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  • I think that this show was very average and has rarely made me laugh when i have watched it.

    I dont understand how this programme was ever popular because i expect to find a comedy funny and i never got frasier and never will.If you compare this with what i think are good comedies like scrubs or friends then frasier looks weak and useless. I have to admit that frasier isnt always bad and does have occasions where it makes me laugh but it isnt consistent enough and doesnt produce enough laughs(for me anyway).I understand that some people will find it funny but i advise you away from frasier and in the direction of a decent comedy like scrubs, friends or my anme is earl.
  • rasier TV Series

    Y'All make me so sick I cannot stand it. I had to endure a year of your reruns on Hallmark Channel thing something different would be there. Well, it is obvious nobody else wants you either and now I am stuck with you another year. Go bury all yourselves along with
  • Sometimes interesting.

    This is not my favorite show. In fact, it is a show that I find rather boring. I don't really know what it is exactly. Maybe it's because I find the humor kind of bland, or maybe the acting kind of skittish. I just don't know why I have so many issues witht the show, but it just doesn't hold too much of my interest. I wouldn't say it's a bad show. I actually think they have some decent actors and actresses. My favorite character would have to be the dog. Overall, this is not a show that I am very fond of. Thank you.
  • too much credits

    Don't watch this show.
  • Crap comedy

    I wake up to a lovely sunny day in my grandmother's house; the birds are singing and the sun is shining. I'm happy. Watching the news is nice, it gives you the updates on what's happening all over the world. Then my grandma comes in. She sits down, grabs the TV remote and to her joy, discovers that Frasier is on. The skies outside darken, the birds stop singing and thunder comes rolling and lightening flashes. My happiness is drenched. You see, the thing was I'd been hoping to have a nice peaceful morning without having to suffer from watching Frasier, which has to be one of the lamest comedies on the planet. Even with the subtitles on (I'm partially deaf) I don't see the humour in the show. Yes, I might have laughed at the poor comedy attempts but that's just about it. Never have I found a comedy less funny than Frasier. By my standards it's appalling.

  • A very pretentious comedy that was a spin off of Cheers but nowhere near as funny.

    A very pretentious comedy that was a spin off of Cheers but nowhere near as funny. To me the characters were stuffy and anoying. The storylines seemed too similar and i just never really cared about the characters. The show stared Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Frasier Crane who had moved to Seattle from Boston (where he had been a character on Cheers). He went from being a pyschitrist to being a radio talk show host. I only found the character midly interesting on Cheers. It reminds me of when they try to make a leading man out of a decent character actor. It just doen't work. The rest of the cast included Jane Leeves as Daphne Moon Crane, David Hyde Pierce as Dr. Niles Crane, Peri Gilpin as Roz Doyle and John Mahoney as Martin Crane.
  • I want to know is; What happened to Eddie in the last episode? He as taken into the back of the vet's office, the vet came out with the rings and Eddie was never mentioned again. Surely last episode should address the demise of one of the regulars.

    I did not see the last episode. My wife called and said she had seen it and there was a problem with the ending. She was quite upset. Eddie, the terrier, has always been an integral part of the show. He even had whole shows focused on him. It is uncharacteristic for the last episode not to include the "demise" of Eddie. If this was an oversight on the writers' part, it is unforgivable. If there is a reason that Eddie was not even mentioned after being taken into the vet's back office, tell us what it is. Otherwise, the show is left unclosed and with questions. All did not live happily ever after.
  • This show is a little old for me but I still watch it. Its funny but I hate how the picture and how is looks anyone agree with me on this?

    I watch this show and it makes me feel that I should only be watching it if I am flippnig channels.
    When i do watch it I find it funny how even though Fraiser is a Phsycoligist, he has a mid-life crisis and has to go to his old teacher to help him through this terrible time.
    I think that Rozz should wake up and see that Frasier and feelings for her..
  • Daphney Moon

    Was Daph prego during season 8? I notice that the wardrobe stylist was dressing her in big clothes as if they wore trying to hide her belly...Well after doing some research , I answered my own question . During the season in 2000-2001she became prego and they wrote in the script as Daphne gaining weight... I just love this show.
  • Outrageously funny

    People might often think that this type of show isn't really their cup of tea. It's too high brow. These were my thoughts exactly but when I started watching it I found myself laughing through every joke. The main reason for this is Martin. Martin unlike his sons, is a simpler guy who often enjoys making wise-ass remarks about their way of life. Believe me, this show is for everyone. It's indeed a classic.
  • I Heart This Show!

