Season 9 Episode 8

The Two Hundredth

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2001 on NBC

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  • Frasier celebrates his 2000th radio broadcast.

    Frasier has a tape of every radio broadcast he has done, but when Daphne ruins one of them Fraise is frantic to find it, he comes to find out that the station tapes over previous shows, after so many, however he does find out that one fan has the tape he is looking for.

    The fan however is an obsessed one, and his home is covered in everything Frasier, when he gives the tape to Frasier, Frasier decides not to take it and feels his collection is fine, even with only missing one tape.

    Hard to believe that from 1993 to this episode he has had over 2000 shows, quite an accomplishment.