Season 6 Episode 8

The Seal Who Came to Dinner

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 1998 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Claudia: I've listened to your show. And what impressed me most is your ability to focus.
      Frasier: Yes, well I'm very proud of that. I try to give each of my callers my complete, undivided... (He notices Sebastian headed for the deck) Excuse me. Would you please just stay inside? We're about to start dinner.
      Sebastian: You said that ten minutes ago.
      Frasier: Yes, so it's even truer now, isn't it? Just sit down. (Frasier sits back down with Claudia) I'm sorry. Back to my show.
      Claudia: I must say, I was wondering myself when we'd be eating. It's getting late.
      Frasier: Well, Niles is in the kitchen, right now, trying to prod Marcel along. You know how it is with these perfectionists.
      (Marcel comes out of the kitchen)
      Marcel: I am waiting to serve. Where is Niles?
      Claudia: You mean he's not with you?

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