Season 1 Episode 2

Space Quest

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 1993 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Frasier: That is not the point. Dad, dad? Come and sit down please, would you?
      Daphne: You're going to give a speech, aren't you?
      Frasier: Oh, that's right, I forgot, you're psychic.
      Daphne: Yes, but I think anyone could feel this one coming on.
      Frasier: Let us get something clear. I am not a morning person. I have to ease into my day slowly. First I have my coffee - sans eggshells or anything else one tends to pick out of the garbage. Then I have a low-fat, high-fiber breakfast. Finally I sit down and read a crisp, new newspaper. If I am robbed of the richness of my morning routine, I cannot function. My radio show suffers, and like ripples in a pond, so do the many listeners that rely on my advise, to help them through their troubled lives. I'm sorry if this may sound priggish, but I have grown comfortable with this part of myself. It is the magic that is me.
      Martin: (to Daphne, while exiting to the kitchen) Get used to it.