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  • Sophisticated Comedy

    This show is by far one of the greatest sitcoms in Television history. What I like most about it is that is is funny without using slapstick comedy or cheap jokes to make you laugh like most other sitcoms do. I was young when Fraiser started so I did not watch until reruns but I watch them all the time of Lifetime and I have seen many of the episodes more than once. This show will definately be a classice and the only downside is that after Cheers and Fraiser Kelsey Grammer will never successfully be able to play another character.
  • One of the greatest television shows of all time- a must see for anyone who has ever watched TV.

    Frasier is a spin-off of the show Cheers- and I can certainly imagine that some would stop right there. My advice to those who would- look past it. Frasier is one of the greatest, and perhaps one of the most underrated, television shows of all time. Starring Frasier Crane- a psychiatrist who has pretty much no luck with women, Niles Crane- another psychiatrist, brother to Frasier, who is married to a horrible but never-shown Maris for half the series before finally breaking up with her and marrying the person he has been madly in love with for the whole show, the British Daphne Moon, his father Martin's personal caretaker.

    Frasier is one of the longest running sitcoms of all time, and with good reason. It hits almost every note, and has few episodes at all that could be considered even below average; most shows aren't as good as one of them. The characters all work perfectly- Frasier and Niles being typical, competitive brothers, Martin being the sane and sarcastic father who acts as a perfect foil to them, Roz's constantly-mentioned sex life ("Even the best birth control only works 99 out of 100 times- I can't beat those odds!")... even the dog is a good actor, really- his relationship with Frasier almost always brings a laugh when it is brought up.

    It remains a splendid show throughout its run; even in its final season, Frasier still managed to bring amazing episodes such as "The Doctor is Out" and "Boo!". If you have not seen this show, I don't think you belong on this website. Go ahead, pick any episode- you can't lose. This is one of few shows where I can say I enjoyed every episode- and for a show with almost 300 of them, that's no easy feat to accomplish.
  • A classic.

    In the 11 years that it aired, "Fraiser" became one of the most loved sitcoms of my life. I never watched "Cheers" and didn't had the basis for this character, but I don't think that it even matters. For 11 seasons, I laughed to these people that were so complex yet so funny.

    I won't talk about every actor now, because they were all amazing in their roles. I didn't find anything lacking, to be real. Frasier was amazing with his "holier-than-thou" attitude, and in pair with his brother Niles they were just hilarious. Each of their escapades in the world of quality wine, theater or opera was too funny for words. To bring in the balance, their father represented the world of "ordinary" people. The constant clashing between the three provided so many wonderful scenes that I can't even count.

    Along with them was quirky cleaning lady Daphne whos stories were legendary; and Frasier's producer Roz, with her sexual happenings. Really, just thinking about all of these characters brings a smile to my face.

    I loved the development of the show, with Niles "secretly" loving Daphne up to a point where it hurt, to Daphne being completely oblivious, to Frasier's radio station filled with crazy characters, and even Martin's dog Eddie.

    I do agree that the show lost some of its originality after season 7, but there was never an episode that I hated, nor did the show lose credit in my mind because of it. This is truly an original show, and will revisit it sometime in the future.
  • Absolutely Genius!!

    I was out of country when the series was showing so I didn't get to watch at the time of airing. I started watching in 2002 and have collected ALL seasons on DVD. I have watched them hundreds of times since and am watching as I write. (Niles is trying to fly the kite...) The writing is absolutely genius. Frasier just cant win for losing in just about everything he does and the constant competition between him and Niles promises hilarious outcomes. Daphne's psychic ability and Martin's impersonation of her English accent is sure to entertain. Another genius idea: Maris. Completely allowed the viewer to see her "their" way. The numerous stars of today are seen in their in their debuts. Teri Hatcher, Teri Polo, Marsha Mason, Sela Ward, Jean Smart, Dr. Phil, Anthony Lapaglia (Without a Trace), Shannon Tweed (Honey Snow), Laura Linney, and a long list of others. As a matter of fact, even Cuddy, Lisa Edelstein(from House) was on the show and is recommended to all House fans. My favorites episodes are: Niles and Daphne dancing the Tango, the cabin (total vaudeville) with Nguy, the French chef and skier, Frasier trying to help Bebe quit smoking so she can marry Big Willie - love when she explains why she loves to smoke - classic.
  • Love it!