    There are many things that I love about Frasier as I discover episode after episode, but what I like most is that these episodes were wonderfully and intelligently written. And I absolutely loved that ending. And I love Niles and Daphne.
  • In years to come, when critics speak of the all-time great television shows, Frasier will take its place among the very best.

    Frasier Crane, following several failed relationships in Boston and tiring of the bar scene, returns to his home town, Seattle, to see if he can't rebuild his life. As an occupation, he chooses that of a radio psychiatrist. As fate would have it, he ends up living with his cantankerous father Martin, his father's "psychic" health care worker Daphne, and a Jack Russell terrier named Eddie. His core group is completed with the addition of his brother Niles and his radio show's producer, Roz Doyle.

    The title character Frasier – whom many will recall from the popular sitcom Cheers of which this series is a spinoff – is played brilliantly by Kelsey Grammer. It never ceases to amaze me how Grammer can, in a span of minutes, go from hilarious comic buffoonery to being an intelligent, educated, caring psychiatrist with complete believability. If you got to know and like Frasier in the context of Cheers, you will find this new journey of self-discovery a wonderful experience.

    Frasier's father Martin is played by veteran actor John Mahoney. This may be Mahoney's best roll – a retired, no-nonsense ex-cop (injured in the line of duty) and the perfect foil for the socially-conscious, fastidious Crane brothers. Frasier's brother Niles, played to subtle perfection by David Hyde-Pierce, is in many ways more Frasier than Frasier himself: more delicate, more refined, allergic to most everything and with an abiding fear of germs and small creatures. Daphne Moon, the family's housekeeper and Martin's physical therapist is played by Jane Leeves. It is impossible not to fall in love with this delightful character. Roz Doyle, Frasier's producer, is played by Peri Gilpin -- more than capable of holding her own in this stellar company. Roz is a seasoned radio professional with an overactive love life and another perfect foil for the Crane boys. Other regulars include Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe (Dan Butler), a macho sports broadcaster, Gil Chesterton (Edward Hibbert), a loveably gay food critic, and Noel ("the mole") Shempsky (Patrick Kerr) –- a Star Trek fan with a major crush on Roz. And of course, there's Eddie (Moose/Enzo), Martin's beloved pooch to whom the Crane brothers must play second fiddle when it comes to their father's attention.

    If one were to say that Frasier was the best television sitcom ever, it's not like many people would laugh – perhaps no one would. The reason is simple: from the first show to the last, the acting and writing are of the highest quality. In other popular shows, after the first few years, the producers often have to resort to gimmicks to keep interest alive: you suddenly have the main characters traveling to exotic locations, or perhaps will see an increase in the number of flavor-of-the-month guest celebrities. Gimmicks were never necessary with a show of Frasier's caliber. In the end, you had the feeling that the show could have continued indefinitely.

    If you've never seen Frasier, don't worry about getting hooked only to find your favorite character leaving the show. The first show and the last involve the same core group of characters. Even the main set, Frasier's apartment, still has all the original furniture after eleven years; changes were limited to small objets d'art.

    Perhaps the most amazing thing about Frasier is its integrity. At the end of eleven years, you almost have the feeling that it was all written beforehand. One of the essential themes –- that Frasier and his father come to understand and appreciate each other –- was brought to a heartfelt conclusion. Another story line, that of Niles' and Daphne's relationship, ends with the birth of their son, David. Roz gets a well-deserved promotion, and even Martin, mellowed by his association with his sons, finds love again and marries. This consistency was in no small part due to the series creators, David Angell, Peter Casey and David Lee. And Frasier ends up... Well, watch and see.

    To sum up: it will amuse you, it will touch you, and it will educate you. Don't miss it.
  • When Dr.Frasier Crane moves from boston to seattle only to have his father live with him he expects the worst.

    Like the best show ever!!!
    i love frasier.
    hands down the best!!!
    the first time i saw it i didn't like it but after seconed time i feel in love.
    all the characters are all so big and colorful, the humor is so dry and comical, and thier is so much smart things about this show.
    i wish it was still on just for the fact thati would have a chance to be on this lengenday show.
    if this show wasn't around i don't know where television would be at simply due to the fact that this show has made other shows work for their raiting.
    i just want to say best show ever and i will always love this show.
    when i die, i want to be buried with my dvds of it.
  • Frasier was the spinoff to Cheers, but as time went on, it became a great show in it's own right. A good cast, along with good writers, helped to make the show what it was -- a laugh out loud funny tv show.

