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  • Arguably the best one of the best sitcoms ever and definitely the best spin-off.

    This show will be remembered as one of the few spin-offs to do well on its own, but it is so much more.With truly original characters and great writing this would be a favourite to many.Frasier, although some may say it went downhill from later seasons, was always at a very high standard of greatness.Nobody could say Frasier was bad television.Even though it may have gone slightly downhill, the last season was as entertaining as the very first ones and it was very sad to watch the characters that everyone had grown to love leave television for good.With spin-offs such as Joey coming out of a truly great show(very like Cheers and Frasier), we can only hope it follows along the lines of this amazing series.
  • The most intellegent show on TV? Definatly. The best? Maybe. Frasier is many things, but above all he's funny and his actions will make us laugh. It mixes low class with high class perfectly and blends well.

    Frasier Crane ended Cheers, helping Woody Boyd get elected and having fun with his chums. He never was out of their league but he was considered the brain of that show. He was then in talks with the developers of Cheers about a possible show with him as a lead, eventually Frasier was made, showing the further adventures of the psychatrist known mostly as Frasier.

    Frasier has returned to Seattle, his home town, and new characters have appeared (though they look very similar to some guest stars on Cheers.) There is Martin, Frasier's father, a retired cop who is just the average Joe. Niles, Frasier's anal retentive brother, who is married to a rich heiress. There's Daphne Moon, who is Martin's Physical Therapist from England, who's a bit psychic, and quite a bit interesting. Finally there's Roz Doyle who is Frasier's Producer, as well as a bit friendly with guys.

    These characters produce a very different show, and produce a very different side of Frasier. Frasier has dropped the bar scene and become one of the elites of Seattle's nightlife. He drinks wine or champange not beer or ale. He watches Opera, finding most sports dull. He also has changed from a successful psychatrist to a well respected radio talk show host, about psychatry.

    This of course requires the type of comedy to change slowly. From the fun bar humor found in Cheers, you find a slightly more elitest version of humor in Frasier. The jokes tend to be about topics of interest to the new Frasier, but the areas range. There's a few really high class jokes, but most of them are quite enjoyable with little knowledge about their origins. Frasier goes a bit crazy some times and there's quite a few humorous situations.

    At times there's a slight flaw to the show, in that it takes Three's Company's formula, expands it for two or three different perspectives, and then plays it out to the end. Though there's quite a few of these epiosdes, there's enough other episodes that show they don't have to rely on a 20 year old equation of misunderstanding.

    Every year there's at least 2 or three special episodes, that are really out of the ordinary. For instance in Season 5 there's a halloween episode, a 4 perspective episode (which follows 4 stories one at time from different people's perspectives) as well as other episodes. These episodes feel less like gimmicks and more like clever writing that excels at giving us a interesting new type of episode.

    The story of Frasier is a bit drawn out at times, but giving realistic life expectations. In additions most of the relationships in the show last at the most a couple shows. Sometimes there's is a long range relationship, but the character only appears for a hand ful of times. It's not an every episode relationship that appears to drag on.

    In addition there is many side characters that are interesting through Frasier's work. Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe is an entertaining, though a rude horny man, he is also quite humorous with his actions.

    There is also a character named Gil who is also a co-worker of Frasier, who is an english restaurant review critic.

    For fans of Cheers this is a hit or miss, though if you enjoyed most of Frasier's work on Cheers, this could work for you. However for most people this show might go over their head every so often. There's a couple of real gems which makes it all worthwhile. The greatest thing is that it shows how even though these are the elitests they also have some great slapstick type jokes.
  • Witty, funny, and interesting; wonderful characters, lively plots, and no "cheap" or stupid laughs. Although very different, it is the only sitcom to outrank Seinfeld in quality.

    Many people refuse to watch the show because they misunderstand its premise. Assuming that it's merely some haughty forum of dry humor and obscure references, or some ego-trip for an arrogant actor, people refuse to give it a chance. But it is anything but. The characters are incredibly likeable! The stories are remarkably well-written, and the jokes appeal to a range of audiences (my little sister, a fourteen-year-old who hates everything -- what fourteen-year-old doesn't? -- loves the show). Give it a chance -- you won't be sorry!
  • Frasier, the spin-off of the popular show Cheers, is set in Seattle and follows the life of it's title character as he manages life as a radio psychiatrist, brother, and son, all at the same time.

