Season 1 Episode 1

The Good Son

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 1993 on NBC

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  • The pilot episode sets up Frasier Crane adjusting to his move from Boston back to his hometown of Seattle. He has found a job as a radio talk show host dispensing advice (He is a Freudian-style psychiatrist). He and his dad have to learn how to get along.

    The pilot episode of Frasier is great. It sets up the quirky characters of the show: Frasier, his brother Niles, who are slightly snobby, their down-to-earth father Martin (who has a strained relationship with his sons). It is explained that Frasier and Niles took after their mom, a more artsy, sensitive person. Martin's personality has an edge, to be sure! Martin's Manchester, England-born home health care worker Daphne and Frasier's producer/call screener, hot to trot Roz, round out the cast. Martin is a former policeman who was shot in the line of duty. He can't live on his own any more, so Frasier and Niles decide that they would pool resources to pay for a home health worker and that Martin would move in with Frasier (Niles and his wife Maris - who is never shown the whole run of the show – declined to take Martin into their own home. Chaos ensues in Frasier's apartment while Frasier and Martin try to learn how to live together with their differences in personalities and styles, such as Martin's hideous chair that really clashes with Frasier's upscale furniture. The ultimate change to Frasier's life is Eddy, Martin's Jack Russell Terrier dog, who loves to creep Frasier out by sitting right by him and just staring at him. He was expecting Daphne to be a part-time helper, to be around when Frasier couldn't be there. But due to a misunderstanding at the home health care agency, Daphne thought she was going to be a live-in helper and had no place to live, so Frasier makes even one more sacrifice and gives up his study as a room for Daphne. It's a well-written, well-acted introduction to this excellent show!