Season 6 Episode 18

Taps at the Montana

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Niles and Frasier return to Frasier's place after having dinner at a fancy restaurant, and Niles laments to Martin how badly things went because they were seated at a table near Daphne and her new love interest, Donny. The entire time Niles had to watch the two of them flirt, only to have it topped off by seeing Maris come in and deliberately provoking him with her new beau at a neighboring table. Niles bemoans the fact that he can't wait to leave the seedy Shanri-La and move back into his own place.

When Niles is finally able to return to his home at the Montana, he walks in to find his interim tenant, Dr. MacLowery, tap dancing all over the place to headphones. Dr. MacLowery has been unknowingly disturbing the peace for quite some time, and Niles happens to find this out just in time for the board to come calling and blame him - Niles - for the noisy disruptions.

Niles begs them for one last chance, and offers to throw a lavish dinner party. The board members agree to it, but warn him that he's on thin ice.

Frasier manages to rope in Roz, Martin, and Daphne to help out with the dinner party and entertain the guests. Niles has already invented a lie about being on tour in Africa for the last four months, so he is asked by his guests about his trip and must fabricate stories. Meanwhile, Maris' obnoxious parrot, who's been taught to say rude things about Niles, is found dead in the hors d'ouevres plate shortly after the guests have been served the food. Horrified, Frasier, Daphne, and Niles try to cover up the death of the bird, and Niles ends up sticking it in the freezer while Frasier collects all the food from the astonished guests and takes it back to the kitchen, before dumping it all out.

With nothing to serve the already peevish tenant association, Frasier tries to hold off their attention by playing a game called "Murdered" in which everyone is given a slip of paper and the designated "Murderer" must strike all the hiding victims until he is found out. Roz is the first to "die," and falls to the floor in feign death. However, when the other guests grow weary of playing, it is discovered that there is a man lying next to Roz - the cranky Mr. Probst. He doesn't move, and Roz realizes that he's dead for real. Frasier again tries to detain the guests while he convinces Roz to stay with the corpse and hide it until everyone leaves.

When the guests ask where Mr. Probst is, Niles tells them that he wasn't feeling well and went home. Everyone agrees then that they don't particularly care for the old man, and vote Niles in again to live at the Montana. As they leave, Roz asks for something stronger to help her deal with touching a corpse. Niles directs her to some vodka in the freezer...where she finds the dead parrot stuffed in the side door. Niles is promising peace and quiet at his place to the last tenant leaving, just as Roz lets out a deafening scream.

The credits roll in the last scene as Niles leaps onto his familiar furniture, and bounds up his staircase, in utter joy and thankfulness to be back home.