Season 9 Episode 20

The Love You Fake

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2002 on NBC

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  • Tired of Cam and Frasier's feuding Martin and Cora pretending to date.

    Cam and Frasier are at it again, so to get them to stop feuding Martin and Cora pretend they are dating.

    They start off buy making Cam and Frasier think they slept together, buy appearing in there night gowns in each other's apartments, and both Cam and Frasier's expressions where they see them are priceless.

    As Martin and Cora keep up their relationship, Cam and Frasier decide to bury the hatchet for their parent’s sake, so after signing a treaty both tell their parents that they have become friends.

    Martin and Cora decide to tell Cam and Frasier that they are not really dating but haven't decided when that will be.

    It’s funny how Frasier and Cam seem to have become friends but they are still at each other about different things.