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  • They took the least likely character from Cheers and gave him new life!

    I was a long time fan of the show Cheers, and was sad to hear it was ending. When I heard that there was going to be a spin off I was more than skeptical, as spin offs rarely do well. And when I found out that the spin off was going to revolve around the character Frasier Crane, the dullest and driest character, I was rather disappointed.

    I remember giving the show no more than a month. After all, how can a show about “Frasier” last more than a few episodes? The spin off about Carla Tortelli’s ex seemed like a better idea than this (The Tortellis), and that’s not saying much.

    I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong.

    “Frasier” was a hilarious, witty (and sometimes painful) comedy with a great cast of actors/characters, and writing that never failed to live up to expectations. I cannot remember a single “bad” episode in all 11 seasons. This was one spin off that truly equaled (if not surpassed) its original.
  • Ha Ha Ha!!! it\'s sooooooo funny, i\'m just crying thinking about it... (a bit of sarcasm people, light piece of humour)!

    the show cracks me up laughing...especially that English gal, OH, she\ seems sooo different from the rest of people she lives with; 'weirdos' i call them... i don't know, she just appears to be the only one who's actually civilised and useful in the household.
    Oh yeah + her VERY British accent of course, can\'t forget that!
  • One of the best shows ever!

    I think this is one of the best shows ever! I love it. The first two seasons were just amazingly good. So hilarious and yet it still had heart. That seems to be a very hard thing for a show to accomplish, especially recently. Of the first 6 or 7 seasons the only one that I was mildly disappointed in was the third. It had a few really good episodes but it was just a little off. I never stopped watching it but after the seventh season it just wasnt as good as the first seven. It lost something when Niles and Daphne got married. But even if it was just half as good as the first couple seasons thats still very good.
  • I can\'t get enough of this show, I can see why it won best comedy in the Emmy\'s five years in a row.

    This is one you have to watch and see why everyone likes this show, this is one of my favorite comedies ever, it is so funny everyone should watch it. What I like is the funny ironic twists in some episodes, or the odd conversations they\'ll have and accidently reveal secrets about one another without even knowing it, it is a shame that it ended. This show always has me laughing each time I watch, and it never gets old to me at all, the plots of each episodes are always funny and never run out of ideas for an episode.
  • a great show

    this is one of those sucseful sit-coms because it is actually funny. and i have neevr seen a posh american like frasier. this is a good watch but some episodes vary some episodes can be great others can be a bit dul and boring but it is a good show. the acotrs are good but i dont really like the palces its filmed because there is not much different sets its always just frasiers apartment or his office or the driving uin a car but its not really ont he road or somwhere outside frasiers apartment block just in fron of it and that was onyl onece. but alltogether htis is a funny and well put together sit-com.
  • Brilliant. What more can I or anyone else say?

    I was in Iraq with nothing to purhase at the PX. So I took a chance on Frasier season 1. I instantly found this classic to be very funny and show me that you can be on top of the world and still have quirks. I was very sad to find out that halfway through my deployment that Frasier said "goodnight seattle". When I deploy again I will take season 1 -7 and will purchase them all until I have a complete collection. I will probaly be on my 4th or 5th deployment and still dragging these classics along.
  • One of the only sitcoms that made me laugh.

    This is like one of the only sitcom that makes me laugh. I thaught this show was gonna be on longer then it was. I like the dog in Frasier but then again I just plainly LOVE animals. I felt sad that the series ended but what a way to end the show.
  • A very pretentious comedy that was a spin off of Cheers but nowhere near as funny.

