Season 2 Episode 3

The Matchmaker

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 1994 on NBC

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  • With Daphne requiring a man in her life, the new station manager, Tom Duran, seems ideal in Frasier's eyes. The only problem is Frasier is ideal in Tom Duran's eyes!

    The first episode of Frasier to be written by Joe Keenan, the writer who would go on to pen many more a classic, is possibly the funniest Frasier ever.

    The audience is aware that Tom Duran is gay but Martin, Niles, Daphne and Martin are clueless whilst Duran thinks Frasier and his dad are gay! And thus some of the show's greatest lines are in this episode such as Martin's declaration that he hangs out at Duke's because there's a "..great crowd, lot of young cops" to which Duran is visibly aroused.

    As gradually the farce unfoulds Frasier is left with Tom on his own and has to face his advances to which more superb Frasier lines are born. Classic.
  • The first ever farce written by Joe Keenan which the show became famous for

    There really isn't a wasted scene in this episode. Line after line
    after line after line
    'Frasier warned me about you'. LMAOO
    Keenan sets up the Comedy brilliantly
    I love it when Niles and Roz go head to head
    Niles: Sven, Gunther, Brick. Goodness Frasier why not just lather Daphne up in baby oil and hurl her over the fence of a prison yard
    Roz: Excuse me I've dated most of the men here
    Niles: Where do you think I got the imagery
    Frasier: Roz please stay
    Roz: I can't, the fleet is in town

    The final 10 minutes are hysterical When Niles tells Frasier that Tom is gay.
    'Frasier I have something to tell you, Dad wanted to but I won the coin toss'
    When Tom tells Niles
    'Do you have a problem with me dating Frasier'
    'As a matter of fact....(realises) Excuse me what was the question?'
    'Do you have a problem with me dating your brother'
    When Daphne finds out she flings out the strapless bra. Poor girl
    I love Martin's reaction as well and to top it all off
    'So this Maris guy he kept referring to is a Woman'
    Frasier: Well the jury is still out on that one