Season 6 Episode 14

Three Valentines

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 1999 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Martin: (grumpy) Yeah, fine, whatever.
      Daphne: What's wrong with you?
      Martin: Why did he assume I was your father? I mean, a lot of guys my age go out with women like you. What's he tryin' to say? That I could never attract someone young and pretty?
      Daphne:Well, thank you, Mr. Crane.
      Martin: Does this all have to be about you?
      Daphne: Oh, for heaven's sakes. You're a very attractive man with lots of wonderful qualities.
      Martin: Yeah, yeah, I know. All right, let's order.
      (Again the look over the menus)
      Martin: Like what?
      Daphne: Oh, come on now. You're very charming, and you have a good sense of humor. And you've got lovely eyes. (he laughs modestly) But most of all, you're good company. I enjoy living with you.
      Martin: Well, thank you, Daphne. I like living with you, too.
      Daphne: Thank you.