Season 1 Episode 2

Space Quest

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 1993 on NBC

Episode Recap

Frasier wakes up to find Daphne in his house. Frasier, quite tired, temporarily forgets who she is. He walks into the kitchen to find that Martin and Daphne have changed his coffee and breakfast, annoying him. He walks out of his room, accusing his neighbor of stealing his newspaper, before Daphne comes and gives it to him. Frasier is again annoyed that his paper is already read. He then tells Daphne and Martin about how he does not wish to change his morning routine. Finally, after Martin and Daphne leave the room, he proceeds to try and read his newspaper, only to have Eddie come to the table and stare at him. Despite his efforts, Eddie follows him into his bedroom.

That day on his radio show, he asks his callers to call in for problems relating to intrusion- instead receiving a call on Agoraphobia. The show ends before he can respond to the man, but he decides to stay in the booth for silence. However, Bulldog's (the person with the show following Frasier) station loses connection, and he is forced to do his show in Frasier's station. Disgruntled, he leaves his booth. He overhears a conversation between Roz and her mother. He notices that he doesn't talk to his father as Roz does to her mother. He denies Roz's invitation for coffee, and says that he will try and go sit in the shade in the park.

It rains. He finds his way home, and notices that both Martin and Daphne are out. He prepares for a nice, quiet time alone, when they show up at the door. He refuses tea with Daphne, and asks his father to remain quiet so he can read. Just him being there is enough to annoy Frasier, however, who gets into an argument with him before leaving the apartment. Martin himself seems happy for some quiet.

He tries to read his book at Cafe Nervosa, and Niles walks in. Angered by Frasier's rudeness, Niles reveals the ending to the book. He considers getting his father and Daphne their own apartment, but Niles enables him to remember the reason he allowed his father to move in with him in the first place- to get closer to him. Frasier thanks Niles, and leaves.

He returns to find Daphne moving some of his furniture into storage. He tries not to get to angry with her, though. He apologizes with his father about his actions earlier. He asks his father for a normal conversation- three minutes, without getting on each other's nerves. Frasier discusses how he almost committed suicide six months earlier, and how he thought of Frederick and didn't jump the ledge. Martin then talks about something he could do with his eyelid. Frasier mocks his pitiful attempt for a conversation, and they get into an argument- which, thankfully, ends earlier than expected due to the three minutes coming to a close.

Martin comes to the conclusion that Frasier wants him to leave his house, and refuses. He says how it might take years for them to form a relationship; how that sort of thing doesn't just happen in a matter of days. He offers to discuss it over a beer, and after Frasier agrees, he sends him to go get one from the store.

In the episode's closing credits, Frasier is in the storage room, finally able to read his book in peace.
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