    A very pretentious comedy that was a spin off of Cheers but nowhere near as funny. To me the characters were stuffy and anoying. The storylines seemed too similar and i just never really cared about the characters. The show stared Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane who had moved to Seattle from Boston (where he had been a character on Cheers). He went from being a pyschitrist to being a radio talk show host. I only found the character midly interesting on Cheers. It reminds me of when they try to make a leading man out of a decent character actor. It just doen't work. The rest of the cast included Jane Leeves as Daphne Moon Crane, David Hyde Pierce as Dr. Niles Crane, Peri Gilpin as Roz Doyle and John Mahoney as Martin Crane.
  • The show is about radio psychertrist Dr. Frasier Crane and his brother Niles, Father Martin, and Martins health care worker Daphne Moon. The show lasted 11 wonderful years and has won more Emmy awards than any other enetertainment program (Includig Best C

    Frasier is a wonderful, excitng and funny program. The charectors always bring humour, espicially Frasiers brother, Niles. One of the best stories on the show would have to be Niles contining love with Daphne. It was greset to watch him for years admiring her from afar, then as boyfriend, and eventuelly as wife. Each week the show brought new stories and ideas to the world of sitcoms. The final episode was just as funny as ever, but it was very sad to have to say goodbye to the wonderful Dr. Frasier Crane who had provided us with so much laughter over so many years. Well Done, Frasier's cast and crew for becoming
    "One ofThe Best show on Television"
  • Such a delight

    I didn't think I was hooked on Frasier. I mean I was a Friends fan and only watch Frasier out of curiosity. I went on watching the show to the end of its run and surprisingly enough, I miss it more than I miss Friends!

    This show was cerebral, funny and heart-warming. I cursed at Frasier and cried when Daphne rejected Niles on the eve of her wedding. I jumped for joy after that!

    The actors, the writting, the chemistry, the concept all made this one of the smartest funniest shows on television. And the best series finale I've ever seen!

    They're still lucky that most people started watching because they knew Frasier from Cheers, otherwise I'm guessing it would've met the same fate as another extremely smart show, Arrested Development.

    This is one show where I'm hoping for a reunion.

    If you agree, let me know

    I'm listening...
  • I'm watching almost every sitcom since 8 years - this one is one of the best! It's a pity its' over.

    Yeah, i knew Frasier Crane since he played his minor part in "Cheers". There he was just a too clever psicologist quoting philosophers and bringing change to usual public of cheers.
    I loved Cheers, Frasier Crane was a part of it, so i liked him too.
    After this character got his own show, we learned his family relatioships and noticed the deepness of his caracter. He became much more charming to us, than in Cheers.
    The set of the show looks anything but cheap, thats a big plus, the jokes are intelligent but very funny - and because the show has it's continuity, you don't have to watch 100 episodes to laught about the jokes, the funny parts and conversations happen out of situation thanks to intelligent writing of the script!
    The show was not as stupid kiddy sh*t like Full House, not cheap copy of an other show like Unhappily ever after, not one of the mediocre shows we got hit with, last time. It is outstanding.
    I liked this show very much, i understand that it has to come to an end, Kelsey Gramer can't play Frasier his whole life...
    whatever - BRING IT BACK! x-)

    greets to all Frasier fans!
  • A radio-psychiatrist, Frasier Crane, in Seattle lives his not-so-everyday life, with his also-psychiatrist brother, Niles, his wounded ex-cop father, Martin, his father's rehab lady who lives with them, Daphne Moon, and his radio producer, Roz Doyle.

    Funny, very very funny, this show of people who bond together to be better friends than Joey & gang. Good, funny stories, Niles (David Hyde Pierce) is especially hilarious, being one of the biggest geeks in television history. Martin (John Mahoney), Daphne (Jane Leeves), Frasier (Kelsey Grammar), and Roz (Peri Gilpin) pitch in even more laughs to make this sitcom my second favorite tv show only to the unbeatable "The Simpsons". To use up my remaining 29 words, I will give my favorite quote from the show. This was given by Niles (remember, he's a geek) in later season 1: {Niles, Frasier, Martin, and Daphne are taking a road trip in a rented Winnebago. When they decide to go somewhere different to be spontaneos, Niles says:} Dog-gone it, I'm inspired... I'm going to put on a baseball cap!
  • I Like it despite myself

    I'm probably the most anti-counselling person you'll ever meet, andFraiser is about Pschiatrists, but, for some odd reason, I find the show totally fascinating. It's different than the usual sitcoms. You know that's the mark of a great show when you I can overlook the whole counselling aspect of it and Still see a show I still watch in reruns! Only thing negative: the very last episode could have been a Lot better!
  • Smart Comedy