    This show is simply one of the finest sitcoms ever made. The acting is first-rate, the plots are exceptional, the chemistry between the actors is sterling, and the comedy par excellence. Though the formula did get tired in the last few seasons, the majority of the show is uniformly excellent. Frasier's character is one of the most memorable in television, and he's almost always a joy to watch. Niles is just as fun to watch and his lovesick attitude toward Daphne adds to the charm of the series. Martin is a great foil for his boys, and it's a testament to the writing of the show that I didn't have an problem with him living with his son for virtually the entire series. Roz and Daphne are both strong characters, again the only complaint I do have is that they stretched the show too long.
  • In its prime, Frasier was one of the smartest shows on TV. And the funniest. Near the end, it lost its bite but it'll be fondly remembered.

    The show won 5 Emmys in a row for best Comedy. It's a record that, given the sorry state of television sitcoms today, might never be broken. Critics had always praised Frasier in its early years but it's a damn shame audiences never paid as much attention to it as they did Seinfeld or Friends. Not to discredit those shows, I think they kick ass. But Frasier was always kind of under them at NBC.

    The writers at Frasier were fantastic at depicting the neurotic Crane brothers of Frasier and Niles. Martin, played by John Mahoney, was great too. The three of them together in a scene could just really wow me.

    I always felt that, and this might just be my personal opinion, that the other characters on the show were not quite as well done. Daphne and Roz could get annoying at times. Bulldog became and outright cliche during some episodes. Not that these actors didn't do a good job. But the material was never as good for them. If the Daphne and Roz characters could be as engrossing as Niles or Frasier, I think this show could have been up there with Seinfeld or Cheers. But it was still one of the best sitcoms of the 1990s.

    One of the better things about the show's first few seasons was Niles' crush on Daphne. But it was sort of futile. Sooner or later, they'd have to do something about it because by the 6th season, it was getting kind of tired. So Daphne and Niles got together. After that, the show lost one of its major comedic mechanisms. Had less dimension to it. But to be fair, Daphne and Niles not getting together might have been worse--probably would have bummed a large portion of the audience out. I never thought Niles and Daphne made that great of a couple although the actors did the best they could.

    Coming into the 8th season or so, Frasier fell out of whack. Either the show wouldn't be that funny or Frasier would have to totally become a parody of himself to get the laughs to come across. Either way the ball rolled that week, Frasier began to feel very much like: "been there, done that" coming into the 21st century.

    By the time the excellent series finale aired, I think most people had already said their goodbyes to Frasier. And coming off the air the same year as Friends meant the show got even less media coverage than it would have already.

    The show is being released on DVD a lot now and it's still in syndication so check it out.
  • The Doctor helps his patients, but who's helping the Doctor? A clever sitcome about an on air Psychiatrist who most of the time seems just as quirky as the patients that he treats.

    Frasier is the witty Cheers spin-off based on the madcap and unsettled life of Dr. Frasier Crane.

    Frasier happens to be one of those television shows that I never watched in its regular time slot, but ran across it when it entered syndication. And to this day, I say thank goodness for syndication – I did not know what I was missing.

    Dr. Frasier Crane is a lucrative On-Air Psychiatrist with snobbish taste, a luxurious high-rise apartment and a clique of affluent acquaintances – yet life for him is far anything but perfect.

    Kelsey Grammer excels as the quirky self-conscious doctor of talk show radio. In fact, I deem his performance on Frasier far exceeds his work on Cheers. Conceivably it was the fact that Frasier was “his show” and allowed him the break to take the reigns and steer the sitcom to success. Be that as it may, Grammer did a fine job.

    And let’s not forget about the entourage of equally quirky family and friends.

    With brother Nyles, Martin the father and ex-cop, and Daphne Moon as Martin’s live in therapist – the show thrives at highlighting how dysfunctional a functional family can be.

    Martin could not be more different from the two sons that he raised, and it might make you wonder – where Nyles and Frasier perhaps switched at birth. And Daphne shimmies into the household and unifies with the unpredictable Frasier men with ease, while at the same time catching a lengthy span of admiration from Nyles. Plus there’s Roz, the Producer of Frasier’s talk show and a good family friend. Roz is just the spice that sends the sitcom pleasantly over the edge.

    Frasier was an enjoyable sitcom with a fine cast of entertainers. It endured a lengthy run and in all probability it ended at a good time before watching the good ol’ doctor became stale and monotonous. Thankfully though, if I ever find myself calling for a little pick me up – I can flip on the tube, catch it in syndication and let the good doctor do his thing.
  • Witty, sophisticated humour, that doesn't patronise its audience. Genius!

    Frasier has a fantastic ensamble cast that works so well together, combined with a witty and sophisticated script and humour that doesn't patronise its audience. One word genius!

    I have a few small problems with the show, the first being the lack of overall variety, but I suppose this is to be expected after 250+ episodes and secondly the laugh track, but this is more forgiveable.

