Season 11 Episode 10

Seabee Jeebies

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2003 on NBC

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  • What a fantasy world

    The rare episode in this brilliant series that struck a wrong note. There are some funny moments for sure (Roz accepting the award on someone else's behalf, for example) and the Frasier and Niles' brotherly rivalry is always a treat but the problem was that the premise felt so incredibly false. In this episode, Frasier becomes jealous of his brother because Niles has become a celebrity with a packed schedule full of rich and powerful friends. Some of my favorite moments on this show involve Frasier and Niles being jealous of each other and trying to one-up each other. But there's usually good reasons for their rivalry. The writers were really reaching though when they came up with an excuse to fuel the rivalry in this episode. You see, the reason Niles became a celebrity in this episode was because his ex-wife Maris was in prison facing murder charges. What?! Apparently, the characters of "Frasier" live in a fantasy world where Bill Gates would want to associate with the ex-husband of a murder suspect! I was already having a hard time believing that the murder case would become a sensation of OJ Simpson proportions in the first place but to have Niles become a celebrity off of it was simply stretching it. Not only that but Niles had lunch with Maris before she killed her lover and he even provided the weapon she murdered him with, wouldn't he be considered an accomplice? Even if the investigation cleared him of any wrong doing, the media would surely cast a negative light on him. They'd make him look bad not turn him into the kind of person that the rich and famous would want to invite to a lavish dinner party. And even if the media didn't turn on him, would anyone really care about the ex-husband of a murder suspect that much? I just had a really hard time getting past the absurd concept of this episode to really enjoy it. Plus, to top it off, Roz's annoying, hysterical sister didn't really do much except get under my skin. It's not a terrible episode, like I said you'll still get some good laughs, but you just expect better from the writers of this show.