Season 10 Episode 18

Roe to Perdition

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2003 on NBC

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  • Frasier and Niles buy caviar on the black market.

    Nile and Frasier plan on buying Beluga caviar, but its costs $100 an ounce, a fisherman named Peter tells them he has good beluga caviar at a cheap price.

    Of course at first they think it’s a scheme, but Peter is true to his word, and the caviar is such a hit that Roz becomes addicted to it and everybody wants some.

    Peter tells then that it’s becoming too dangerous to sell the caviar, so he gives them a last batch and disappears, desperate to fill their order and hide it from Roz, they find the ship that Peter came in on a buy 5 pounds of it for 80.00.

    I never knew people could become obsessed with that stuff, but I figured Niles and Frasier would like it.
  • Caviar.

    A storyline that I would have otherwise thought to be silly has turned out into a hilarious episode that I won't forget. Frasier and Niles were funny as they sold caviar from a questionable source all in exchange for entering their friends' circle. The scene where the guys try to buy the last batch of caviar was too funny for words, especially when the guys think that they are being busted for it and they proceed to eat it.

    Roz, in the meantime, was even more hilarious with the guys when she got hooked on caviar with everything. The actress did great portraying her scenes. Also, the second storyline, with Marty trying to return the money to the bank, was also too funny for words. It goes to show how complicated banks can be. The ending scene where Martin got $10,000 and Daphne asked if she can create an account was probably my favorite line in the entire episode.