Season 6 Episode 15

To Tell the Truth

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 1999 on NBC



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    • (Donny Douglas has been changing for court in front of Frasier and Niles, and is now in a towel and on the phone to Maris' attorneys)
      Frasier: (aside to Niles) I'm sorry, this is exactly what you want in a lawyer -- someone who's not afraid to show a little moxie.
      Niles: (disgusted by Donny's state of undress) Oh, he's an inch away from showing us the full moxie.

      This alludes to the 1997 movie The Full Monty about six unemployed steel workers who form a male striptease act; the "full Monty" meaning complete nudity. Of course, the term originally referred to WWII British Field Marshall Bernard Law Montgomery, and the "full Monty" meant his throwing everything he had at the enemy.