cast.Whats amazing about Frasier is there were no major cast changes for the 11 year run,but it still managed to stay at a high level for most of that run.There were a few times the series seemed to be sagging,like when Jane Leeves got pregnant,and the producers explained it by saying Daphne had an eating disorder(that was lamer than the way they hid Shelley Longs preganacy on Cheers!),but they recovered and found new ways to explore the relationships on the series.The Niles-Daphne relationship was the most complex of course,and I think they wanted to develop their friendship first.I dont know why it took so long to extricate Niles from his marriage to Maris though.Of course,family relationships really evolved significantly.Its interesting to see Frasier and Martin near the end of the series run,as compared to some of the early episodes.And I cant think of any other series over 10 years,where the final season was every bit as funny as the first.And the series finale is one of the best ever,actually living up to the hype.I think a lot of credit has to go to the actors.Its obvious that they really cared deeply about the characters they played,and they went to great lengths to find new ways to explore them.
  • Classy show-

    This show gave everyone in the middle class (myself included) a small peak into the fictional lives of the rich and snooty. And it was hilarious. Somehow, the brothers Crane developed this pseudo English accent, even though their father was a no nonsense ex-cop whose voice most closely sounded like a foghorn with turbulence.
    The best humor, I think, came into play on this show when the classes colided or, when the fragile upper crust persona of the brothers Crane was about to be shattered. One episode that comes to mind is when Frazier pretended to be gay and even befriended a gay man in order to gain status in his clique.
    Also, another brillant part of this show was the stalker-esque attraction of Niles to his beloved Daphne. Once they finally married, though, the anticipation of the show went down. But , still it was funny.
  • Dr.Frasier Crane lives in a lovely apartment with his boarish father.Fraser is a radio host along with his co-anchor Rozz and when he's not on the air he's dealing with his mannered yet barbaric family.

    Frasier is witty and intelligent humour that can be enjoyed regularily.Each episode is in it's own way funny and refreshingly smart.I love how unique the show is and how everybody is so sophisticated and mannered yet brutish and barbaric at the same time.As a spinoff from Cheers Frasier succeeds aswell and has got to be the only spinoff to have a good run on television.Kelsey Grammer is great as is David Hyde Pearce you really believe they are brothers.I love Frasier purely because it's not crude and it's not vulgar which is very rare in T.V now a days especially with Trailer Park Boys,South Park,Family Guy,and The Simpsons being top shows (which are all funny).Frasier is a great show with memorable characters,some of the best dialogue,and fantastic acting
  • I think that this show was very average and has rarely made me laugh when i have watched it.

    I dont understand how this programme was ever popular because i expect to find a comedy funny and i never got frasier and never will.If you compare this with what i think are good comedies like scrubs or friends then frasier looks weak and useless. I have to admit that frasier isnt always bad and does have occasions where it makes me laugh but it isnt consistent enough and doesnt produce enough laughs(for me anyway).I understand that some people will find it funny but i advise you away from frasier and in the direction of a decent comedy like scrubs, friends or my anme is earl.
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