Season 7 Episode 24

Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2000 on NBC

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  • The Truth is Out

    This two-part episode ranks among my favorite five of all Frasier episodes. After years of empathizing with Niles, and several episodes agonizing along with Daphne, to see their feelings for one another finally come out in the open is exhilerating. Best of all, the comedy never stops as one hilarious moment follows another in between the two lovers' declaration of their passion, as Frasier, Martin, Daphne's ill-mannered brothers, her meddling mother, and the two (unknowingly) jilted lovers of Daphne and Niles pop in and out of the room in sequence.

    One of the great characteristics of this episode is Frasier's portrayal, and the new light that we see him in as he's heartsick over his brother's elopement and Daphne's devastation. When Daphne and Niles dance together at the rehearsal, the camera pans to show Frasier sitting at a table observing them, and there's a real sense of the caring side of Frasier, as opposed to the brash and pompous self-centeredness we've come to know as defining him.

    Equally satisfying is knowing that their respective former love interests (the insensitive and toxic Mel, and the smarmy and unworthy Donny) are getting the boot.
    The one drawback to the episode and plotline is Niles' marriage to Mel. I do not like the fact that the writers had him marry Mel and then days later nullfiy it. It dilutes and mocks the institution of marriage, regardless of how the audience feels about the character of Mel. For Niles so easily to break his vows diminishes his character as well.
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