    I loved this show right from the start. The cast had a good chemistry together and the jokes just kept on coming. Over the many seasons that it was on the air, I continued to watch each and every show, laughing at each of the characters foilables, crying when something sad happened, along with feeling other emotions all along the spectrum.

    This show was a true classic in it's own right and it's a shame that there aren't a lot of shows on today that even come close to being nearly as funny as Frasier was.

    The cast was whip smart, talented and funny. And every night that the show was on, we as an audience got to see a wonderful group of people acting their hearts and souls out.

    My favorite character from the show itself was Niles. He was one of the funniest characters overall. Every pratfall, every joke was just pure gold. Also, Bulldog was funny as well.

    In the end, the show never went overboard for the most part. With the exception being when Frasier was on that little woman dating spree. That was one of the few times where the show itself was rather annoying. But other than that, it remained to it's heart -- a fun and enjoyable tv comedy.
  • Whoever thought of this, you rock!

    This is another awesome and hilarious sitcom! Oh my gosh! I love this show so much! Frasier Crane is a radio psychiotrist. He lives with his dad and his father's physical therapist, Daphne Moon. I love all the main characters in the show. Frasier is so funny, and he's so handsome! Roz is sassy and classy, and she totally rocks! Niles is so sweet and innocent! When he and Daphne get together, I'm like... YES!!! They make the perfect couple. Martin is Frasier's and Niles' dad, and he is so wise! Although, I don't really see him as someone in his 60s. He's gotta be younger lol! Then, there's Daphne! Oh my gosh! I love her! She is so funny, and I love her accent! I love her English sass! This show is so cute! Frasier, you are on fire!!!
  • dr crane moves to from cheers to his own radio show.

    doctor cranes leaves boston and his friends from cheers and move to a new town to start over. he's father an ex cop martin and his funny dog eddie move in with him. this show was very funny and i enjoyed watching it every week. l have to say i personally loved eddie the most. i though he could really steal a scene. and martin what a sweet heart. he loves his dog eddie and l found it funny when he dressed him up in little out fits. he loves his sons but does'nt put up with any crap from them. i was glad that niles and dapfin {i spelled her name wrong} got together. this show still makes me laugh and i enjoyed every episode.
  • Nice!

    I enjoy watching Seinfeld and Becker more than I enjoy watching Frasier, but Frasier leaves them both behind in genuine sitcom quality. The cast is brilliant and the writing is absolutely top-notch. The first 5 seasons was probably the best display of American sitcom of all time, if not international sitcom. Unfornunately the show ran out of steam in the final few series when the energy seemed to slip away from both the writing and acting.

    Frasier is a real comedy lovers comedy. Even though it pokes fun at wine-loving snobs, it's upper-class feel may have kept some from experiencing the show. While it's not my all-time favourite show, Frasier is undoubtedly the most professional sitcom that I have ever seen.
  • Advanced comedy

    This was defenitely a show that required a more mature and advanced taste in comedy. It was cultured, classy, and even had it's moments of simpler zanier comedy. It was clearly a hit, lasting eleven seasons. I did however think it ran a little past it's prime the later seasons seemed more enjoyable and better founded from my perspective.
  • this show is about a family that still for the most part lives together and the adventures they that happen with their work and love lives in seattle.

    I do like watching this show some and i like it a little more because i live in seattle, so i can relate a little bit. But for the most part the show isnt at all funny and can be quite boring at times especially with its newer episodes. However there have been some very good shows that provide suspence and some funny moments and that is why i gave it a 8. It could use a little work but is a pretty good show overall.
  • Took me awhile to get used to this one....

    A spinoff of Cheers? Come on, let the show go out with dignity stop making money off of the franchise!

    Hey, I was wrong, when that generic commercial aired on the final episode of Cheers, I was appalled that there would be a spin off!

    Well, it took me 6 years to come around and enjoy the show. I was expecting it to have the feel of Cheers, but it had it's own unique style of comedy. Glad I got to enjoy the show, and really enjoyed when the old Cheers castmates made a trip to Seattle to see the Doc.

    My favorite was the one with Diane, who wrote a play about a bar and come familiar characters in it?!?!

