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  • One of the greatest television shows of all time- a must see for anyone who has ever watched TV.

    Frasier is a spin-off of the show Cheers- and I can certainly imagine that some would stop right there. My advice to those who would- look past it. Frasier is one of the greatest, and perhaps one of the most underrated, television shows of all time. Starring Frasier Crane- a psychiatrist who has pretty much no luck with women, Niles Crane- another psychiatrist, brother to Frasier, who is married to a horrible but never-shown Maris for half the series before finally breaking up with her and marrying the person he has been madly in love with for the whole show, the British Daphne Moon, his father Martin's personal caretaker.

    Frasier is one of the longest running sitcoms of all time, and with good reason. It hits almost every note, and has few episodes at all that could be considered even below average; most shows aren't as good as one of them. The characters all work perfectly- Frasier and Niles being typical, competitive brothers, Martin being the sane and sarcastic father who acts as a perfect foil to them, Roz's constantly-mentioned sex life ("Even the best birth control only works 99 out of 100 times- I can't beat those odds!")... even the dog is a good actor, really- his relationship with Frasier almost always brings a laugh when it is brought up.

    It remains a splendid show throughout its run; even in its final season, Frasier still managed to bring amazing episodes such as "The Doctor is Out" and "Boo!". If you have not seen this show, I don't think you belong on this website. Go ahead, pick any episode- you can't lose. This is one of few shows where I can say I enjoyed every episode- and for a show with almost 300 of them, that's no easy feat to accomplish.