Season 7 Episode 5

The Dog That Rocks the Cradle

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Roz and Frasier are at his place going over work-related items, and Roz tells Frasier that she has a date for the first time in a month. She's wondering who will baby-sit Alice, though. When she goes back the hallway to the bedroom to check on her, Martin comes in with Niles and they are discussing buying funeral plots; Niles is disappointed because he got barred from where he wanted originally to be buried. Frasier and Niles suggest that Martin buy a plot soon, so he doesn't have to worry about it later. Martin finds the idea creepy, and disregards the notion. A few minutes later, the doorbell rings and it's the pizza that Frasier ordered for him and Roz. To everyone's shock, Bulldog is the pizza deliveryman. Bulldog assures everyone that he's doing just fine, and making some extra money in between radio gigs. Roz comes out and expresses her surprise as well, but Bulldog again shrugs off any pity. When Frasier sees how natural Bulldog is with Alice, Roz's little girl, Frasier suggests that Roz hire Bulldog to babysit for her date. He agrees to it.

As Roz is getting ready for her date, Bulldog plays with Alice. When the doorbell rings, Bulldog answers and scares her date away by threatening him if he doesn't call up Roz on the phone and cancel. The guy is intimidated and agrees. Roz comes out a few moments later, the phone rings, and she's very depressed to find out that her date has canceled.

At Café Nervosa, Frasier meets up with Niles and learns that Niles has just purchased a burial plot, and that it's on a hill looking down on Maris' plot. Roz walks in a few moments later and wonders aloud to Frasier if there is something wrong with her: all her dates that week have cancelled. Frasier assures her that it's nothing to worry about. At that moment, Roz notices another KACL staff member is at Café Nervosa and they've been exchanging glances. Frasier suggests that she asks him out to dinner, and Roz does it. The guy accepts, and just at that moment, Bulldog walks in with Alice, whom he's been babysitting. Roz tells him that she'll need him again for babysitting that night, and says she's going to hurry back to her place to change. After she leaves, Bulldog introduces himself to the guy from KACL and then threatens him, too. This guy, however, is not so easily intimidated. He stands up and he towers over Bulldog. Bulldog, to emphasize his threat, dislocates his own finger to show what will happen if Roz is not returned within 45 minutes of the date. The guy winces and agrees.

Martin, meanwhile, wants to show his sons where he bought his burial plot. He has Daphne drive them out to the cemetery. Niles and Frasier are not too impressed, but they don't say anything. Martin has them stand together in a certain spot, and after they do, he informs them that they're standing on their own graves. He has, to their mortification, bought them their own plots.

That night, Roz returns early from her date, distraught again at seemingly another dud. She laments to Bulldog and then agrees to have some of the dinner that he's prepared (not knowing, of course, that he cooked it especially for her). While she goes into her room to change, the doorbell rings and it's her date, who has returned with Roz's purse. From her doorway, Roz overhears Bulldog hastily take the purse and threaten him again. She doesn't say a word, comes out to the table, then suggests that they skip dinner and head "straight to dessert." When Bulldog is undressed, she asks him to retrieve a scented candle from outside on the balcony, then locks him out, buck naked on the balcony. He protests and whines how cold it is. Finally, an angry Roz lets him back in and orders him out of her house, furious because of what he's done. Bulldog confesses to her that he's in love with her, but that he got scared of being serious and dashed off. She doesn't say anything in response, and finally he gathers his belongings. In an effort to save his pride, Roz makes a big joke out of the situation, deducing that it was just his way to get her in bed again.

Frasier shows up moments after Bulldog leaves, having witnessed Roz and her date dashing out of the same restaurant where he was dining. Roz tells him what happened, and then confesses that it was very nice having someone to come home to, and to look after things for her.

The last scene while the credits roll shows Roz unsuccessfully trying to feed Alice peas, finally using the method that Bulldog told her.