    Anyways, what an enjoyable 11 years for this show. Glad that it had it's run and let the legacy of Cheers go on!
  • I Like it despite myself

    I'm probably the most anti-counselling person you'll ever meet, andFraiser is about Pschiatrists, but, for some odd reason, I find the show totally fascinating. It's different than the usual sitcoms. You know that's the mark of a great show when you I can overlook the whole counselling aspect of it and Still see a show I still watch in reruns! Only thing negative: the very last episode could have been a Lot better!
  • a really classic comedy

    the show is fraiser and its about a sycitrist who has a radio show and that has been divorced twice . and a cop that was injured in the line of duty has to move in with him. and fraiser who enjoys lucury like fine sugars and all nice future has to deal with recliners that have taped all over them and other sorts. but it is a realll y funny and i saw all the eps of the show and have some of the boxsets i think it was also a genious show that last quite abit . and i gave it a 8 and i think it deservies it.
  • great american comedy

    Frasier is the only american comedy i like around its time. An absoultly brilliant show showing the Craines. with Frasier, niles who is my favourite with his bug phobias and whiping the chair with his hankey along with daphine and martin the only one that is normal out of the three men. the show like all other does have its fair share of average episodes but to give credit where credit is due they have a fair few brilliant ones as well. set n the city of seattle this series is most defently a worth while watching at least one episode.
  • Ambitious. Well-elaborated characters. And most importantly: Funny as hell!

    "Frasier" sets itself apart from the competition by having the best elaborated characters in a sitcom I've seen so far. That's what makes the show interesting. For example the interaction between Frasier (the snob) and his father Martin (your average Joe ;)). It never got old after 11 seasons. Other good example are: the friendship of Frasier and Roz; Niles and his "goddess" Daphne; Niles and Marris; and of course: the love-hate relationship between Frasier and his brother Niles. Another great thing about this sitcom was the variety of many nice settings like Frasier's apartment / office, Niles' home, Café Nervosa, etc (which makes it the total opposite to "Cheers"). It gives the show a more dynamic edge. I never liked it when a show just had 1,2 settings. But most importantly: The show was funny as hell. The whole cast, especially Kelsey Grammar, did a great job. I gave it "just" an 8.5 because the last 2,3 seasons weren't as good as the first 8. Like many great sitcoms, it was carried to excess. If I had to name a "Jump the shark"-moment, it would have to be Niles' and Daphne's relationship. Of course, we wanted Niles to be happy but at that point, the character Niles lost it's tragedy and consequently the character wasn't very funny anymore.

    None the less, it was still one of the best sitcoms at that time and is definiteley my all-time favourite when it comes to sitcoms.
  • Dr.Frasier Crane lives in a lovely apartment with his boarish father.Fraser is a radio host along with his co-anchor Rozz and when he's not on the air he's dealing with his mannered yet barbaric family.

    Frasier is witty and intelligent humour that can be enjoyed regularily.Each episode is in it's own way funny and refreshingly smart.I love how unique the show is and how everybody is so sophisticated and mannered yet brutish and barbaric at the same time.As a spinoff from Cheers Frasier succeeds aswell and has got to be the only spinoff to have a good run on television.Kelsey Grammer is great as is David Hyde Pearce you really believe they are brothers.I love Frasier purely because it's not crude and it's not vulgar which is very rare in T.V now a days especially with Trailer Park Boys,South Park,Family Guy,and The Simpsons being top shows (which are all funny).Frasier is a great show with memorable characters,some of the best dialogue,and fantastic acting
  • Great show if it wasn't for the casting of Anthony LaPaglia - what were they thinking?

    Frasier has always been a thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating show. Although Frasier was not one of my favourite people in Cheers, and even though I thought a spin-off based on him would never work, to my surprise it not only worked, but managed to be amusing and cleverly scripted throughout. Although the characters developed into predictable stereotypes over time, the new episodes were well thought out and the situations at least believable considering the main characters. Why oh why use Anthony La Paglia to play Daphne's brother when he has the worst, least convincing English accent since Dick Van Dyck? At the point he appeared I think the series had "jumped the shark". Nevertheless a brave effort from the scriptwriters for refusing to dumb it down with the cultural bits.
  • If you loved Cheers your gonna love this

    Fraiser is one of the most successful spin off TV shows in the history of television. It takes one great character from a marquis show Cheers that ran for ten eleven years and lets him do his own thing in a deferent city and a different setting. Kelsey Grammer took his Dr. Fraiser Crane character and moved him to Seattle to due a radio show and live with and help out his aging father. He lives in the city with his brother Niles another neurotic psychologist and hilarity ensues. There are often many a guest star and sometimes they are even your beloved cheers characters coming to visit. While I personally do not think it is as funny as Cheers it is defiantly a very funny show in itself I mean after all it ran just as long as its predecessor and won a whole slew of Emmy’s. So if you like Cheers I urge you to give it a chance.
  • In its prime, Frasier was one of the smartest shows on TV. And the funniest. Near the end, it lost its bite but it'll be fondly remembered.

