Season 11 Episode 3

The Doctor Is Out

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2003 on NBC

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  • Frasier's love for opera combined with Roz's new (gay?) boyfriend leads to Fraiser outing himself on the radio...

    Well written episode with all of Fraiser's weakness for opera, attention and status on display. Patrick Stewart is the unambiguously out director of the Seattle Opera. They meet at Cafe Nervosa. Fraiser and Niles are smitten with opera lust. Roz's new boyfriend is detected as possibly gay by Fraiser and Niles. This leads to a visit to a gay bar in tight white shorts by Frasier.

    The next day Frasier accuses a caller of not being truthful and is outed on the air. Frasier's response: "As to how I got in another man's shorts---that's no one's business but my own!"

    Partick Stewart's character is sympathetic which leads to Frasier and he becoming Seattle's new power couple, which Frasier doesn't see as a problem. Brilliant and witty, a classic episode, with Keenan's genius for mixing gay and straight with hysterical results on full display.