Season 10 Episode 21

The Devil and Dr. Phil

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2003 on NBC

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  • Dr. Phil guest stars.

    Frasier finds out that Dr. Phil is going to in town, and after being bugged by Roz agrees to go and take her with him.

    Once Frasier gets there he is surprised to see that Bebe is his agent, and he becomes envious for what she has done or what he thinks she has done for Phil's career.

    Bebe is a great character, she will go to any means necessary to get what she wants, even pretending to be Dr. Phil's agent so Frasier will take her back as his agent and Phil can settle his gambling debt to Frasier.
  • More stunt casting...

    I would have thought the producers of Frasier would have learned their lessons after Bill Gates guest-starred on a previous episode.

    Dr. Phil cannot act and this stunt-casting episode just takes a lot away from the feel of the show. Had a real actor been cast as a famous TV doctor, the hilarity could have been far greater than what was seen here.

    The only real saving grace was the return of Bebe, and advancing the 'she is Satan' joke to the next level. Her attempted seduction of Frasier was classic and the best part of the whole episode. Stunt-casting should be re-evaluated.