Season 1 Episode 2

Space Quest

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 1993 on NBC

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  • A plot that many of us can easily relate to!

    How many of us have longed for alone time, only to be interrupted again and again? How many of us have had our daily routines disturbed? How many of us then finally realize that it was worth those inconviences to have the unexpected time spent with our loved ones?

    This episode portrays all of those emotions as expressed by Dr. Frasier Crane. The frustration expressed by him is as amusing as it is realistic. The wonderful irony is that despite the fact that Frasier is highly educated in human relations, he receives wisdom from his father that comes as a revelation.
  • Frasier is classic in this witty episode

    As the second episode of the series, Space Quest identifies the viewers with characters and adds a lot of development to personalities. The rift between father/son is more clearly defined -- some of the history is given and as viewers, we become privy to some of character traits. It was nice to be see Daphne and Roz -- my only complaint is that Niles was only in about 90 seconds and in one scene with Frasier. Space Quest was full of laughs and a nice follow up to the pilot...and a great beginning for what is going to bve a smashing series!! It's interesting to see the different font used for the vignette titles, but a little strange to see them have a "One's man's storage room..." title for the end tag scene. Overall, I loved it and laughed my way through it.