    I am absolutely IN LOVE with this show! Whenever I watch an episode and I'm upset, I always end up forgetting about what I was upset about in the first place. I especially love the Niles/Daphne relationship. It makes my day. :)

    I write fan fiction for this show and the ideas just keep on coming! I always smile uncontrollably when I watch it and I want it to come back! But at least we had eleven seasons of it, so I can't complain! Just AMAZING. It's a classic! My favourite episode is 'Something borrowed, something blue.' It just goes above and beyond! Dannii xoxo
  • Frasier was a great show! It was a spinoff from the show Cheers in which Frasier Crane has become a radio psychiatrist in Seattle, WA. The show centers around Frasier and his family and co workers.

    Frasier was a great show! It was a spinoff from the show Cheers in which Frasier Crane has become a radio psychiatrist in Seattle, WA. The show centers around Frasier and his family and co workers. Frasier's father shares the modern high rise apartment with Frasier while he is in rehab from an accident he received while doing his job as a policeman. He gets a live-in caretaker, Daphne, who becomes Frasier's brother, Niles, eventually develops feelings for. This show was always funny because Frasier and Niles are complete social snobs and always try to save face and get into trouble doing it. Frasier's co worker, Ros, is also a great character on the show.
  • The ultimate spin-off show that sets the standard for any future character spin-offs. A strong character with a home life that presents many contradictions to Dr. Frasier's professional views. A competive relationship with his brother and completely diffe

    A Psychiatrist that was originally seen on the hugely successful "Cheers". Frasier's character then moved onto Seattle to host a talkback radio show (and the "Frasier" transition was complete). Frasier provides callers with brief psychiatric advice and some warm words so they can get along with their sad lives.

    With Frasier and his new found media success, he moves into an apartment building within the Seattle CBD and allows his injured ex-policeman father to move in after his brother was unable to house him due to his overbaring wife.

    The show provides the viewer with many interesting and compelling episodes. With Frasier and his brother (also a psychiatrist) often having arguments and petty disputes about things that would be thought insignificant. All relationships that Frasier has often go wrong and his knowledge of psychiatry questioned (usually by Frasier himself).

    Frasier's contradictions and relationships always deliver the viewer with a highly educated comedy and a source of great laughs based on his inability to express himself. All characters play roles that often see Frasier thinking he is "Right", but usually apologising due to being wrong or over exagerating.

    Overall, the show has everything that makes a comedy great. Strained family relationships, jealousy, self doubt and much, much more.

    Nowhere near enough time to talk about all the characters, just watch an episode and you will be hooked.
  • Arguably the best one of the best sitcoms ever and definitely the best spin-off.

    This show will be remembered as one of the few spin-offs to do well on its own, but it is so much more.With truly original characters and great writing this would be a favourite to many.Frasier, although some may say it went downhill from later seasons, was always at a very high standard of greatness.Nobody could say Frasier was bad television.Even though it may have gone slightly downhill, the last season was as entertaining as the very first ones and it was very sad to watch the characters that everyone had grown to love leave television for good.With spin-offs such as Joey coming out of a truly great show(very like Cheers and Frasier), we can only hope it follows along the lines of this amazing series.
  • "Frasier" #1 sitcom

    I enjoyed "Frasier" during its run on NBC and I continue to watch reruns on a local channel here in Cleveland nearly every night. I think it is excellently written and the characters are believeable, except perhaps for Niles taking 7 years to declare his love for Daphne. The adventures of the Drs. Crane and the fixes they get themselves into are tremendously funny. The actors playing Frasier, Niles, and Martin (Kelsey Grammar, David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney) excel in their roles as does Peri Gilpin (who played Frasier's producer Roz). I thought the characters Frasier and Roz were good together and I wonder why the writers did not make them a couple. An excellent show. I think Lifetime tv should move it up earlier in the evening, instead of having it on at midnight.
  • Hoperfully in the next few years to come viewer will hear the words "Frasier reunion". Please the world missies Frasier Crane.

