Season 10 Episode 1

The Ring Cycle

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

Niles and Daphne elope in Reno. Roz calls Daphne while Niles is paying the officiant, and Daphne tells her what is going on. Niles and Daphne return to Seattle and try to share the big news with the family, but Frasier and Martin interrupt and start talking about how hurt they would be to miss the couple's wedding. Hoping to spare their feelings, Niles and Daphne keep the fact that they are married a secret and decide to tie the knot again in a courthouse ceremony in a few days. Daphne's mother becomes very upset with them for refusing to marry in a church, and refuses to attend. They plan on postponing the ceremony, but decide to go through with it because Daphne is tired of pretending that they aren't married. Mrs. Moon later apologizes and says that she wants to attend whatever type of ceremony they have. They head to the courthouse for another civil ceremony, where they run into Donny and his fiancée. After Niles fumbles over his vows because he has said them so many times, Daphne calls the whole thing off because she doesn't want to make a travesty of the event. Donny believes she is dumping Niles, and makes a fool of himself by taunting him. They explain that they are already married. Everyone else is angry at the couple for deceiving them, but Martin points out their selfishness and suggests that they just be happy for Niles and Daphne and let them go on their honeymoon

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