Season 10 Episode 6

Star Mitzvah

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2002 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Frasier: Long story short, you see, I attended an art opening and a luncheon on Saturday, and even though I left the luncheon early the traffic on the way to the convention was just awful and by the time I got there, Mr. Bakula and all the others had gone.
      Noel: (deeply distressed) No...! You made a promise and you welshed on it! Why'd you do it, Dr. Crane?
      Frasier: It's not really such a big deal is it, Noel?
      Noel: It's a huge deal! Who knows when I'll get to see Scott Bakula again? I'll be the laughingstock of my clan!
      Frasier: Noel, try to remem... clan? No, never mind, never mind! Noel, surely you realize that Star Trek is just a TV show.
      Noel: So was Brideshead Revisited!
      Frasier: (furious, then) You're angry, so I'm going to ignore that. But with all due respect, Noel, perhaps weaning yourself off science fiction might be the first step toward achieving a genuine, meaningful, grownup person's life! (realizing his voice has risen) Just a friendly suggestion.
      Noel: You're right. You did your best and that's good enough for me.
      Frasier: Thank you, Noel. So, you'll still be my tutor?
      Noel: Sure.
      Frasier: Good man. Thank you. (tapping his shoulder) I'll see you tomorrow.
      (Frasier exits)
      Noel: (menacingly) Oh, yes, you will see me tomorrow. And by the rings of Septaurus Five you will pay, Dr. Crane. You... (he stops as Kenny walks by) Oh hi, Kenny! ...will pay!

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