    The show won 5 Emmys in a row for best Comedy. It's a record that, given the sorry state of television sitcoms today, might never be broken. Critics had always praised Frasier in its early years but it's a damn shame audiences never paid as much attention to it as they did Seinfeld or Friends. Not to discredit those shows, I think they kick ass. But Frasier was always kind of under them at NBC.

    The writers at Frasier were fantastic at depicting the neurotic Crane brothers of Frasier and Niles. Martin, played by John Mahoney, was great too. The three of them together in a scene could just really wow me.

    I always felt that, and this might just be my personal opinion, that the other characters on the show were not quite as well done. Daphne and Roz could get annoying at times. Bulldog became and outright cliche during some episodes. Not that these actors didn't do a good job. But the material was never as good for them. If the Daphne and Roz characters could be as engrossing as Niles or Frasier, I think this show could have been up there with Seinfeld or Cheers. But it was still one of the best sitcoms of the 1990s.

    One of the better things about the show's first few seasons was Niles' crush on Daphne. But it was sort of futile. Sooner or later, they'd have to do something about it because by the 6th season, it was getting kind of tired. So Daphne and Niles got together. After that, the show lost one of its major comedic mechanisms. Had less dimension to it. But to be fair, Daphne and Niles not getting together might have been worse--probably would have bummed a large portion of the audience out. I never thought Niles and Daphne made that great of a couple although the actors did the best they could.

    Coming into the 8th season or so, Frasier fell out of whack. Either the show wouldn't be that funny or Frasier would have to totally become a parody of himself to get the laughs to come across. Either way the ball rolled that week, Frasier began to feel very much like: "been there, done that" coming into the 21st century.

    By the time the excellent series finale aired, I think most people had already said their goodbyes to Frasier. And coming off the air the same year as Friends meant the show got even less media coverage than it would have already.

    The show is being released on DVD a lot now and it's still in syndication so check it out.
  • Frasier is about a psychologist who moves across country to start a new job on the radio and a new life after his divorce. A spin-off of the popular sitcom Cheers, the show stars Kelsey Grammer as one of the longest-running characters is TV history.

    Upscale and witty best describe the comedy of errors that is Frasier. Mostly character-driven humor with some zingers thrown in as well, Frasier is the story of a divorced psycho-therapist who has an advice show on talk radio. While his workplace serves up a few notable characters, mostly his morality-challenged producer Roz, the best laughs come when Frasier's blue collar father Martin puts his sons in their place.

    Fraiser and brother Niles are consumed by the finer things in life like art, opera, and fine wine. But give Dad a beer and a sporting event on TV and he's a happy camper. To make for more conflict, Martin, injured while on duty as a police officer, has come to live with Frasier and brought his sassy English PT Daphne along.

    Many of the shows laughs in the first years come from Niles worshiping Daphne from afar, even though he is married. And, Frasier and Niles are forever playing one-upsmanship, particularly when it comes to gaining the affection of their father.

    One example of the fine writing on this show is Frasier, Niles and Martin are trying to bond while putting together a model ship. Instead of enjoying the shared activity, the boys turn it into an argument over what classification the ship belongs in, much to Dad's irritation. When one of them asks what a Frigate is, Dad replies it's when you just don't care anymore and storms out. Frasier and Niles exchange a bewildered look and press on.

    Excellent writing and perfect casting put this show among the top sitcoms of all times.
  • a great show

    this is one of those sucseful sit-coms because it is actually funny. and i have neevr seen a posh american like frasier. this is a good watch but some episodes vary some episodes can be great others can be a bit dul and boring but it is a good show. the acotrs are good but i dont really like the palces its filmed because there is not much different sets its always just frasiers apartment or his office or the driving uin a car but its not really ont he road or somwhere outside frasiers apartment block just in fron of it and that was onyl onece. but alltogether htis is a funny and well put together sit-com.
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