Season 1 Episode 2

Space Quest

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 1993 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • At the end of this episode (which is supposed to take place the day after the pilot according to Daphne), Frasier says that this is the first time that Martin suggests to have drink with him. However, the events in "You can go home again" are supposed to occur before this episode. It's possible however, that Frasier says that, because this time, he is alone with Martin or because this is the first time Martin suggests the beer since he moved in with his son.

    • Each episode has a different beginning title having to do with the Skyline of Seattle. This episode features an elevator going up the Space Needle.

    • Frasier makes a reference to his early suicide attempt, which was seen in the Cheers episode "The Girl in the Plastic Bubble (2)."

    • This is 1 of only 2 episodes to feature a title card before the end credits.

    • About halfway through the show, Frasier is sitting on the couch with a book. Just after he says to Daphne, "I'm in the middle of a very exciting chapter", there is a wide shot and you can clearly see the boom microphone drop into the shot from just above the bathroom door.

    • Life at KACL

      This episode marks the first appearance of Bulldog. We also learn that KACL has more than one studio, as Bulldog can't use Studio C for his show. This also establishes the pattern that KACL's daily schedule features Frasier's show followed by the Gonzo Sports Show.

    • Frasier needs a new egg timer. His 3-minute conversation with Martin only takes 2 minutes (and that includes approximately 5 seconds of false starts).

    • As Frasier and Martin are exiting the kitchen, just after Martin says, "Well, I hope it is only three minutes 'cause my program's comin' on", the shadow of a boom mike is visible over the kitchen door.

  • Quotes

    • (Martin and Frasier attempt to have a conversation together)
      Frasier: I'm talking about your emotions, your soul!  Some sort of painful, gut wrenching experience!
      Martin: Other than this one?!

    • Frasier: Where's my finely ground Kenyan blend from Starbucks?
      Martin: (pointing) That's it, Daphne put an eggshell and some all spice in it.
      Frasier: Well, didn't that just dress it up!

    • Frasier: Dad, I can't read my paper. Eddie's staring at me.
      Martin: Well, you do make quite a picture in the morning. Just ignore him.
      Frasier: I'm trying to!
      Martin: I'm talking to the dog!

    • Martin: Your breakfast is ready.
      Frasier: Oh, no! Dad, all I ever have is a bran muffin and a touch of yogurt.
      Martin: Girly food. Besides, I already fixed your breakfast. I made eggs in a nest.
      Frasier: Oh, yes. The Crane Family Specialty. Fried eggs swimming in fat, served in a hollowed-out piece of white bread. I can almost hear my left ventricle slamming shut as we speak.
      Martin: You want cheese on that?
      Frasier: No, I'd like to leave some blood flow for the clot to go swiftly to my brain.

    • Roz: Gary? I broke up with him three weeks ago... The sex was OK, but he was kind of limited... No, no, no, it wasn't that Gary was bad in bed. I mean, he knew where all the parts were. Unfortunately, most of them were his... Yes. Totally passionless. It was like he was thinking of someone else... I know I was... Somebody's here, I gotta go... All right, I'll talk to you later. Bye, Mom.

    • Daphne: Oh, good morning, Dr. Crane. Not a morning person, are we? Well, never you mind. I am. Can't very well be a good health care provider if you're not up with the cock. I've already taken your father for his morning constitutional. Such a remarkable man - thirty years on the police force. I can understand why you'd want him to live here, although not many sons would do that, not without getting paid for it. Anyway, coffee's made, and I took the liberty of doing a shop. They don't serve much tripe in Seattle, do they?
      Frasier: (still groggy) And you are...?
      Daphne: Daphne. Daphne Moon. I moved in yesterday. You hired me to take care of your father.
      Frasier: (realizing) Of course. Forgive me, I'm not quite myself until I've shaved and showered.

    • Frasier: That is not the point. Dad, dad? Come and sit down please, would you?
      Daphne: You're going to give a speech, aren't you?
      Frasier: Oh, that's right, I forgot, you're psychic.
      Daphne: Yes, but I think anyone could feel this one coming on.
      Frasier: Let us get something clear. I am not a morning person. I have to ease into my day slowly. First I have my coffee - sans eggshells or anything else one tends to pick out of the garbage. Then I have a low-fat, high-fiber breakfast. Finally I sit down and read a crisp, new newspaper. If I am robbed of the richness of my morning routine, I cannot function. My radio show suffers, and like ripples in a pond, so do the many listeners that rely on my advise, to help them through their troubled lives. I'm sorry if this may sound priggish, but I have grown comfortable with this part of myself. It is the magic that is me.
      Martin: (to Daphne, while exiting to the kitchen) Get used to it.

    • Frasier: You're listening to Dr. Frasier Crane. Our topic today is...intrusion. Those who encroach on our sense of personal space. The neighbor who plays his stereo too loud. The person who sits next to you in the movie theater when there are fifty other vacant seats. Now let's return to our calls, and let me remind you once more, that our topic today is intrusion, since so many of you seem to be forgetting that.

    • Niles: Hello there, Frasier.
      Frasier: Oh, what fresh hell is this?
      Niles: That's a nice way to greet your brother.

    • Frasier: Thanks, Niles. You are a good brother and a credit to the psychiatric profession.
      Niles: You're a good brother, too.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Frasier: Oh dear God, it wasn't a dream! I'll get him for this... (menacingly) and his little dog too!

      This is with reference to the 1939 movie Wiard Of Oz in which the Wicked Witch repeatedly threatens to get Dorothy... and her little dog too!

    • Space Quest is a series of six computer games that follow the adventures of a hapless janitor named Roger Wilco, as he campaigns through the galaxy for truth, justice and really clean floors. Here Frasier campaigns through his world for just some space.

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