Season 3 Episode 7

The Adventures of Bad Boy and Dirty Girl (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

Frasier meets up with Kate at Cafe Nervosa. He ends up finding Niles there, who figures out that Frasier and Kate had sex in the office rather than a kiss. Kate shows up, and Niles leaves. Before they manage to talk about anything, though, Roz shows up and Kate ends up running off as well. Before she leaves, though, Kate asks him to fill in for the Happy Chef for a night.

When he returns to his apartment, Daphne and Martin figure it out as well. Martin tells Frasier how he should just tell her off. Fortunately, before anything more can be said, Ms. Savagé, an elderly lady who likes Martin (and who Martin doesn't like) shows up, and Frasier manages to get him into one more night with her before she moves away, against his will.

At the radio station that night, with Frasier filling for the Happy Chef, he allows Roz to leave ten minutes early to catch up with her date. Kate walks in immediately following her departure, asking Frasier to slow down their relationship, as he had wanted to ask her to. They get back on the subject of the night before, and start tossing insults at each other again- and once more, they break into sex- with the mic on!

At home, Martin and Daphne are listening to the news when all of a sudden they hear Frasier having sex with a mysterious "Dirty Girl". Niles overhears it too, in his car- and ends up rear-ending someone.

Roz comes in the next day- and naturally, she questions who Dirty Girl is. Frasier refuses to tell her, of course. Bulldog asks as well- receiving the same response. Roz points out that Frasier has made headlines in several newspapers. Afterward, Kate walks in and suspends Frasier for a week for his actions.

At the apartment, he talks with Martin and Niles about what happened the night before. The doorbell rings, and it turns out Kate wants to speak with him. According to Kate, the owners of the stations wanted to fire him, and she had protected him. She and Frasier leave the apartments via the service elevator.

The service elevator stops unexpectedly. Frasier lights a few candles. It just so happens that after he lights the candles, a bed falls flat on the floor of the elevator, right in front of the two of them. Frasier takes off his jacket due to the heat. In a search for chairs (to avoid the bed), he knocks over a music box. Kate takes her jacket off as well, and when trying to stop the music box, Frasier knocks over a bottle of Musk Oil. They try to cover up the oil with a cloth, but pulling the cloth reveals an arousing poster for a movie. Kate comments on how she feels like a dirty girl- and finally, they get in the bed. They say they are proud of themselves, though, for making it through their time in the elevator without succumbing to sex.

They spoke too soon. Kate mentions how the cable could break, and they'd be regretting it all the way to their deaths. In seconds, they're on top of each other. Unfortunately, however the elevator regains power right then. They quickly put their clothes back on. By the time the doors open, there is no evidence anything ever happened between them. Kate says goodbye to Frasier, and walks off.

The episode ends with Martin backing into an elevator, making certain not to run in to Ms. Savagé. As the doors close, he looks behind him- and finds her right there.
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