    I love this show. It is the best spin-off ever and should act as a blueprint to future sitcoms. I only started to watch just before it finished and now I watch the repeats all the time. It has an incredibly high joke rate per episode and the gags range from slapstick to intelligent observations. The quality of acting is second to none and the characters are well-rounded and original. Set in the backdrop of Frasier Crane's move from Boston to Seattle to host a radio phone-in show. In my opinion the star of the show is Frasier's brother Niles, also a physchiatrist, and his unrequited love for Daphne the kooky English physio. This show quit while it was ahead but i think there were a couple more series left in it and its a shame it ended when it did. Maybe in the future we will meet up with Frasier Crane, Daphne, Niles, Martin and Roz. Fingers Crossed!!!
  • Frasier was the ultimate spin-off. It took a Character that wasn't too developed or a needed part in Cheers, surrounded him with an array of diversed characters and TV magic was created.

    Frasier was the ultimate spin-off. It took a Character that wasn't too developed or a needed part in Cheers, surrounded him with an array of diversed characters and TV magic was created.

    The Frasier character that wasn't so well defined in Cheers is given new sides: his competitive side (especially with Niles), his failure in his love life and his relationship with his father; which created some of the best comedy.

    Farce was a popular theme throughout the show and those episodes were generally the best.

    This show is no doubt the most popular and successful spin-off yet. The show kept its creative storylines and excellent writing through most of the run - only dipping in the later season - and improving for the final year.

    The show is one of the best ever produced.
  • Frasier is about a psychologist who moves across country to start a new job on the radio and a new life after his divorce. A spin-off of the popular sitcom Cheers, the show stars Kelsey Grammer as one of the longest-running characters is TV history.

    Upscale and witty best describe the comedy of errors that is Frasier. Mostly character-driven humor with some zingers thrown in as well, Frasier is the story of a divorced psycho-therapist who has an advice show on talk radio. While his workplace serves up a few notable characters, mostly his morality-challenged producer Roz, the best laughs come when Frasier's blue collar father Martin puts his sons in their place.

    Fraiser and brother Niles are consumed by the finer things in life like art, opera, and fine wine. But give Dad a beer and a sporting event on TV and he's a happy camper. To make for more conflict, Martin, injured while on duty as a police officer, has come to live with Frasier and brought his sassy English PT Daphne along.

    Many of the shows laughs in the first years come from Niles worshiping Daphne from afar, even though he is married. And, Frasier and Niles are forever playing one-upsmanship, particularly when it comes to gaining the affection of their father.

    One example of the fine writing on this show is Frasier, Niles and Martin are trying to bond while putting together a model ship. Instead of enjoying the shared activity, the boys turn it into an argument over what classification the ship belongs in, much to Dad's irritation. When one of them asks what a Frigate is, Dad replies it's when you just don't care anymore and storms out. Frasier and Niles exchange a bewildered look and press on.

    Excellent writing and perfect casting put this show among the top sitcoms of all times.
  • so much has happened on frasier over the 10 seasons it was on tv. it was one of a kind and so witty. the characters were unique and the plot included character development and enough time for things to go wrong.

    Frasier was truly THE smartest show on television. i loved the characters! you felt for them, and you cried when they cried and laughed so hard at their antics. the dialouge was witty and clever and so well written. absolutely nothing could compare. phenomenally written, produced and acted. one of my favorite moments was when Frasier set up a "first date" for NIles and Daphne on the roof of their building after being blamed for all the choas. the crane brothers made you laugh every time. the only character better was their father, martin.
    if you havent seen this show, i urge you watch it. it's absoltuely fabulous. there is 10 seasons and all of them great. the last seasons are more edgy and have more happening in them i think, versus the beginning episodes when Niles wasn't with Daphne yet. one of my favorite frasier quotes was when he spends the night with his ex wife when they both had blind dates (unknowingly with each other) and both cancelled on their dates (each other) to spend time together. they knew nothing was goign to come out of their time spent together but they were comfortable with each other and have a different kind of love between them. as frasier was leaving he says to his ex-wife: with one hand history pushes your forward and with the other hand it holds you back.
    sighs! i love this show! watch it!
  • No spin off comes close to this!