  • Fraiser is not only the best spin-off in television history, it is one of the best comedies period. It is rare that you find a smart sophisticated comedy that features its fair share of physical comedy.

    Frasier is simply one of the best put together shows ever. The writers somehow find a way to get the audience to fall in love with the five main characters. Rarely you have a show that can run smoothly if the lead character isn't on the screen. Frasier is one of them. Niles, Daphne, Roz, and Marty could each be a lead on their own shows. Those four characters are very well developed. What's left to be said about Frasier Crane. We fell in love with him 20 years ago on Cheers and he's done nothing to chance. Through the show we see why he is one of the funniest and best characters in TV History.
  • Hello Seattle, I'm listening.

    In 1984, Frasier Crane was the calm, smart psychologist who found a friendly little Boston bar where "everybody knew your name". Eleven years later, he moved to his hometown of Seattle, where his life began to turn upside-down. Frasier's dad, with dog and barcalounger in tow, join him in his new apartment. Along for the ride is Frasier's crazy brother Niles, his new radio producer Roz, and Daphne, Martin's therapist and self-called psychic. For eleven years, he had learned to adjust and be fond of his families at home and KACL. He's found love and he's found grief; okay, mostly grief. And in 2004, Frasier signed off for the last time to find love in Chicago. The end of a twenty-year saga.
  • If you loved Cheers your gonna love this

    Fraiser is one of the most successful spin off TV shows in the history of television. It takes one great character from a marquis show Cheers that ran for ten eleven years and lets him do his own thing in a deferent city and a different setting. Kelsey Grammer took his Dr. Fraiser Crane character and moved him to Seattle to due a radio show and live with and help out his aging father. He lives in the city with his brother Niles another neurotic psychologist and hilarity ensues. There are often many a guest star and sometimes they are even your beloved cheers characters coming to visit. While I personally do not think it is as funny as Cheers it is defiantly a very funny show in itself I mean after all it ran just as long as its predecessor and won a whole slew of Emmy’s. So if you like Cheers I urge you to give it a chance.
  • The best-written sitcom of all-time

    The only spin-off that can claim to be greater than its' predecessor.

    Frasier will almost certainly go down as one of the greatest shows of all-time - the show is hard to fault, right from the oustanding acting - David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney are particularly fantastic - to the uniquely-crafetd plots, genius characters and a closing theme song among the best, but surely the most oustanding aspect of this show is the writing that compares with - and is often above and beyond - the greatest episodes of any other comedy around. The show is consistently witty, ironic and sarcastic in equal measures; the jokes never - no exceptions - feel forced, rather they come across perfectly hilarious thansks to the inspired acting of the principal characters.

    Throughout the 11 years the show was great - admittedly seasons 7-9 were weaker than others, but even they offered some gems - and I defy anyone to say anything other than maybe Simpsons S6 or Seinfeld S4 is more fantastic than the oustanding seasons 2 and 4 of Frasier. Every episode of the show is engaging and funny and any comedy fans that have missed out on this have missed out on a lot.

    Very highly recommended!
  • Excellent Show

    Frasier has to be one of the most successful shows that was a spin-off from another show. Obviously, the character of 'Fraser' on Cheers was spun-off into this separate sitcom.

    Fraser is a clean but funny, sophisticated sitcom/comedy. Kelsey Grammer does an excellent job as the psychiatrist who has more than his own fair share of problems, but I think John Mahoney does an equally impressive job in the role of Frasier's father, Martin Crane.

    I would certainly consider it to be one of the best sitcoms ever.
  • Something I fell in love with while I was sick at home.

    One day while at home, sick from school, I was watching Becker and Frasier came on afterwards. I'd never really payed attention to an episode before but I knew it was a very popular show so I decided to give it a chance. It just happened to be the first half of the episode Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

    I almost instantly fell in love with the characters and the story. It just clicked in my head and I couldn't get enough. I found myself rushing onto the internet to read the transcripts to find out what happened with Daphne and Niles (who had immediately became my favorite characters) next. I found myself the next day, still sick, engrossed in the show again.