    I love this TV show, and I try to watch it as much as possible! The humor is intelligent unlike some TV shows that have humor that is stupid and immature and predictable. You just have to laugh at all the situations that Niles and Frasier get into that could have been prevented in the first place if they weren't so concerned with appearances.
    Martin is funny as the dad who is clueless as to reasons why his sons won't embrace the ordinary life(and I want a chair as comfy as his). Long Live Frasier Crane. and the rest of the gang.
  • I am a huge Frasier fan, it's probably one of the best sitcoms of the 90's.Kelsey Grammar reprises his role as Frasier Crane from Cheers as a pompous psychiatrist who has to deal with a lot including his father, younger brother, and relationship issues.

    Great series, I was surprised to find out that it was Kelsey Grammar who sung the show's opening theme. Wow! He's pretty good, to be honest. Anyway about the series it follows the exploits of Frasier Crane (from Cheers) who moves back to Seattle to continue his life. As soon as he moves back, he has to contend with his equally pompous and bombastic brother(Niles Crane) played brilliantly by David Hyde Pierce and his working class father(Martin Crane) who is played by John Mahoney. The story goes like this Martin Crane was shot so he needs a hospice type service and his hospice is played by Jane Leeves as Daphne. Then there is of course Roz the producer of Frasier's show and along with a smart dog (Eddie). The series is probably one of the best sitcoms of all time which can be compared to being as good as Cheers.
  • Smart Comedy

    I love this show. It is the best spin-off ever and should act as a blueprint to future sitcoms. I only started to watch just before it finished and now I watch the repeats all the time. It has an incredibly high joke rate per episode and the gags range from slapstick to intelligent observations. The quality of acting is second to none and the characters are well-rounded and original. Set in the backdrop of Frasier Crane's move from Boston to Seattle to host a radio phone-in show. In my opinion the star of the show is Frasier's brother Niles, also a physchiatrist, and his unrequited love for Daphne the kooky English physio. This show quit while it was ahead but i think there were a couple more series left in it and its a shame it ended when it did. Maybe in the future we will meet up with Frasier Crane, Daphne, Niles, Martin and Roz. Fingers Crossed!!!
  • Such a delight

    I didn't think I was hooked on Frasier. I mean I was a Friends fan and only watch Frasier out of curiosity. I went on watching the show to the end of its run and surprisingly enough, I miss it more than I miss Friends!

    This show was cerebral, funny and heart-warming. I cursed at Frasier and cried when Daphne rejected Niles on the eve of her wedding. I jumped for joy after that!

    The actors, the writting, the chemistry, the concept all made this one of the smartest funniest shows on television. And the best series finale I've ever seen!

    They're still lucky that most people started watching because they knew Frasier from Cheers, otherwise I'm guessing it would've met the same fate as another extremely smart show, Arrested Development.

    This is one show where I'm hoping for a reunion.

    If you agree, let me know

    I'm listening...
  • Classic

    Frasier is a really, really, really, really, really funny show. It's wierd for me to like a show that dosen't use a lot of stupid humor, but this show is soo witty it's unbelievable. I don't know how the writers do it, but it seems like every witty remark and ironic mishap just comes out as utterly histerical. This show is incredible, and is without a dought the best spin-off of all-time. I've never watched Cheers before, but after seeing this show I will definently check it out as soon as I can possibly do so. That's it, 'nuff said
  • Great all round show

