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  • A classic.

    In the 11 years that it aired, "Fraiser" became one of the most loved sitcoms of my life. I never watched "Cheers" and didn't had the basis for this character, but I don't think that it even matters. For 11 seasons, I laughed to these people that were so complex yet so funny.

    I won't talk about every actor now, because they were all amazing in their roles. I didn't find anything lacking, to be real. Frasier was amazing with his "holier-than-thou" attitude, and in pair with his brother Niles they were just hilarious. Each of their escapades in the world of quality wine, theater or opera was too funny for words. To bring in the balance, their father represented the world of "ordinary" people. The constant clashing between the three provided so many wonderful scenes that I can't even count.

    Along with them was quirky cleaning lady Daphne whos stories were legendary; and Frasier's producer Roz, with her sexual happenings. Really, just thinking about all of these characters brings a smile to my face.

    I loved the development of the show, with Niles "secretly" loving Daphne up to a point where it hurt, to Daphne being completely oblivious, to Frasier's radio station filled with crazy characters, and even Martin's dog Eddie.

    I do agree that the show lost some of its originality after season 7, but there was never an episode that I hated, nor did the show lose credit in my mind because of it. This is truly an original show, and will revisit it sometime in the future.