Season 5 Episode 21

Roz and the Schnoz

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 05, 1998 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • It is apparently 5 years since Daphne moved in with the Cranes and started working for them. She moves in in September 1993. It is May 1998 in this episode--a few months short of 5 years.

      It is of additional interest to note that Roz discovered she was pregnant last Halloween and if this is supposed to be Daphne's anniversary (September), Roz should have given birth by now. It seems that broadcast dates can't be applied to "Frasier time" too rigorously.

    • After Frasier hangs up on Marco, how does he know the phone number of the Garretts (the parents of Rick, the father of Roz' baby)?

  • Quotes

    • (trying to convince Frasier to come to the dog show)
      Niles: I've never missed the Kennel Club Show. If I don't go this year, people will think I've let Maris and Shenkman intimidate me. I want to prove that I'm strong and independant...and I can't do that alone.

    • Roz: Now I'm supposed to put up with in-laws and I don't even have a husband?! That's like posing nude for your art teacher and still flunking the course. (Notices Frasier's shocked look) Shut up! I needed the credits!

    • Mrs. Garrett: Do you mind if I ask? Is this homemade or store-bought?
      Mr. Garrett: Ay, Honey, don't ask that. (to Frasier) Pardon my wife. Sometimes she gets a little nosy.
      (Frasier shows signs of wanting to laugh)
      Mrs. Garrett: Me Nosy? You're the nosy one in the family.
      (Frasier's need to laugh grows)
      Mr. Garrett: Anyone who knows you knows you're nosy.
      Mrs. Garrett: Anyone who knows you knows you're nosier.
      (Frasier walks away in to the kitchen)
      Martin: (knowing Frasier wants to laugh, and why) Something wrong Fras?
      (Frasier burst into laughter)

    • (Frasier has just given Daphne earrings he bought at the drug store)
      Daphne: Oh my God, sapphires!
      Frasier: Well actually Daphne...
      Daphne: (interrupting) Oh Dr. Crane, these must have cost a fortune.
      Frasier: Well, eh...
      Daphne: You know my friend Moni got a diamond bracelet from her boss, but she worked for him for ten years. And she was sleeping with him. And now... I've got sapphires, and I didn't even have to sleep with you, although now that I've got the sapphires... Oh God, what am I saying. I'm giddy. Is it rude if I go and try these on... (running off to her room) I don't care I have to see what the look like. I've never had real jewelry, never. I'm speechless.
      Frasier: Dear God. She believes they're genuine sapphires.
      Martin: Gee, you think!

    • Steve: Mmmm! What's that I smell?
      Martin: Probably Japan.

    • (Talking about meeting Rick's parents)
      Roz: Now I know all the wonderful qualities my baby will have. A sunny disposition, a great sense of humor...a nose like an ANT-EATER!

    • Paula: Oh, Steve and I went to that Kennel Club a year back. We love dogs. We have two giant Schnauzers.

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