    This is probably the best spin off ever created.

    Frasier was great on cheers, but his charcter didn't has such a large invovement compared with a character like Sam Malone.

    Its a good thing Frasier got his own show because it was fully deserved. New characters were created including his brother and his father.

    The humour in this sitcom is much smarter than other sitcoms, the writing is superb and the performances by the actors are magnificent.

    Most sitcoms recently have been very predictable with the same dry, old gags repeated over and over.

    (I have to say that Arrested Development is a refreshing change)
  • Just the best show EVER!

    Without any doubt, Frasier is the best TV show of all times! This spin-off could not get any better. The carachters are amazing, they have a great chemistry together. Unfortunately it got cancelled and I think it could go for like three more seasons, at least. It would be just great, having Frasier back in our lives...
  • The ULTIMATE Spin-off

    This show is the ULTIMATE spin-off show - in fact it's the ultimate sitcom. It's witty and intelligent, it's hilarious and it has David Hyde Pierce. What more could you want?

    Frasier is quite possibly my favourite sitcom *ever* - the humour is always light and witty, the actors are brilliant and the storylines are perfect.

    I am particularly in love with Niles, who is even more high maintenance than his older brother Frasier. David Hyde Pierce does an incredible job with Niles - he's just too funny. The relationship between the two brothers is perfect - hilarious because the two are so snobbish and uptight.

    In 'Cheers', I wouldn't have said that Frasier was the best character at all, but the spin-off proved how brilliant Frasier really is. Kelsey Grammar is great (especially with Eddie the dog =p)

    I also love Martin's character - John Mahoney is brilliant as the Father of Fraiser and Niles who, more than anything, wishes he had two normal sons, rather than the opera-loving, uptight sons that he has. The conflict between Frasier and Martin is brilliant (and so entertaining).

    One of the best shows around!!
  • The more intelectual mans show.

    Fraiser would have been the leats likley Charachter off of Cheers to get his own show. I would have thought Woody might have. But they took a chance and created the smartest comedy ever. Fraiser and Niles stuck up, snobby, eletist brothers who are so smart that they cannot function in middle class society. Martin Crane is the old man I aspire to be. Daphne, full of old world charm, obsession of Niles. Roz, If Sam Malone was an inteligent woman. I have laughed more at this show than any other sitcom I've watched combined. The writing is inteligent, but still a National Enquirer and avid Jerry Springer watcher could get it.
  • Great show

    I love Frasier. My favorite part about it is that it cancelled at a good time. It didn't just drag on like so many other shows *cough* simpsons *cough* it ended when it should have. I catch reruns of this show all the time on FOX, and it's still hilarious.

  • The last of the sophisticated comedies.

    While 'Frasier' was on the air, I caught it occasionally, and always thought it was funny, but I wasn't a regular viewer. I have no idea why, unless it was because it changed broadcast nights all the time. It wasn't until I happened to pick up Season 1 on DVD and realized what a great show this was and have collected all subsequent releases. In my opinion, this is one of the rare spinoffs that outperformed it's parental show. 'Cheers' was a fantastic show, but I think 'Frasier' was even better. The writers and performers even made the episodes that contained farce classy, and exchanges between stuffy Frasier and Niles with down-to-earth Martin are sometimes nothing short of delicious.
  • The ultimate spin-off show that sets the standard for any future character spin-offs. A strong character with a home life that presents many contradictions to Dr. Frasier's professional views. A competive relationship with his brother and completely diffe

    A Psychiatrist that was originally seen on the hugely successful "Cheers". Frasier's character then moved onto Seattle to host a talkback radio show (and the "Frasier" transition was complete). Frasier provides callers with brief psychiatric advice and some warm words so they can get along with their sad lives.