    This is such a wonderful show I am unsure where to begin. I love a show that brings realistic problems and situations to the surface and adds a hilarious and witty twist to the plot. The chemistry between the characters is amazing and the storylines are awsome. Frasier and his brother Niles have made the profession of phsyciatry no longer a boring topic. The antics of those two along with their father, Martin and their father's live in Physical Therapist, Daphne Moon mix to make a funny, no-holds-barred look at the Seattle highlife. I would suggest this show to anyone looking for a good laugh.
  • bring it back i like that show why did they cancelled it for.

    why did they cancelled it for it was a great show i like it. I want that show back can they bring it back for the season 12 please. i like martin fraiser he is funny to watch are they bring it back tell me please it was funny and good everybody like it that watch it. I like the cast did anybody die. Fraiser is the most sitcom. they won an emmy, golden globes, other. they should have more season i m i right. they have the highest rating in show dont you know that of all the season.
  • Went on way too long -Mr Bean crossed with Sex and the City.

    The earlier seasons were very good but by season 5 -it is almost a different show.

    The massive drop in quality is most obvious when you marathon the series, it degenerates from cutting quips and witty remarks to episodic gimmicks and 'wackiness' -all the while shrouded in an air of "sophistication" which comes off as cheap pretension.

    It went from a show about a middle aged man dealing with a new city, a new job and new relationships with his family -to a show about a surprisingly famous middle aged man who when not bedding super models and 'swimsuit model and sophisticated scholar' hybrids, is getting himself involved in a whole lot of wacky hijinks by doing some of the most moronic 'worst than Mr Bean' things possible.

    I would certainly have some very harsh words for Charles Douglass (the creator of laugh tracks) if he were still alive, he should be punished for the enormous amount of unfunny that he has helped make it on screen.
  • hidden affair

    i really surprisingly laugh and enjoy a show for the 3 time. that's rare. the other 2 are Archie and Raymond
  • My New Favorite Show

    I absolutely LOVE Frasier. It is very difficult to turn off, so I suggest if you're going to watch it, make sure that you have your whole afternoon free. :) My personal favorite character is Dr. Niles Crane, played by David Hyde Pierce. However, the whole cast of Frasier together make for comedy genius and I hope that there is a Frasier reunion in the works (aside from the slight reunion in The Simpsons Season 19 episode "Funeral For A Fiend" with Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney as Sideshow Bob, Sideshow Bob's brother Cecil, and Bob and Cecil's Father, respectively)
    On a related note, does anyone know if you can still get Frasier-themed merchandise in Seattle?
  • One of my favourite!

    This show has got to be one of the most must-see shows ever. I like Frasier mostly because it is about two highly educated brother who fortunately, still is childish. Even though they use quite "high words", it is still understandable and is full of laughs. I mean, the jokes keep coming on and on. I like how the relationship between the sons and the father goes out. Also how both brothers battle against each other to find who is more smarter. It's lively and cheerful and I give this a 10 because it has stayed to its core till its end (unlike some other shows which stray away from the base). I recommend this show to adults who are intelligent.
  • One of my favorite sitcoms.

    Frasier is a good show. I watch it every night it comes on Lifetime. I admit it! I'm a man, and I watch Lifetime. I love their sitcoms. I love to laugh. Frasier is a show I grew up watching. My parents loved the show, and I would come in and sit with them while they watched it. I got into this show very quickly. The characters are funny. The series tells a powerful story. I loved most of the episodes, especially the finale. I'm just sorry it ended, but all good shows musst come to an end sometime. This show lasted for 11 years, and that's something the creators should be very proud of.
  • A perfect throwback to the proper Sit-Com.

    "Frasier" married the perfect fusion of superior acting and masterful scriptwriting. While the situations were familiar, the acting took classic concepts to greater levels. Never have sophisticated words been combined with such sophomoric situations. The inflection of Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce were tailored to each other. These two were clearly the best duo in Sit-com history. The rest of the cast has their peaks and valleys. Peri Gilpin as "Roz" is more of a generic character that kind of gets stuck in development. Actually, all of the cast were pretty much stuck in their roles which proves how good the writing was. A true "Situation" Comedy.
  • Frasier is one of the best written comedies of all time. Its intellectual and eloquent humour remains unchallenged to this day.