    Ever since I try not to miss Frasier when it's on because it always makes me laugh, it is a show that has wit, charm, and it is downright entertaining to watch.
  • Frasier the neuroses and tribulations suffered by psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane, host of a Seattle radio advice show. His peaceful life of Haute Cuisine and cigars was shattered when his gruff ex-cop father Martin was injured in the line of duty and is

    This is the funniest non-cartoon comedy with top class acting. And some of the funniest scenes that you will ever see on TV. When this show ends so will good sitcomes. I can only hope that the creaters of the show decide to make a spin-off series staring frasiers brother Niles.
  • The best sitcom there is

    The most successful shows (eg Seinfeld, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond) rely on a lot of silliness and extreme characters - Chandler in the early Friends years, Raymond himself, and Kramer in Seinfeld being perfect examples; with Frasier, the characters are a bit wierd but its the situations in which they find themselves that makes the show such a classic.
    There is quite a bit of "Embarassment Comedy"; for example, due to a series of unfortunate events Frasier will find himself naked in public, or humiliated over the radio, this was not the only type of humour in Frasier but it was very common - its not to everyone's taste but I thought it was great entertainment.
    I think the best thing about Frasier was the word play, and the posh banter between Frasier and Niles, throw in the down-to-earth Martin and theres a recipe for what is and always will be a classic show.
    I lost touch with the show due to Channel 4's timslot madness in the middle years; every time I realised a new series had started and when it was on they changed the bloody slot! Anyway, this is the only comedy series (with the exception of Family Guy) that I have bought on DVD as it is a show I can watch again and again.
  • The Doctor is in.

    I would put this behind only Seinfeld, Simpsons and Scrubs in the list of my favourite American shows.
    The reason I rate this show so highly is because the humour in the jokes can veer between the sophisticated to the ridiculous and not look out of place.
    Kelsey Grammer is perfect as Frasier but the support he recieves is first rate and I probably wont be the last to single out David Hyde Pierce in particular for praise in his role as Niles.
    Even though I felt once the Niles/Daphne story line brought them together the show lost part of its magic I still enjoyed it immensely and felt the last season was a fitting way for the show to end. And no other show could do a "Miscommunication" joke growing into a disaster (Halloween where Roz is pregnant, Ski lodge with the French Instructor) quite like Frasier.
  • Took me awhile to get used to this one....

    A spinoff of Cheers? Come on, let the show go out with dignity stop making money off of the franchise!

    Hey, I was wrong, when that generic commercial aired on the final episode of Cheers, I was appalled that there would be a spin off!

    Well, it took me 6 years to come around and enjoy the show. I was expecting it to have the feel of Cheers, but it had it's own unique style of comedy. Glad I got to enjoy the show, and really enjoyed when the old Cheers castmates made a trip to Seattle to see the Doc.

    My favorite was the one with Diane, who wrote a play about a bar and come familiar characters in it?!?!

    Anyways, what an enjoyable 11 years for this show. Glad that it had it's run and let the legacy of Cheers go on!
  • this show is about a family that still for the most part lives together and the adventures they that happen with their work and love lives in seattle.

    I do like watching this show some and i like it a little more because i live in seattle, so i can relate a little bit. But for the most part the show isnt at all funny and can be quite boring at times especially with its newer episodes. However there have been some very good shows that provide suspence and some funny moments and that is why i gave it a 8. It could use a little work but is a pretty good show overall.
  • Not many Spin offs survive as long as this one.The best comedy on?Maybe not.The Best Comedy that was safe for the whole Family?Definatley.

    Not many Spin offs survive as long as this one.The best comedy on?Maybe not.The Best Comedy that was safe for the whole Family?Definatley.Frasier and His brothe Niles,along with his Father and his maid/friend they made television just a little bit more bareable.Shows of this kind are a rare abd dying breed.I'm sad too see shows such as This and Everbody Loves Raymond go.For I know that in the years to come,shows like this may not arise again.
  • A very magical & classy comedy

    once again it proves in order to have a great show you need both good actors and writers. Frasier was the best of the breed during the first few seasons, and it is a shame that Calsy Grammer did not win more Emis. However, the writes simply lost it during the last couple seasons, and I seriously suspect those are the same writers.
  • still better than most sitcoms today

    This show puts sitcoms like Still Standing and Hope and Faith to shame. It proves that a show can be funny and still have a laugh track on it. I think what is so great about this show is that it has a smart sense of humor that not everyone gets and a broad sitcom-style humor too. That gives it a brilliant mass appeal. I look this show and after watching an episode of Joey, wish that it would comeback on air. The characters are something that you never forget, not the by the book sitcom-stereo stype that are on joey. This is a true classic sitcom.
  • I only discovered Frasier in re-runs, like I discovered Cheers. To me these are classic comedies, that include all sorts of humour, from slapstick to pathos and irony.

    Silly, pompous, self-absorbed characters. Sometimes ludicrous situations of their own making. But I always care deeply about what happens to them, especially Niles. And Daphne, and Martin, and Roz, and even Frasier himself. While it was easy to get tired of Frasier's dating scenarios which were predictably set up for failure, the relationship between Niles and Daphne was long and torturous and worked out in the end. Delightfully.

