Season 7 Episode 20

To Thine Old Self Be True

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2000 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Frasier trying to convince Donny (whose best man has just backed out of the bachelor party) that he, Frasier, is perfectly capable of planning a wild evening for him. Donny is reluctant, but Frasier assures him that he knows what goes on and really wants to do it. Daphne insists that there be no strippers; Donny tacitly complies in front of her, but indicates that's exactly what he wants when Daphne is out of the room. Meanwhile, the doorbell rings and it's a delivery man with Frasier's hand-tailored blazer, which is a huge annual event for him. After watching Frasier chide the man for not holding the article of clothing with enough care, Donny declines Frasier's offer to host the bachelor party.

Out in the hallway, Frasier runs into his neighbor Regan, whom he was formerly very interested in but who had a boyfriend, Scott. Regan indicates that Scott is no more, and flirts with Frasier before getting on the elevator. Frasier reports this to Martin, who reminds him that Frasier can't help making a fool of himself in front of her.

Later, at Cafe Nervosa, Frasier and Roz are talking and Frasier professes that he can't understand why Donny won't include him. Roz says that Frasier gives the impression of being too uptight. Frasier calls Donny and insists on hosting the bachelor party, promising him a night of debauchery that he'll remember well into old age. Roz listens with interest, and then suggests Frasier doesn't even know where to find a stripper to hire. At that moment, Niles walks in to Cafe Nervosa in evident alarm. He begins to tell Frasier and Roz what he's just seen, and then gets immediately sidetracked by Frasier's new jacket. They bring him back down to earth, and he reports seeing a rather "rotund" woman entering "Chock Full o' Donuts" across the street. Roz wants to know what's so remarkable about that, and then Niles points out who it is - Maris. The three watch in horror as she exits the donut shop, returns, and then goes into the neighboring deli. Niles and Frasier figure out that the binge eating must have just started after Niles began dating Mel, Maris' plastic surgeon.

To find the sordid details for a bachelor party, Frasier tries to pick up a copy of the "Sex-Press" in a paper dispenser. When the machine doesn't take his quarter, Frasier grows angry, and his shouts alert Regan, who has just come out of a nearby flower shop. She is clearly dismayed at seeing Frasier's reading material, and Frasier tries to cover by suggesting he thought it was the Seattle Times.

Back at his place, Frasier interviews a candidate to take her clothes off at Donny's bachelor party. She is dressed as as cop and begins to do her routine. Martin is impressed and Frasier is mildly appalled. He has to help her cover up in more ways than one when Daphne walks in. The woman pretends to be a real cop named "Officer Nasty." Daphne buys it. When Frasier takes her back to his room to go over the act, he ends up getting accidentally handcuffed to her in her skivvies...with no key.

A comedy of errors follows as Niles comes in with Mel, and later Maris appears at the door, and comes in (although she is not shown). Frasier, still handcuffed to the woman, tries to hide in the bathroom. When he thinks he finally as a means to get out the door, he runs into Regan in the hallway, who has her hands full of groceries. As the bag splits, Frasier can only stand helplessly by and watch, hiding his handcuffed partner behind his door. Regan is clearly offended at not getting any help in picking up all her stuff, and Frasier covers by declaring that he just hurt his back.

Going back in, everything comes to a head when Regan rings the doorbell, Daphne answers, and the stripper walks out of the bathroom to face Mel, Daphne, and Regan altogether. Frasier confesses the situation to Daphne's chagrin and Regan's mortification. He admits no woman would want to date him now, and the stripper says that she would.

In the closing scene, Martin asks about Frasier's date and he tells Martin that she's actually a nice girl trying to put herself through school.

The final scene as the credits roll depicts Martin trying to find the "Sex-Press" and Daphne finding it instead, then grabbing it later out of Martin's hands in disgust and heading outside with Eddie.