    The nineties gave birth to some of our most beloved and successful sitcoms on television. Frasier stood proudly as one of the most popular shows of this period, next to such respectable names as Seinfeld, Friends, and Everybody Loves Raymond. Its setting was a spin off from the well received Cheers, another comedy which had just ended. The character with only a minor role plucked from the show and sent into the solo ring was Frasier, a newly divorced father who had moved from Boston to live in Seattle with his father. His job was a radio psychiatrist, and his brother and maid eventually became regulars. Most of the humour revolved around higher class versus lower class confrontation and differences. This divide was mainly between Frasier, Niles and their father, who are completely the opposite personalities. Many failed romances were the focus of the cast as they all seek to find true love but seemed to never achieve. This gave birth to one of the most famous anticipations in television, will they or won't they? - referring to Niles and his unaware love of his life Daphne who also happened to be his father's health-care worker. Add all that to the stress of living under one apartment makes for some great entertainment. For those who enjoy intelligent and clean humour, are mature and can tolerate a few painful episodes will not be disappointed by the best this series has to offer.
  • Frasier finds himself trapped in a personal inner psycological battle when he finds himself confronted with people from his past. A story which was told in confidence to a friend is released without consent as a best seller and Frasier becomes insensed.

    Slow Tango In South Seattle: Episode One of Season 2
    This episode is about a book, an author and a story told in confidence. Every woman seems to be reading a book called Slow Tango In Soth Seattle. Thomas J Fallow was a friend of Frasier. During their younger years, Frasier entrusted Tom with a story in confidence. Frasier discovers that this book everybody is reading is about a story of his first intimate experience with a woman, and not just any woman, his piano teacher Miss Warner. There is only one problem, Tom forgot that Frasier had told him the story and he left him out of the acknowledgements. Frasier confronts the man during a station break while Tom was at the station speaking about his book. Frasier makes Tom cry with remorse and Tom acknowledged the big debt he owes Frasier. Frasier, however still feels unsatisfied. It is discovered that Frasier is angry not only at Tom but at himself for running out on his Piano teacher without a goodbye or a kiss. Frasier went to confront Ms Warner and found that she accepted his apology and was just as apologetic for short changing him on his piano lessons. A somewhat healing end for all three parties (Tom, Ms Warner and Frasier).
  • "Frasier" has to be on of the most funniest shows on television!!

    "Frasier" has to be on of the most funniest shows on television!! "Frasier" is all about this man, Dr. Frasier Crane who is a radio "shrink". He lives with his father, Martin Crane, and his dad's physical therpist, Daphne Moon. His brother, Niles Crane, is also a "shrink". Niles is married to a women named Maris, whom you never saw. The twist with Niles is that he is in love with Daphne. Well, during the middle of the show, Niles and Maris get divorced. Then, Niles meets this doctor named Mel. Mel, whom a "weird" women, and Niles get married. The marrage lasts for two days, at that time, Daphne is also planning to get married to a man named Donny. Daphne never marries him. Niles and Daphne get together, have a kid and live a perfectly, happy life. The last character is Roz Doyle, a man hungry women, who is Fraiser's Assisstant. This is one funny show that you have got to watch!!
  • Frasier was one of a kind and one if not the greatest Sitcom ever brought to our screens.

    It ran for 11 years and created 11 seasons totalling 265 episodes, earned a total of 37 Emmys plus numerous other accolades, but who would have thought an insecure and pompous psychiatrist who had a part in another well know TV comedy called Cheers could cause such a massive success of a spin-off TV series that was Frasier, if you’ve ever watched the ‘ A Night with Frasier Crane ’ documentary David Lloyd one of the writers did say they had only pencilled in 1 or 2 series as they didn’t know if it would take off and if die-hard Cheers fans would accept a new series with an old recognisable face but as we all know that was all history.

