Season 4 Episode 1

The Two Mrs. Cranes

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 1996 on NBC

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  • Absolutely fantastic episode, pity that the guest actor went to the Dick van Dyke school of English accents!

    This episode is one of the absolute classics! When each of the characters takes on a different persona; Niles is married to Daphne, Frasier is married to Maris (Roz) and Marty is a retired astronaut, it makes for a wonderfully confusing episode! Scott Atkinson as Daphne's old flame however, leaves a lot to be desired. His accent is the furthest thing from a genuine English accent that I have heard since Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins. I'm Scottish and I thought it was appalling. Surely there must have been at least one actor with a genuine english accent out of work on the day that they filmed this!
  • O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. The whole Frasier cast get involved in deceit when Daphne doesnt want to to tell the truth to an old boyfriend.

    This would have to be one of the best episodes of Frasier produced. The acting is superd and each cast member is brilliant in their acting and their presentation. When Clive an old boyfriend returns to America he visits Daphne who remembers that they had a promise if neither were married in 5 years they might get back together again but Daphne only remembers what he use to be like and doesnt want to renew the relationship. She pretends to be married to Niles (Who of course is delighted with the idea) Frasier who does not want anything to do with the pretense is now married to Roz who is \"Maris\", & Martin who is told not to get involved pretends he is an Astronaut! The only one not pretending is Eddie. It felt like you were sitting in a Theatre watching a stage production and the story was unfolding in front of you. Totally absorbing and throughly entertaining a not to be missed episode.
  • Daphne's old boyfriend Clive stops in, to woo Daphne back, so she tells him that niles is her husband, and the whole Crane clan gets involved in a big charade of hijinks.

    The begining of this episode begins with Nilles tweezing his muffin at Frasier's apartment. They talk about Niles spat with Maris. Then Martin enters the apartment and tells the boys that his army buddies are having a reunion. Then in the middle of the scene, Frasier informs Daphne that a man named Clive called. Daphne gets worried, and spills that five years ago, her and Clive were engaged. Shocked, Frasier convinces her to call him back, and hastily accepts his dads invitation to drive him to Rattlesnake Ridge for the reunion. The next opening scene, is Frasier playing the panio in his apartment. Daphne enters from her room, and she is expecting Clive to come over for a drink. She told Clive five years ago that she if she was free in five years they would try again. Daphne, who is not interested, invites him for a drink. She wears heavy clothing to not try and intise Clive. The doorbell rings, and to everyones suprise Niles is at the door. Niles obviously was trying to foil Clives attempts to woo Daphne. Frasier tells Niles that they were going out to dinner to give Daphne her privacy. Then as Frasier gets prepared and Niles waits in the kitchen Clive arrives at there door. He spills that he came because of his undying love for Daphne. She then tells Clive that Niles is her husband to let Clive down without breaking his heart. Niles was utterly shocked and flattered and overplays an affectionate husband. Then they say that Frasier was married to Maris and had a spat with her, so he is temporarily living with them. Once they conjure up a story, Daphne and Frasier make a secret deal, that Frasier will play along only if Daphne will drive Martin to Rattlesnake Ridge. She accepts. Then Martin gets hnd they must swirl him into the story. Martin, deciding to have fun with it, makes up a false life to tell the stranger, starting with that he was an astronaut. Once they get cozy talking, Roz knocks on the door, and Martin tells Clive that she was Maris(Frasier's wife). Then Roz is stunned by Clives looks and charm and flirts with him blindly. Soon Daphne begins to fall for him again, and her and ROz are aimlessly competing for him, and flirting with him, when they are suposed to be married to Frasier and Niles. Then the tension thickens, when Daphne tells Clive that Roz(Maris) is a drunk, and Roz tells Clive Daphne was carrying Niles' child. Clive overhears. Appalled, Clive makes a big speech about how they were the most shcokingly horrible family he has ever encountered. Then he begins to storm out and Daphne tells him they were lying the entire night. Clive still outraged leaves. Then the episode concludes with Niles, Frasier and Daphne all on Frasier's couch, moping there sorrows away.
  • Daphne makes Niles dreams come true.

    When Daphne's ex-boyfriend Clive comes to Seattle to see Daphne, she panics and introduces Niles as her husband, and Roz gets introduced as "Maris" Frasier's wife.

    Niles is of course thrilled about this and to make it last talks Clive into staying for dinner, but its not until that Daphne and Roz find out that he's rich and successful, that they dump their "husbands" and start fighting over Clive.

    I loved this episode, I thought it was funny how Clive reacted when he heard them arguing about him, and still didn't figure out that Martin was not an astronaut, a great way to start season 4.
  • Wierd, but hilarious.

    When Daphne's ex-fiance comes to visit, she tries to let him down easy by pretending to be married to Niles. However, when Frasier, Martin, and Roz get involved in the charade, the evening spirals out of control. AN episode that was just plain wierd, but that is pretty much what made this episode so hilarious, and full of life. ANy Frasier fan could surely not hate this episode, and if you did hate this episode well then this is not the show for you to be watching. Without a doubt a master piece of an episode that will be enjoyed for generations to come.
  • The classi example of the Frasier series - a great big farce!

    This episode is one of the funniest Frasier episodes I have ever since, its definately the funniest episode from the first four seasons. It involves every character fantastically and will make you laugh out loud over and over again.

    It is very similar to other Frasier epsidoes like Ham Radio, Ski Lodge & The Matchmaker as in the way that it is a great big muddle of confusion!

    All the parts are played wonderfully apart from Clive I have to say - there is nothing wrong with the acting but the accent he puts on is just terrible! At one point he even says \'\'loveringly\'\'

    All in all a hilarious episode of Frasier and one no comedy fan should go without seeing!