Season 3 Episode 11

The Friend

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 16, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

Niles walks into Frasier's place with two tickets to the races. When Martin and Niles both explain that they can't go, Frasier decides to call a friend. He's startled to realize that after two years living in Seattle, he has no real friends. He decides to try to make a new friend, and uses his radio show as the means to reach out. Roz warns him that it's a dangerous move, and that he's more likely to meet creeps. Frasier ignores the advice and ends up setting up a meeting with a gentleman at Cafe Nervosa named Bob.

Initially, Frasier enjoys Bob's conversation and suggests dinner; however, he soon realizes that Bob is a barbeque fanatic and that his "photography" is limited to discount portraits at the local superstore. Frasier is gearing up to get rid of him, when he notices Bob is in a wheelchair, and he decides to keep his mouth shut.

Bob's presence continues to haunt Frasier as the man calls him, stops by unannounced, and even shows up at work. When Bob threatens to move into the same building, Frasier decides to speak up. Seeking advice from Roz, Frasier makes the decision to dump Bob. When he tries to separate himself, he ends up feeling so bad that he blames his decision to end their friendship on Bob's wheelchair. Overhearing the conversation, all the patrons at Cafe Nervosa are so appalled that they give Frasier a tongue lashing, before inviting Bob out to dinner with them. Meanwhile, Niles has been "dumped" by his pool guy and pushes out a chair for Frasier.

The final scene as the credits roll depicts Martin sneaking beer and other unhealthy items into the shake that Daphne is preparing him.