    I first started watching Frasier when I caught the episode entitled The Innkeepers ( season 2 ep 23 which is probably the best episode ever ) i was hooked instantly and never missed an episode, at one time had all 11 seasons on video but like with everything they were either lost or recorded over, thank goodness for DVD.

    Frasier was with me for 11 years, I loved every character, every episode and i wish they would bring it back ………… Frasier RIP.
  • One of the funniest shows you will ever see.

    This show was a spin-off to the ever popular Cheers. From Cheers it took the major character of Dr. Frasier Crane and turned him into the main character of this show. Cheers was a great show, but is nothing in comparison to the perfection of Frasier. The show revolves around Frasier and his family (brother Niles and father Martin), as well as Martin's physical therapist Daphne Moon and the producer of Frasier's radio show, Roz Doyle.

    This show, despite running for eleven full seasons, never really lost its touch in comic timing and delivery, and is probably the most consistently funny comedy that you will find on television, with only around 3-5 episodes a season below near perfection. The Crane family, over the years, really becomes an extension on your own family, and you can't help but feel emotional in the final epiosde where you know that they are making their final farewells.

    This show is a classic and I would thoroughly reccommend it to anyone. I just wish that the show was still running.
  • Brilliant. What more can I or anyone else say?

    I was in Iraq with nothing to purhase at the PX. So I took a chance on Frasier season 1. I instantly found this classic to be very funny and show me that you can be on top of the world and still have quirks. I was very sad to find out that halfway through my deployment that Frasier said "goodnight seattle". When I deploy again I will take season 1 -7 and will purchase them all until I have a complete collection. I will probaly be on my 4th or 5th deployment and still dragging these classics along.
  • so much has happened on frasier over the 10 seasons it was on tv. it was one of a kind and so witty. the characters were unique and the plot included character development and enough time for things to go wrong.

    Frasier was truly THE smartest show on television. i loved the characters! you felt for them, and you cried when they cried and laughed so hard at their antics. the dialouge was witty and clever and so well written. absolutely nothing could compare. phenomenally written, produced and acted. one of my favorite moments was when Frasier set up a "first date" for NIles and Daphne on the roof of their building after being blamed for all the choas. the crane brothers made you laugh every time. the only character better was their father, martin.
    if you havent seen this show, i urge you watch it. it's absoltuely fabulous. there is 10 seasons and all of them great. the last seasons are more edgy and have more happening in them i think, versus the beginning episodes when Niles wasn't with Daphne yet. one of my favorite frasier quotes was when he spends the night with his ex wife when they both had blind dates (unknowingly with each other) and both cancelled on their dates (each other) to spend time together. they knew nothing was goign to come out of their time spent together but they were comfortable with each other and have a different kind of love between them. as frasier was leaving he says to his ex-wife: with one hand history pushes your forward and with the other hand it holds you back.
    sighs! i love this show! watch it!
  • The ULTIMATE Spin-off

    This show is the ULTIMATE spin-off show - in fact it's the ultimate sitcom. It's witty and intelligent, it's hilarious and it has David Hyde Pierce. What more could you want?

    Frasier is quite possibly my favourite sitcom *ever* - the humour is always light and witty, the actors are brilliant and the storylines are perfect.

    I am particularly in love with Niles, who is even more high maintenance than his older brother Frasier. David Hyde Pierce does an incredible job with Niles - he's just too funny. The relationship between the two brothers is perfect - hilarious because the two are so snobbish and uptight.

    In 'Cheers', I wouldn't have said that Frasier was the best character at all, but the spin-off proved how brilliant Frasier really is. Kelsey Grammar is great (especially with Eddie the dog =p)

    I also love Martin's character - John Mahoney is brilliant as the Father of Fraiser and Niles who, more than anything, wishes he had two normal sons, rather than the opera-loving, uptight sons that he has. The conflict between Frasier and Martin is brilliant (and so entertaining).

    One of the best shows around!!
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