Season 5 Episode 4

The Kid (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 1997 on NBC



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    • Frasier: Daphne, you may answer the door.
      Daphne: (sarcastically) Well, thank you. Why don't I get a feather duster and a French maid's uniform?
      Niles: That would teach them, wouldn't it Daphne, and I would pick it out for you.
      (Frasier smacks Niles on the back)

    • Niles: I always assumed I'd have children, but if Maris and I don't reconcile soon, the issue will be moot. She's a tad older than I am, and her biological clock is winding down.
      Frasier: Luckily, she flies to Zurich twice a year to have it reset.

    • Frasier: The father of your child is a teenager!
      Roz: Well, of course he is not a teenager anymore! He had a birthday three weeks ago! Look, you know, we just went out for a couple of weeks, and then it was over, there were no hard feelings. It is a little embarrassing, though, him being seven years younger than I am...
      (Frasier gives her a disbelieving look)
      Roz: Oh, put your eyebrows down! I've seen your driver's license, and you don't weigh no 'One-Seventy!'

    • Martin: Boy, things have really changed since my day. Back then, if a girl got in trouble, her family would send her away to relatives in another state, and if anybody asked, just lied and said she went to Europe. Then when she came back, they'd raise the baby as a little sister. Not like today; we had morals and values back then.

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