Season 8 Episode 21

Semi-Decent Proposal (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 15, 2001 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Frasier is talking with Claire in the electronics store amidst the DVD organizers, a wedding band on his left hand disappears and reappears several times in between shots.

    • Daphne refers to "a youthful indiscretion" wherein she stole a teddy bear from the shops. By the time her story is done, she comes off sounding more like a saint than a sinner. In Season Eleven's "High Holidays", however, we get an entirely different picture. She says that as a teenager she was into (among other things) shoplifting - to the extent that she can carry a frozen turkey between her knees.

    • When Frasier mentions him, Claire says that she loves Kierkegaard. Søren Aabye Kierkegaard was a 19th century Danish philosopher and theologian, generally recognized as the first existentialist philosopher.

    • Frasier did not speak German as of "An Affair to Forget".
      Perhaps he has learned since then, or that earlier episode was simply
      inconsistent – since it is virtually required that any serious student
      of Freud should read him in the original German.

  • Quotes

    • Kirby: I don't have a pen. But just tell me, I'll remember it.
      Lana: Oh yeah, yeah, that's gotten you far. (they look at her) GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GET A PEN!!!

    • Frasier: Well, it's getting late.
      Lana: It's 9:30! Let's face it, I drove them all off. Even I'm sick of hearing me complain about Bob.

    • Daphne: Oh, well, um, mine's also a youthful indiscretion. I stole a teddy bear from the shops.
      Roz: Then what?
      Daphne: Well, I felt guilty, so I told my parents and we brought it back. Then as a penance, I... volunteered to work at the orphanage after school.
      Roz: What the hell was that?! I'd put that story on my resume! Come on, Martin, you've got to have something! Shock me!
      Martin: Oh, I don't know, it's kind of personal.
      Roz: That's what we're looking for.
      Martin: Well, all right, but it doesn't leave this room: every time I watch "The Sound of Music"... I cry. And I don't mean a single manly tear. I mean real blubbering, girl-style. The nuns... those kids... that lonely goatherd.
      Roz: These are your deep, dark secrets? This is baby stuff! "Ooh, I dropped my ice cream and I ate it!"

    • Niles: OK, I'll go first. Oh, let's see - all right, well, Daphne, you might as well make your acquaintance with my dark side. In fifth grade, there was a bully, Jack Winfield, who was bothering a lot of the girls, so one day I waited for him outside of school and gave him a sound thumping.
      Martin: Wasn't that the kid with rickets?
      Niles: Rickets and a smart mouth.

    • Claire: Thanks for getting her here.
      Frasier: Well...
      Claire: How did you manage to keep it a secret?
      Frasier: Well, as a psychiatrist, discretion happens to be the cornerstone of my profession.
      Claire: Ah, of course. Mine too - I'm a family therapist.

    • Frasier: No! Listen: fifty of your friends are sitting in Bella Lucia right now, wearing party hats and waiting to yell, "Surprise!" Do you want to go or not?
      Lana: (happy) My friends are throwing me a surprise party?!
      Frasier: That's right.
      Lana: (Carrie) And you tell me and ruin it?!

    • Lana: I mean, I only accepted because it really sounded like you could really use a night out. I don't want some awkward scene where you try to get in my pants.
      Frasier: I assure you, there will be no such scene.
      Lana: Good. (pause) Unless of course I have too much to drink, (slightly manic laughter) and I change my mind!

    • Lana: I only say that because you went a little heavy on the cologne, and I don't want you to have any expectations.
      Frasier: I have nothing of the sort. And by the way, it's scented soap.

    • Roz: Hey, everybody. Am I too late?
      Martin: No, you're perfect. We're all hooked up and ready to go.
      Roz: Great. I brought "Caddyshack"! Who's funnier than that gopher?
      Daphne: Roger Rabbit, that's who-
      Martin: Hey, what about my movie, "The Longest Day"? It's got D-Day and the Duke!
      Niles: Whoa, that is an embarrassment of riches. Each movie more appealing than the last. Well, perhaps there's a happy compromise in "The Unbearable Lightness of Being." (holds it up)
      Roz: Well that would be a happy compromise, except for one thing: Boring!

    • Frasier: Well, I'm off to pick up Lana.
      Niles: You're oddly chipper about it.
      Frasier: Well, of course I am, Niles. The sooner I deliver her to the surprise party, the sooner I can cast my net of romance over a butterfly named Claire. You know, I've got a good feeling about this one.
      Niles: Oh Frasier, you always have a good feeling. You think it's going to be perfect, and then when she turns out not to be the Kierkergard-reading, soufflé-baking, haiku-writing cellist, you're disappointed. You have to learn to settle.
      Daphne: (looks at him) What does that mean?

    • Martin: What's the matter?
      Niles: Oh, Daphne punched me in her sleep last night. Honestly, she is the most aggressive sleeper I have ever known.
      Martin: Wow. You being a psychiatrist, you probably think she's acting out some form of repressed hostility towards you, huh?
      Niles: That was the furthest thing from my mind... until now.
      Martin: Oh, don't worry about it. Sounds to me like you guys are still finding your sleeping groove.

    • Clerk: Next.
      Lana: I don't give a rat's ass about your policy! Get me the manager!
      Frasier: Perhaps you could ask someone else.
      Claire: Come on, just ask her out as a friend. Once you're there, you can leave... (with unmistakable suggestiveness) Or stay.
      Lana: Are you calling me a liar?! (to the whole store) DON'T BUY ANYTHING HERE, THE SERVICE SUCKS!

    • Claire: Uh, Frasier, I-I wanted to ask you something. Saturday night, are you free?
      Frasier: Only with a coupon. (they laugh) What did you have in mind?
      Claire: Well, a bunch of us are throwing a surprise party for Lana, I was wondering if you could bring her.

    • Frasier: Mind them? I prefer them! In fact, I-I do speak a-a bit of German, so in this case they might actually be a distraction!
      Claire: Really?
      Frasier: Mmm.
      Claire: I speak German too.
      Niles: You know, if anyone's technologically challenged, it's you.
      Frasier: He's a bit defensive. (adds something in German)
      Claire: (responds in kind; they laugh)
      Niles: You thought your CD-ROM drive was a cup holder.
      (Claire, not wanting to get between them, walks off)
      Frasier: Thanks a lot! I was interested in her.
      Niles: Well, how was I supposed to know?
      Frasier: I was speaking German!
      Niles: Oh yes - the language of love!

    • Niles: (reading) What do you suppose "multi-angle capability" means?
      Frasier: (know-it-all) Well, it means that the remote control will respond from any angle.
      (The woman standing ahead of them (Claire) turns around)
      Claire: Not to intrude, but actually it means you can see a scene from different camera angles.
      Niles: Oh, thank you.
      Frasier: Oh, I-I was just, uh, teasing him. You see, my brother's technologically challenged.

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