Season 4 Episode 17

Roz's Turn

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 1997 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When taping the sample show, Niles points the microphone at Roz and then turns it to Frasier. In the next close up shot, the microphone is pointed back at Roz.

  • Quotes

    • Martin: Well you haven't exactly been burning it up in the romance department either
      Daphne: What do you know about my love life?
      (Niles presses play on the tape recorder of Roz' mock show)
      Daphne: (on recorder) I was lying in bed wearing a whipped-cream teddy.

    • Niles: It's a charity ball. And when I say "invited", I mean she let me buy a table for ten at $5000. I have until Sunday to sell eight $500 tickets.
      Frasier: Say no more. It's a bit steep, but if it's for charity. (Frasier gets his cheque book from his desk drawer)
      Niles: Thank you, Frasier. It is a very worth cause.
      Frasier: All Right. Well, who should I make this out to?
      Niles: Ah, the Esmerelda...Bing...International...Doll Museum.
      Frasier: (stops writing the cheque) You do have a problem.
      Niles: I thought you prided yourself on supporting the arts.
      Frasier: The arts Niles, not the Crafts!

    • Roz: (discussing Frasier's agent Bebe Glazer) I've never had an agent. It's not like she worships the devil...
      Frasier: (excitedly) Well she doesn't have to. He worships her!

    • (After Daphne implies that Martin may hurt himself having sex)
      Martin: Don't you worry about me. I may look old, but I can still run the bases.
      (opens the door and nearly runs into Roz)
      Martin: Oh, hi Roz!
      Niles: Oh look, a scout from the major leagues.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The title for the second act of this episode is "Any port manteau in a storm". A portmanteau is the joining of two words and their meanings into a single word such as "smoke" and "fog" becoming "smog". The term is derived from the portmanteau steamer trunk which is made up of two separate compartments. The title, therefore, rewords the phrase "Any port in a storm" to form a self-referential, very Frasier-like pun.

    • Episode Title: Roz's Turn

      The title for this episode refers to the song "Rose's Turn," the finale of the classic musical Gypsy.