Season 10 Episode 18

Roe to Perdition

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Frasier and Niles go to the market in search of food for an upcoming dinner party. They are pleased to discover a supply of caviar, but consider the $100-per-ounce price outlandish. A man approaches and tells them that the Russian mafia is controlling the caviar market. However, he has his own supply from his cousin's fishing boat, and is willing to sell to them for $40 an ounce. The Cranes' party guests rave about the caviar, and offer Frasier and Niles invitations to exclusive parties and other social favors in exchange for more caviar. They enjoy the benefits of this arrangement for a while, but Petyr soon tells them that he can no longer be their supplier because he fears that the Russian mafia will discover what he is doing. Roz becomes addicted to caviar, and goes through withdrawal when the Cranes can no longer help her out. Frasier and Niles learn that there is not enough caviar in all of Seattle to cover what they owe their acquaintances. They wind up heading to Petyr's cousin's boat to cut a deal with the suppliers--only to have U.S. Customs show up. Meanwhile, Martin accidentally receives an extra forty dollars from an ATM. Daphne insists that he must return the money or risk bad karma. Martin tries to obey her wishes, but the bank constantly gives him the run-around. The bank becomes confused and keeps giving him more money instead of taking back the forty dollars. When Martin again attempts to return the money, an overzealous security guard believes he is robbing the bank and pulls a gun on him. The bank apologizes for the inconvenience--and winds up giving him $10,000 for his trouble!