Season 5 Episode 22

The Life of the Party

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 12, 1998 on NBC
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Tired of struggling to find dates, Frasier and Niles host a singles party that culminates with Roz giving birth.

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    A "Marty Party" lol. Perfect term that they coined here tonight and I am surprised that this did not enter into pop culture the way that so many Seinfeld lines did.

    We saw the birth of Roz's daughter in tonight's episode and while I really could not care about this season long arc, I did enjoy some of the other scenes in this episode, including those from the singles party. It was kind of weird for the woman to say no to Frasier after seemingly hitting it off with him, so I was a bit confused by that, but there were still enough hilarious moments at the event for me to ignore that logic flaw. Niles and Frasier competing a woman deserved more time.moreless
  • Frasier and Niles host a "Single's only" party hoping to find new women. Marty tries to recapture his youth and Roz goes into labor.

    This episode was pretty funny, probably one of the best of season 5. After Niles and Frasier seem to realize that their love lives seem to be in a bit of a slump, they end up taking advice from their Dad- to host a party. The only rule: you have to be single.

    The party seems to be a big hit with lots of people showing up. A very pregnant Roz shows up and so does Marty with his hair dyed brown! However, as the party progresses, Frasier and Niles realize they are both pursuing the same women, and desperately compete each other for her attention.

    Meanwhile, Marty's hair dye starts to melt and drip all over the chair he is sitting in, and Roz goes into labor.

    Later at the hospital (and after the party) Niles, Frasier, and Marty are all arguing over the events of the party. They stop the bickering once they go in to see Roz and her new baby girl Alice. The episode ends on a sentimental and somewhat commical note.moreless
Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer

Dr. Frasier Crane

Jane Leeves

Jane Leeves

Daphne Moon Crane

David Hyde Pierce

David Hyde Pierce

Dr. Niles Crane

Peri Gilpin

Peri Gilpin

Roz Doyle

Dan Butler

Dan Butler

Robert "Bulldog" Briscoe (seasons 4 - 6, recurring otherwise)

John Mahoney

John Mahoney

Martin Crane

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In this episode Niles and Frasier are competing for the same woman and Niles says 'I saw her first'. However Frasier told Roz he met her before Martin introduces her to Niles, so Frasier saw her first not niles.

    • During the week this episode aired, Jane Leeves also appeared as Marla Penny in the final episode of Seinfeld.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Kathy: Really, a psychiatrist and a chef? Impressive.
      Niles: Yes, well they both came in handy when I cured the ham.

    • Frasier: I mean, murderers on death row can find women to marry them! I can't find one to sit through coffee!

    • Martin: Well you know why don't you do what me and my buddies used to do when we were young and hard up for dates?
      Fraiser: Invade Korea?

    • Daphne: There's lots of things a person can do to make himself look younger. How he dresses...
      Martin: (interrupting) Hah. I tried those Jordache jeans. I just think you ought to leave something to the imagination.
      Daphne: Well, there's always your hair. I know it's not exactly your style, but there's nothing wrong with covering up that grey. I know just the right shade for you. Cinnamon sable.
      Martin: Cinnamon sable? Sounds nice. Oh, wait, I couldn't use that. That's Duke's shade. He'd scratch my eyes out.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Scene Two Title: DOES HE OR DOESN'T HE?

      This alludes to an old Clairol campaigne catch phrase, "Does she or doesn't she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure", meaning that no one but her hairdresser knows if she's colored her hair when she uses Clairol. In this case it refers to Martin (who probably should have listened).