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    Frasier is a great show. Frasier Crane wasn't the most entertaining or popular character from Cheers, and thinking back of things like The Tortellis and the cast of Cheers, Frasier appeared to have the least potential for a spin off series. But fortunately, brilliant writing gave the character a whole new life and for most of the nineties, I am eternally grateful for the Frasier-Cheers-Seinfeld triumvirate that easily outshines most of the shows on TV in the subsequent years.

    Frasier was not without it's faults and retcons, in particular Martin being described in Cheers as a Scientist and dead, as well as Nancy Marchand guest starring as Hester Crane back in the 80's. The stand out for me, was always Niles. Niles was quite simply brilliant. His psychosomatic illnesses, phobias, his elitism, and his bizarre wives and just the way Niles saw the world was great.

    Although the show lacked the freshness towards the later years, and the Daphne-Niles will they/won't they came to a predictable conclusion, Characters like Gertrude Moon and Kirby long outstayed their unfunny welcomes.

    Frasier itself could've been better in a number of different ways, but without it, TV in the 90's would never be the same. Echoes of not dumbing down to an audience can still be found in TV today, and though Frasier neither invented high brow comedy, nor got too slapsticky it was a brilliant blend of comedy and culture, especially going against the everyman type characters that are prominent in TV shows at the time.
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