Season 9 Episode 6

Room Full of Heroes

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2001 on NBC

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  • Old Man Crane hosts a Halloween party....

    In the spirit of the Halloween season, Frasier hosts a party where everyone is supposed to show up dressed as their hero. Frasier makes himself up as Sigmund Freud, Martin dresses up as Joe DiMaggio, Roz dons a Wonder Woman costume ("I'm not even sure you can do that to the flag!"), Daphne goes as Elton John, and Niles dresses up as Martin - which drives Frasier crazy right away and Martin crazy later on.

    "Room Full Of Heroes" is one of the better episodes of the ninth season of Frasier - the holiday-themed Frasiersodes usually are. What's not to like? Frasier has plenty to chew on in this episode - no one wants to play his original Halloween game, Niles is driving him mad with envy, and he discovers that all the children in the building are afraid of him, thinking he will eat their brains and dubbing him "Old Man Crane" (which inspires a funny little limerick). Plus, Daphne does an odd impersonation of Elton John, Roz dresses up as Wonder Woman, Niles and Martin do a couple of hilarious mirror image gags, and, in traditional Frasier style, just when you think the episode is all laughs it batters you with some character drama.