    With Frasier and his new found media success, he moves into an apartment building within the Seattle CBD and allows his injured ex-policeman father to move in after his brother was unable to house him due to his overbaring wife.

    The show provides the viewer with many interesting and compelling episodes. With Frasier and his brother (also a psychiatrist) often having arguments and petty disputes about things that would be thought insignificant. All relationships that Frasier has often go wrong and his knowledge of psychiatry questioned (usually by Frasier himself).

    Frasier's contradictions and relationships always deliver the viewer with a highly educated comedy and a source of great laughs based on his inability to express himself. All characters play roles that often see Frasier thinking he is "Right", but usually apologising due to being wrong or over exagerating.

    Overall, the show has everything that makes a comedy great. Strained family relationships, jealousy, self doubt and much, much more.

    Nowhere near enough time to talk about all the characters, just watch an episode and you will be hooked.
  • Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I started getting into frasier when it finished and now i cant watch it on british tv coz theyve stuck it on at three in the morning coz they are thinking aww there is better [nope] lets put the worse show in the world on instead [little britain] cmon wats the point.
  • This show is a little old for me but I still watch it. Its funny but I hate how the picture and how is looks anyone agree with me on this?

    I watch this show and it makes me feel that I should only be watching it if I am flippnig channels.
    When i do watch it I find it funny how even though Fraiser is a Phsycoligist, he has a mid-life crisis and has to go to his old teacher to help him through this terrible time.
    I think that Rozz should wake up and see that Frasier and feelings for her..
  • This is my weekly if not daily, high-brow humour that I need to absorb, it's that good for you.

    I can't imagine someone not liking this show. It's
    a show I can't live without. i've probably seen each episode at least half a dozen times.

    I own season 1-6 and 11 havent yet grabbed season 7. I love how they are releasing them at quite a rapid pace which I love, can't wait to own the whole series.

    I think there might be a couple epsisodes from the last few seasons that I haven't seen due to complications(?) (except s.11)

    There are so many things I love about this show that too many things come to mind, and I'd rather not write forever on this.

    I think that when Niles makes numerous jokes and jabs about his drive-thru style McSession's, they're hilarious.

    It would be hard to pick just one favorite character o this show. They're all so funny and have all their own way of being quirky, loveable, sarcastic, nerdy, sophisticated, so many different qualities in their characters that make a show so easy to watch even while being so much more witty and smart than people would even bother looking into.

    There is only one episode that comes to mind that wasn't that great. It was "Freudian Sleep". It was kind of funny but just didn't really do it for me, still don't know what it is.

    Overall I am so glad that soon I will own the entire series and will be able to pass watch and pass on one of the greatest (Arrested Development also comes to mind), smartest, wittiest sitcom's of all time.

    I wish I could rate it higher than a 10 but it's just a wish. How about this?

  • Classic cerebral humor.

    Loved this program when it first aired and still enjoy its wit in syndication. Met Kelsey Grammer once at Paramount. Classy guy, classy show. Every episode encapsulates clever sarcasm, perfect comedic timing, and familial harmony not often found in today's programming. Frasier is a rare example of a successful spinoff.
  • One of the best comedies seen on television.

    Frasier will go down in TV history as one of the best comedies, or at least it very well should. For eleven years, Frasier was consistently funny and it didn't over-do characters. It found a way to keep the goings-on fresh; many comedies get stale after awhile because they worry about redoing things. Frasier never REDID anything but they did similar things with different twists, they gave a different spice. The neurotic antics of Frasier and Niles is a great example of that. When Daphne and Niles hooked up, it didn't ruin the show either, just gave it a different twist. A great, great show. Definitely worth getting all eleven seasons on DVD. I know I will.
  • Frasier in my opinion got better as it got older.

    Frasier in my opinion got better as it got older.
    Daphne and Bulldog were my favorite characters, I thought they were so funny - but I loved them all.
    Nobody thought this would be my type of show and even I had my doubts but the humour they used was soon funny you just had to watch and laugh.
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