    The whole premise of psychiatrists more delusional then their patients themselves was always refreshing, and occasional snippets of insight and wisdom, while rare, were always revealing, and a saving grace. And I think the common sense of Martin and Daphne was the perfect foil for the pretentious know-it-all approach to life presented by Frasier and Niles - especially when it was turned on its head.
  • Great show if it wasn't for the casting of Anthony LaPaglia - what were they thinking?

    Frasier has always been a thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating show. Although Frasier was not one of my favourite people in Cheers, and even though I thought a spin-off based on him would never work, to my surprise it not only worked, but managed to be amusing and cleverly scripted throughout. Although the characters developed into predictable stereotypes over time, the new episodes were well thought out and the situations at least believable considering the main characters. Why oh why use Anthony La Paglia to play Daphne's brother when he has the worst, least convincing English accent since Dick Van Dyck? At the point he appeared I think the series had "jumped the shark". Nevertheless a brave effort from the scriptwriters for refusing to dumb it down with the cultural bits.
  • The best sitcom of all time.

    Frasier is a hilarious comedy, mixing irony, slapstick, black humour, wit and mild raunch together in an intoxicating comedy cocktail. It has its dramatic moments too, including many sad, touching and sometimes even though-provoking scenes. The characters are funny, realistic and endearing, the scripts are witty and effortlessly quotable, and the comic setup and situations are priceless. Who could ask for more?

  • Frasier in my opinion got better as it got older.

    Frasier in my opinion got better as it got older.
    Daphne and Bulldog were my favorite characters, I thought they were so funny - but I loved them all.
    Nobody thought this would be my type of show and even I had my doubts but the humour they used was soon funny you just had to watch and laugh.
  • One of the best comedies seen on television.

    Frasier will go down in TV history as one of the best comedies, or at least it very well should. For eleven years, Frasier was consistently funny and it didn't over-do characters. It found a way to keep the goings-on fresh; many comedies get stale after awhile because they worry about redoing things. Frasier never REDID anything but they did similar things with different twists, they gave a different spice. The neurotic antics of Frasier and Niles is a great example of that. When Daphne and Niles hooked up, it didn't ruin the show either, just gave it a different twist. A great, great show. Definitely worth getting all eleven seasons on DVD. I know I will.
  • Classic cerebral humor.

    Loved this program when it first aired and still enjoy its wit in syndication. Met Kelsey Grammer once at Paramount. Classy guy, classy show. Every episode encapsulates clever sarcasm, perfect comedic timing, and familial harmony not often found in today's programming. Frasier is a rare example of a successful spinoff.
  • This is my weekly if not daily, high-brow humour that I need to absorb, it's that good for you.

    I can't imagine someone not liking this show. It's
    a show I can't live without. i've probably seen each episode at least half a dozen times.

    I own season 1-6 and 11 havent yet grabbed season 7. I love how they are releasing them at quite a rapid pace which I love, can't wait to own the whole series.

    I think there might be a couple epsisodes from the last few seasons that I haven't seen due to complications(?) (except s.11)

    There are so many things I love about this show that too many things come to mind, and I'd rather not write forever on this.

    I think that when Niles makes numerous jokes and jabs about his drive-thru style McSession's, they're hilarious.

    It would be hard to pick just one favorite character o this show. They're all so funny and have all their own way of being quirky, loveable, sarcastic, nerdy, sophisticated, so many different qualities in their characters that make a show so easy to watch even while being so much more witty and smart than people would even bother looking into.

    There is only one episode that comes to mind that wasn't that great. It was "Freudian Sleep". It was kind of funny but just didn't really do it for me, still don't know what it is.

    Overall I am so glad that soon I will own the entire series and will be able to pass watch and pass on one of the greatest (Arrested Development also comes to mind), smartest, wittiest sitcom's of all time.

    I wish I could rate it higher than a 10 but it's just a wish. How about this?

  • This show is a little old for me but I still watch it. Its funny but I hate how the picture and how is looks anyone agree with me on this?

    I watch this show and it makes me feel that I should only be watching it if I am flippnig channels.
    When i do watch it I find it funny how even though Fraiser is a Phsycoligist, he has a mid-life crisis and has to go to his old teacher to help him through this terrible time.
    I think that Rozz should wake up and see that Frasier and feelings for her..
  • Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I started getting into frasier when it finished and now i cant watch it on british tv coz theyve stuck it on at three in the morning coz they are thinking aww there is better [nope] lets put the worse show in the world on instead [little britain] cmon wats the point.
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